Acupuncture’s Side Effects

The most wonderful thing about acupuncture is that you can get all-natural, holistic healing without compromising your body in some way, like with pharmacy drugs, surgery, or other products or procedures that Western medicine offers that have what are known as ‘side effects.

When I first got acupuncture I knew I didn’t need to take a prescription to make my blood come back and my depression lift. I had heard acupuncture can help regulate the body naturally, and so many more things. Things that I needed to heal I knew was related to these symptoms, in this case my lack of periods and debilitating migraines. There was a wisdom I was learning in paying attention to my body, and the more I paid attention to it and went to acupuncture regularly, the better my body got.

So I wanted to list some short side effects from acupuncture. This list is of course a limited scope, but some of the most common things I see in and out of my office. Every person is different, and every experience is different but here are the Greatest Hits:

  • Deeper sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Better mood
  • Increased libido
  • Regular (or early) menses
  • More energy
  • Less anxiety
  • Calm and centeredness
  • Emotional release and letting go
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased pain and inflammation
  • Fewer cravings for things as well as higher sensitivity to addictive or toxic substances
  • Fewer instances of stress and/or decreased stress response
  • Greater sense of ease and joy

What’s not to like? Imagine living these experiences in your life full on?

The best part for me was getting my creativity back. I began receiving regular acupuncture and I experienced new waves of energy to tackle long-standing creative projects and things that just weren’t moving in my life. I let myself process old grief and heartbreak by decluttering, making time for creative work, streamlining my task list, working out regularly like the long distance running I loved to do, even getting a membership at a yoga studio. I felt I was becoming a new person. I noticed I was calmer and more present. I experienced more vitality as a result of all these things added together which then gave me more confidence to keep going and make the changes that felt most natural and best for me at the time.

Sometimes in getting better and feeling better, an old or negative symptom can reappear or appear to get worse the first 24-48 hours after a treatment. It’s actually a latency mechanism in our body that needs to be released. If it’s been 24-48 hours and a symptom we have had before appears we are having a Law of Cure response. It doesn’t happen after every treatment but can happen every once in a while. Let me know if you are having a Law of Cure response and need some coaching or another acupuncture session for more support. Life, and the healing process for that matter, moves in spirals, circular cycles, revisiting the old with new eyes. Although this may not seem to make linear sense, it is actually a sign of great progress and deep release.

So in summation, side effects of acupuncture going easy on yourself. Try and keep an open schedule after a treatment for rest and integration. Do what feels natural so these shifts can naturally take place. Follow your gut intuition on your needs. Don’t be afraid of naps and self-soothing techniques such as the popular ‘Netflix and chill.’ Stretch every day. Surround yourself with kind and gentle people. Make a nourishing vegetable soup. Do everything in moderation and listen to your body. Don’t go overboard on caffeine or alcohol. “Wear Sunscreen” like the graduation speech, and keep a positive attitude and fresh mindset.

Massage, cranial sacral, Rolfing, or other like-treatments should only enhance acupuncture’s benefits if scheduled on the same day or in the same week. Be prepared and make time to enjoy their benefits for your health and your life.

What side effects have you had post-acupuncture? Leave a comment below!