hello! welcome!

Hello! Welcome!  I'm Lindsay MacDougall. Welcome to my acupuncture and wellness practice. 

My specialty is giving people a break. A break from anxiety and fear, a break from pain and discomfort, a break from feeling your own personal plight and the weight of the world. By creating small pockets of peace and ease in our sessions, we begin to open up a space for you to breathe, recharge, and reset. This in turn unlocks our body’s natural ability to heal.

My personal experience with acupuncture goes back to 2008, when I started receiving acupuncture for migraines, hormone imbalances, and mild depression. I had immediate results from my first session and I felt like I became a better person in the process. It changed my attitude and approach to life and and showed me how my body, mind, and surroundings are all connected.
As I awakened to some realities of my life, I was able to reverse a lot of the patterns that caused my pain and imbalances in the first place.

From here I started a new journey — removing clutter, improving friendships, and finally getting my running shoes back on again.

I was so inspired by how well I had healed that I enrolled at Maryland University for Integrative Health (MUIH) and began a four-year comprehensive clinical study of Eastern medicine. I received my Diplomate of Acupuncture from the NCCAOM and a Masters degree in Acupuncture from MUIH, and have managed my own acupuncture practice consistently in the DC/Maryland area since 2013.

Currently I am accepting patients at The Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine in Silver Spring, and am a provider with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna networks.