Stress and anxiety

In today’s modern world, it’s almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the expectation that we must maintain many standards of perfection. All the options are put in front of us to do and feel good and achieve - if only we would try harder, work harder, and just perform better than we are - in other words become a superhuman to “get it all done.” No wonder we feel exhausted, anxious, run down, and in pain - the whole world feels like it is counting on us and only us!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Stress, especially prolonged exposure to stress, has serious negative impacts on the body, mind, and spirit, but acupuncture can negate and reverse these effects by restoring the body’s overall response.



Calm overactive and nervous thoughts

Reduce anxiety and the feeling of impending doom

Resolve depressive episodes in their frequency and duration

Improve confidence and self esteem

Feel connected to self

Find peace in more of the day’s activities

Find balance and clarity with decisions

Feel motivated to establish regular healthy routines and a social life again



Boost immune system functioning - no more run-down-can’t-get-a-break-feeling

Regulate horomonal response to stress

Decrease various types of pain due to stress

Resolve insomnia

Improve digestion and digestive issues

Reduce or eliminate hair loss

Reduce frequency or eliminate migraines and headaches

Improve efficacy of diet, nutrition, or fitness program

Increase energy, stamina, and mood