Why Mindset Is So Important In Acupuncture

Negativity and negative self-talk that we have within us and around us that has stayed around from the past is likely preventing us from healing.

People are too hard on themselves, overly critical of their process and their progress, not giving themselves the option of being less than perfect at something when starting out or thinking in finite terms for something to be okay.  Instead of focusing on the outcome we want, we need to focus on what kind of mindset we need to adopt. Yes we will get better, however we need to allow ourselves to be where we are and adopting different ways of seeing our situation.

It takes a little while for our self outlook to improve, just like it takes some time for our minds to adjust, letting our body’s nervous system improve from what can feel like a constant bombardment of negative stimuli. 

Everyone is a beginner at something, including understanding their bodies and the way their symptoms are helping them learn and achieve greater things in their life. Our symptoms are the signal that something isn't working in our lives.

A positive mindset has everything to do with living with what already has the potential to be.  Mindset is a set of words or affirmations which improve our vitality. Vitality is a positive thing we can feel in our bodies, therefore it has a direct relationship to the health of our bodily tissues and blood flow. Here substitute "vitality" for "relax," or "vitality" for "peace," "love," "ease," "calm," or whatever word feels right to you. Feel how that changes the feeling state inside.

If you suffer from PTS, PTSD, anxiety or depression in tandem with a symptom you are experiencing, acupuncture can help direct the blood flow in your brain to be able to conjure this kind of executive functioning in mindset. In my personal experience with regular acupuncture, I became a completely different person as my brain began to heal from the stress response and my nervous system calmed down. I was able to take a more active role in my health and in how I knew I could improve my situation - whether it was talking to someone about it, making healthy lifestyle choices, journaling, and/or breathing mindfully.

We all know about placebo affect, and the amazing affects of double blind studies in the human mind and human psychology. It’s unbelievable to phenomenal results people get in these studies when they think the sugar pill they are taking is the breakthrough medicine they need to get to the next place in their life.

Same goes for acupuncture. It takes regular sessions, a mind willing to see a new outlook, and patience for the nervous system and brain tissue to move out of inflammation from diseased tissues or diseased thoughts (one influencing the other).

In physics, in order to achieve one state from another state, there must exist a non-state which is not perceivable as any one thing. Essentially we create this state of non-form in each acupuncture treatment. We create a state of chi which is able to bypass the struggle and pain of the affected or afflicted form to the non-state, which then is more easily able to co-opt the state which feels like more ease, more clarity and more certainty.  Patterns in our mental and physical capacities in this way loosen their grip and the person feels freer and lighter and able to move forward.

Achieving success and positive results in acupuncture means becoming willing to suspend whatever disbelief we have to becoming well to becoming more curious about our body in present time and what it could be hinting at.

Acupuncture is a comprehensive medicine that affects us on various levels, from the denseness of our inner tissues and organs to our outer world and experience and mindset plays a key part in rectifying the little things that may be keeping us stuck.

Lindsay MacDougall