Dear Patient:

Tell me about your symptom. Receive acupuncture. Repeat.

Migraines were actually what caused me to start acupuncture back in 2008, and I was so inspired by how well I healed that I went to school for it! I had immediate results and felt like I became a better person in the process.
I have treated other people successfully with many symtoms ranging from sleep, to anxiety, to chronic pain, to fibromyalgia, to diabetes. Acupuncture is an excellent route to take at any point in your health journey, and for the rest of your life! We don’t need to suffer to feel good. We need to feel good now and then make healthful changes.
Coming to see me I would encourage acupuncture 2 and up to 3 times a week in the beginning for best and most immediate results, especially because these symptoms are bothering you every day. And especially in the first two weeks and on up to 8 weeks (or more).

You will experience significant relief in the intensity, duration, and frequency of your symptom if not getting rid of the symptom all together…! Possibilities open up, new life opens up, and there is more ease. Things start flowing in life again.

So I have two treatment STYLES as options…..

One is in a beautiful  office space in Silver Spring at The Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine .  The other option is coming to see me at OurSpace Acupuncture Community Clinic in Silver Spring on Silver Spring Ave. right off Georgia Ave.  Or both!!

There are pluses and minuses to each. One-on-one with me in my office you will receive more comprehensive care in the form of multiple oriental modalities, personal coaching and more attentive care. We can use a wider variety of treatments including on your torso and back (taking care to fully adjust the room and the modality to your liking) which may mean you experience the results faster. Treatments last a little over an hour. The first treatment is two hours and costs a little more as we do the initial intake, a physical exam, along with the first treatment.

Cost is $145 for the first treatment and $90 for all subsequent treatments.

I have to still get on insurance for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield by August, September at the latest (I have to be honest I’m still getting used to insurance in my practice). I am covered with Aetna, Cigna, and CareCentrix. In the meantime you can look to your provider to see what they offer, and/or acupuncture is covered by only a small copay. This is definitely something I want bring into my practice so if you have these insurance companies as your insurance, I will work on being your provider!

Community acupuncture style where I work uses just the pins (no other modalities like cupping, moxa, gua sha, coaching). Acupuncture is done in a big room with many other people also receiving treatment. At the clinic these are on comfortable balancing lounge chairs. Pins are inserted from elbow to knees down and on the head and face too, so no work on the torso or back.
It is affordable, $15-$40 per visit (like a co-pay – we don’t take insurance).
You can come as often as you want, stay as long as you feel.
Some prefer the former setting for its personability, some see more of a benefit being in a room with others getting the same kind of treatment.
Some prefer cupping, incense, moxa, more one-on-one therapy that the STARS get, some prefer just pins and ten minutes per patient and everyone sits in a bowl of chi. All pleasant experiences, all incredibly healing with various implications for various people.
I would check out the website for OurSpace if you’re interested in that as there are FAQs there. Otherwise we can do a one on one session at the Spectrum Center.
Check with your insurance provider. Plan on coming in one or more times a week in the first few weeks. The important thing is the consistency (once a week) over frequency. Although frequency gets faster results.
I hope this explains some more about acupuncture and and I’ll be eager to hear from you and what specifically you want to work on.
Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you! Please give me a call if you have any questions: 202 320 2665. I’ll be happy to talk with you further. Email works too: [email protected]
Looking forward to getting your migraines resolved, as I’m sure you are too!

I give acupuncture to many different types of people with many different needs.




I work most days on acupuncture. For individual sessions, our intake session is two hours for an assessment and first treatment. All other sessions after that are about one hour.

Plan to stay half an hour (at least) for community acupuncture.


Other Legal Information:

I am insured and licensed in all 50-states of the U.S. with NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), apply Clean Needle Technique (CNT) and adhere to the board of ethics.


What To Be/Wear

Please refrain from wearing makeup or strong fragrances for your first session. It’s a good idea to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes (especially from the elbows and knees down), clothes you like to wear that show your personality or #mood that day, sacred jewelry, a mug of tea (I will also have tea there for the early birds).

Drink lots of water beforehand, expect to get some interesting questions, and go easy on the non-prescribed toxic substances 24 hours before and after your visit so the Liver and Kidneys can detox to receive maximum results. If you are currently taking medications, even the ones that aren’t prescribed, going in for an acupuncture treatment (or that ice cream sandwich too many or whatever is your difficult edge), prepare to experience, overcome, or negate some of that higher sensitivity and body awareness that you will experience within the symptoms. As the body begins to heal on its own, it begins to adopt its own healing advice and starts to tell you about your condition and your state so that you can turn over the new leaves in your life in healing it.



Please consult with me about your condition and the ways you need help and want to know what acupuncture can offer you.

Consult with your doctor about acupuncture, and put me in touch with your doctor if you need to. Bring in X-rays, bring in blood charts, tell your story however you want to. Laugh and cry. Especially if you haven’t gotten the results you have wanted from other traditional approaches, I promise with acupuncture, you will receive many positive results. Most especially if you schedule consistently in the first two months. Consistency is King.

My aim as practitioner is to make this treatment for available to you so you can enhance your current wellness routine and enjoy more positive side effects, like a better life, that’s full and whole.



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[email protected]



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