Break the cycle, cultivate calmness.


Create comfort and assurance.


Respite from your battle.


Meet Lindsay

Hello! Welcome!  I'm Lindsay MacDougall. Welcome to my acupuncture and wellness practice. 

My specialty is giving people a break. A break from anxiety and fear, a break from pain and discomfort, a break from feeling your own personal plight and the weight of the world. By creating small pockets of peace and ease in our session, we begin to open up a space for you to breathe, recharge, and reset. This in turn unlocks our body’s natural ability to heal.


I feel so much better, not as weighed down. You are a blessed healer, and I very much appreciate the important work you do.
— N.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good physically...I feel like I have a lot of positive energy. It’s a bit hard to explain the feeling...[It’s] an increased positive outlook...no space for procrastination. Thanks again and looking forward to returning to our next treatment.
— P.

...Our last session healed my hip to almost normal...Thanks so much!
— ML.

Hey Lindsay, thanks for the amazing treatment yesterday afternoon. Had a very restful evening. Woke up thinking it was Saturday!...[My partner also] said he felt like he was walking on clouds for the rest of the night. I think he gets now why you and the sessions have done so much for me.
— S.

The session yesterday really helped - I still have weakness in my body from the chemotherapy but my energy is improved, I feel more present and I slept very well. Thanks for being such a good listener too.
— A.


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