Tell me about your symptom. Receive acupuncture. Repeat.

The beauty of holistic medicine is that is reaches various levels of illness with far-reaching effectiveness. Have a look at my practice below and let’s set up a phone call 202 320 2665.


__________________________Consultations                                                _____

Come in for any symptoms in tandem with or in complication with Western medicine modalities going on with your health. Treatments address underlying root causes as well as day-to-day difficulties overcoming a symptoms’ imposition in your life and helping to wake up to a wisened way of life that your body directs you to overcome.

Our bodies are not evil and trying to kill us or make us suffer unecessarily. They are here to teach us how to bring our nature back into balance. Acupuncture helps us awaken to nature, our bodies, and life, holistically.

I would love to consult with you about your condition and see if acupuncture is what you’re looking for. I offer all prospective patients a free prospecting phone call. In these calls I field any special accommodations or questions about your symptoms. I will also give you an overview of how acupuncture works, and how it can help you in your specific case.

I specialize and treat specifically digestive health issues and pathophysiology as well as pediatric acupuncture.

Consult with your doctor about acupuncture – most doctors are very open to and strongly encourage acupuncture as complementary medicine to whatever health routine you have going on. Bring in X-rays, blood lab results, pharmaceuticals you are taking if you think this would help me in my diagnosis and treatment of your symptom(s).

Tell your story however you want to. (There is always a back story! :))

My aim as practitioner is to make treatment comfortable and available to you. Acupuncture will enhance your current wellness routine so you enjoy more positive side effects like a fuller, more holistic life of greater ease and vitality, and what it is you have been searching for!

___________________________Treatments                                                      _____
Receive comprehensive care in the form of multiple oriental modalities and personal coaching. We can use a wider variety of treatments on your torso and back. I treat people for internal medicine as well as pain management.

Cost is $145 for the first consultation and treatment (2 hrs), $95 for all subsequent treatments (1hr). Check or cash preferred with the option of PayPal or Venmo.

Check with your insurance provider what they cover.

I take CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna. Please email me your name, date of birth, and policy number so I can look up your benefits.

Home visits: $200

_________________________Frequency of Visits                                      ______

I recommend patients to see me two to three times a week in the first three weeks, then once a week, twice a month, and then going on to once a month or once a season to keep symptoms from reappearing. Like an Rx prescription, symptoms don’t disappear overnight and frequent visits help maintain a state of wellness as the body repairs. Of course this varies with each individual patient, their needs, and their objectives with treatment.

With regular acupuncture, you will experience significant relief in the intensity, duration, and frequency of your symptom(s) if not getting rid of the symptom(s) all together. Possibilities open up, new life opens up, and there is more ease. Things start flowing in life again.

____________________________Location                                                           ___

Office space in Silver Spring at The Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine . Appointments made by email. (Email [email protected] for appointment availability/times.)



The best way to schedule your appointment is via e-mail

[email protected]

Or by phone 202 320 2665

Appointment times vary.

Unless it is an emergency, any cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid a late fee of the cost of the missed appointment. This helps me stay in business and helps you get better.


___________________________New patients                                              ___

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your first session to fill out medical history, current medications or supplements you are taking as well as a checklist of symptoms you are experiencing, along with a waiver and cancellation policy.

Intake session is two hours including first treatment.

All other sessions after that as a returning patient are an hour.

(Community Clinic hours TBD)

___________________________What To Wear                                               __

Wear what is comfortable and pleases you, preferably loose clothing for greater access to the arms, legs, and torso. Please refrain from wearing makeup or strong fragrances for your first session especially and in following sessions if you can.


__________________________Legal Information                                      ___

I am licensed and insured in all 50-states of the U.S. and just passed my NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) national boards for my Diplomat of Acupuncture. I have a masters degree in Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health. I apply Clean Needle Technique (CNT) in all my treatments and adhere to the board of ethics in the state of Maryland.


__________________________Lets Work Together________________

Please give me a call if you have any questions: 202 320 2665. I’ll be happy to talk with you further. Email: [email protected]


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