Caution Against Cell Phone Use and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

Technology has grown so quickly in the past fifteen to twenty years. So have puzzling and sudden onsets of pain and chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, and autism, which has been doubling in children every five years in the past twenty years. Many holistic doctors and politicians are taking note.

Studies that refute this correlation have been done within a short time period, where long term effects cannot be measured. Longer term studies have either hidden their results from the public or delayed publishing them because of public interest and dischord.

“It’s like cigarette smoking legislation of our generation,” Dr. Devra Davis has said, lobbyist for this movement in her work with the Environmental Health Trust. See the ABC special here.

The fact of it is, cell phones contain low-grade electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that even come in the warning labels within our phone. These legal disclaimers caution overuse and recommend a 5-10 millimeter distance between the surface of our skin and the cellular device where at all possible.

As companies develop higher caliber satellite frequencies in 6G technology, just under that of a turbo jet engine in the palm of our hand, more people are beginning to question the affects of these higher amounts of radiation on our human cellular biology.

It’s not just cell phones- this radiation is also in wireless telephones, and SmartMeters (meters installed by energy companies on the side of our houses). In Dr. Klinghardt’s clinical practice, he has seen the most direct correlations which are scary to contemplate.

The most important action you can take now is to make sure your sleeping space is protected from wireless devices and EMR. Sleep is when our cells have a chance to repair themselves and detox from the imbalances of our cell’s functioning (i.e. cell production of free radicals).

Turn off wifi at night if your wireless router is in your bedroom, put your cell phone on airplane mode and away from your bedstand, and change your cordless house phones to ones with cords. Limit technology use with young children as they are more prone to these frequency waves.

I have already noticed a great improvement in my sleep and my anxiety since I started touching my phone less and putting it on airplane select times during the day and at night when I sleep. 

Plain and simple this is radiation, and it affects us all whether we are cognizant of it or not. 

Lindsay MacDougall