Tell me about your symptom. Receive acupuncture. Repeat.


I give acupuncture to many different types of people with many different needs.


Community Acupuncture Rates:

$15-$40 Pay-What-You-Can at OurSpace Acupuncture in Silver Spring, MD. Click on “Schedule Your Appointment Today” on the link to schedule yourself with me.


Private Rates

Patient intake: $145

Consecutive treatment: $90
Expect to come in 4-6 times in the first two months for most conditions.


OurSpace Acupuncture is located on 914 Silver Spring Ave., suite 104 in Silver Spring off Georgia Ave.

I also have private office space upon request, as many people enjoy to receive the coaching benefits as part of their acupuncture experience. See patient modalities for more information.



Please arrange for at least a half an hour with all needles inserted at OurSpace Community Acupuncture clinic, although you are welcome to stay as long as you like. Link to the schedule is here. You can make an appointment last minute, although times at the clinic can be busier than others so be willing to be flexible if you happen to come at one of our peak times.


For individual sessions, our intake session is two hours for an assessment and first treatment. All other sessions after that are about one hour.



Currently not accepting insurance, but can create a receipt to send in to your insurance provider. It’s a good idea to check with your insurer if they accept acupuncture in your plan.


Other Legal Information:

I am insured and licensed in most 50-states of the U.S. and am trained in customer service and up to date on code, Clean Needle Technique (CNT) and the board of ethics.


What To Wear

Please refrain from wearing makeup or strong fragrances for your first session. It’s a good idea to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes (especially from the elbows and knees down), clothes you like to wear that show your personality or #mood that day, sacred jewelry, a mug of tea (I will also have tea there).  Drink lots of water, expect to get some interesting questions, and refrain from taking any harmful or toxic substances 24 hours before and after your visit for maximum results, or if you are currently taking medications, expect to experience some higher sensitivity and awareness of some of the original symptoms as the body begins to heal on its own.



Please consult with me about your condition and the ways you need help and want to know what acupuncture can offer you.

Also consult with your doctor about acupuncture, and me, your licensed acupuncturist, about how acupuncture can help your condition, especially if you haven’t gotten the results you have wanted from other traditional approaches. I promise you will receive many positive results, especially if you schedule consistent sessions in the initial two months, or more for acute conditions within ongoing chronic issues.

My aim as practitioner is to make this treatment for available to you so you can find the more applicable to your wellness routine, enhancing the benefits of your current wellness routine or giving you the positive side effects you were hoping for.

Like many modalities of wellness, it takes consistency, a routine at home, and a willingness to heal, looking into lifestyle considerations as well.

Consultations are free with your acupuncture session if you are seeing me for the first time and want to know what working with this medicine can do for you.




Your checklist:

Sign up for acupuncture, community style as well as individual sessions.

Sign up for wellness coaching

We can arrange 45 minutes sessions without acupuncture on a sliding scale of $25-$45.


E-mail [email protected]

I am here as your wellness practitioner. 😀 


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