Acupuncture Works: Here's the Treatment Plan

Whether you are dealing with stress and anxiety, constant negative side effects from prescription medications, difficulties with your mood or environment, or feeling blocked or stuck in your life from an event or a diagnosis that happened long ago, acupuncture works for every patient, every time. Why? Because with the right treatment plan, acupuncture heals the root of the issue, and creates wellness for life.

Of course each patient will have different needs regarding their symptoms and prognosis, some will feel better sooner than others with the same condition - a lot of it depends on the chronicity/severity of the symptom and many other factors.

In my practice, I cater treatments to every individual to meet their specific needs. Still, there is a proven and effective way for people to get the best and most effective results, no matter what the symptoms are, which is my objective in this blog post.

The treatment plan as a new patient, including the intake and the first treatment, expect to come in five to six times in the first month - two times the first week and perhaps the second week in order for symptoms to hold, and then once a week after for a few more sessions to get out of their reoccurring.

For patients with acute mild to severe symptoms, expect to come in six times before feeling a turn around. For patients with chronic mild to severe symptoms, expect to come in at least ten times. This is proven and set up for you to have success over your symptoms and to achieve significant and long lasting results.

Expect to follow a plan like this whether you are a new or returning patient for your symptoms. With acupuncture, you can’t have treatments too close together, but you can have them too far apart. Patients that have them too far apart have their symptoms come back and then we lose our progress.

After the first treatment, you can definitely expect to feel better, but it won’t be enough to bring long lasting results.  Come consistently in that first month, and prepare to feel much better, living your life again as it was meant to be lived, with more comfort, ease, and control, without interfering with ongoing therapies or causing undue negative side effects.

I like to use a Western medicine example: acupuncture is like taking antibiotics. It’s important to take the first dose, and each consecutive dose after that daily until the bottle of antibiotics is finished.

Acupuncture treatments are healing dosages. If you take one dose, you might feel a reprieve or a lessening of symptoms for a day or two, and then you will need to take another round, and not wait till symptoms get worse and more compouded to treat.

Unfortunately this is where many people who “tried acupuncture” say acupuncture “doesn’t work” – it’s because they probably came in once or twice for a more complicated symptom or condition. They may have had improvement after one treatment, but it would not have been enough to ‘fix’ the real problems. The key is consistency. With 6-10 or more treatments, I am confident you will have not only results but a better quality of life.

It takes time for the body to raise its chi (the Chinese word for ‘life-force’), to come back into a flow and movement again with life. Eventually the body begins to balance on its own, and only coming in once a month will keep you maintained and healthy.

It really goes a long way. It’s exciting really, to start feeling and noticing results, which is the best kind of motivation to keep going and stick to a treatment plan, catered to you!

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Lindsay MacDougall