Positive Mindset: What Acupuncture Does To Our Brain

Acupuncture not only brings healing to the body, but it ameliorates the mindset to bring better results. When our symptom’s affect on our life has taken over and nothing we do prevents us from aggravating it further and further, over and over, then it’s time to get on a treatment plan with acupuncture.

It improves not only our health but our mindset around health - what health means to us personally in many cases. As we improve we will see the symptoms we have are there less there to punish us and more to signal something that isn't working in our lives and needs our attention to refocus.

With regular acupuncture treatment, we can drastically improve our symptoms and therefore our vitality as human beings for a more full and satisfying life. It is plain to see how mindset can have a far reaching affect for our overall health and vice versa.

Let’s look at the brain. Acupuncture blocks neuro-receptors of pain, while it creates neuro-receptors to repair brain tissue damage. It improves blood flow, the immune response, and overall bodily functioning, along with moods due to stress and anxiety according to this article.

If you suffer from PTS, PTSD, anxiety or depression with other co-morbidities or physical symptoms with these brain disorders, acupuncture does direct the blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain to get the brain to perform again its executive functioning and move out of fight-or-flight, or limbic processing. This means we can not only experience less the stimuli of our stressors, but we can make choices through critical thinking and clear, proper judgement that directly improve our situation and related factors to our health instead of fleeing or constantly feeling like a victim to our surroundings.

I like the example from physics too: in order to achieve one state from another state, there must exist a non-state which there is observed no perceivable entity. Essentially we create this state of no-form in each acupuncture treatment. The chi improves the affected or afflicted form of the non-state, while bypassing the mental and physical patterns which are keeping us stuck in a past-generated perceived state. In this way acupuncture can loosen the grip of the past which holds us in stagnant states so that we can expand in the possibilities in the present. This is what it means to take a quantum leap - changing our frequency on a subatomic level.

We all know about placebo affect, and the amazing affects of double blind studies in the human mind and human psychology, especially in acupuncture and holistic modalities. It’s unbelievable the phenomenal results people get in these studies when they think the sugar pill they are taking is the breakthrough medicine they need to get to the next place in their life.

Or even how having one acupuncturist or one patient listener who cares and believes in the person that they will heal, will open a new world for them in their mind, even changing the possibility and trajectory of their whole life because of this.

Taking in these scientific studies, physics, placebo affect, and some baseline comprehension of how the mind works, regular acupuncture can facilitate new worlds of growth, expansion, and healing.

With regular treatment, the body’s nervous system can adapt and heal the brain stem and the brain tissue. This happens to whatever diseased thoughts and moods caused poor blood flow and the improper flow of chi in the first place, to set up a new path of healing.

Achieving success and positive results in acupuncture means we suspend our disbeliefs for an undying present-moment curiousness towards the depth and wisdom in our own body right here right now so we can move forward and improve dynamically, and totally naturally.

Acupuncture is a comprehensive medicine that affects us on various levels, from the denseness of our inner tissues and organs to our surroundings and the experiences we attract. And mindset, and the brain’s health in general, definitely plays a key part in rectifying, and getting moving again, so many related physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages that are keeping us stuck.

Lindsay MacDougall