Coping with severe illness

When life hits you with a serious illness, everything important to us is on the line. Our bodies, our routines, our priorities, and our closest relationships seem to change overnight or take on a different meaning to us which can feel jarring, painful, sad, or frightening. Furthermore, we are faced with many doctor’s appointments, medications’ side-effects, and medical testing and medical bills.

Battling a life-threatening or chronic illness demands all of our time, energy, and spirit. It is an intense and exhausting navigation on many levels, especially if we have ongoing demands from our families, friends, or work on top of that.

No matter where you are in your battle, in your pain, or in the difficulty of leading the full life you desire, acupuncture can help to regulate all the transitions into a new routine of health and ease.



Ensure quality sleep

Longer lasting energy

Improved digestion and regularity

Improved skin, hair, and nails

Reduced pain, less need for narcotics

Improved blood flow, fewer bruises

Faster recovery from procedures

Improved white blood cell count

Reduced side effects from immunosuppressant or immune drug therapies

Ability to move around with ease

Improved sense of the body and its needs



Improved mood

Calmer mind from worry or a sense of doom or depression about the future

A sense of living with more meaning and purpose

A growing present-sense awareness of peace

Improved relationships with others


Respite from managing and monitoring health obsessively