Suffering from trauma and PTSD is a nervous system disorder where we re-experience an old trauma as if it were still happening to us in the present. Feeling endangered on a daily basis is a burden and causes an overwhelming amount of stress.

Acupuncture can return our nervous system back to normal so we regain our sense of safety, peace of mind, and a normal routine, free of the grips of the past.   



Regained ability to trust

Calmer mental state – not as alert

Confidence to go out in public

Self-acceptance and self-love

Increased intuition and connection to self

Better sense of emotions and boundaries

Improved relationships

Increased motivation 

Fewer mood swings, better moods

Less anxiety and depression

Greater sense of purpose and zest for life



Fewer panic attacks

Calmer nervous system

Improved digestion

Better quality sleep

Fewer migraines

Less joint pain and muscular tension

Improved menstrual cycle symptoms 

More balanced energy throughout the day

Greater care for physical appearance