Coping with severe illness

When life hits you with a serious illness, everything is on the line. Our bodies, our routines, our priorities, and our closest relationships seem to change overnight.

Battling a life-threatening illness demands all of our time, energy, and spirit and is an intense and exhausting passage on many levels.

No matter where you are in your battle, acupuncture can help to regulate the transition into a new routine of health and ease.



Ensure quality sleep

More energy

Improved digestion and regularity

Improved skin, hair, and nails

Reduced pain

Improved immune system response

Reduced side effects from immunosuppressant drug therapies



Improved mood

Calmer mind of less worry

More meaning and purpose

Feeling spiritually at peace

Improved relationships with others

Less fear, fewer instances of anxiety about the future


Respite from managing and monitoring health obsessively