Happy New Year!


Since Mercury was in retrograde over the actual New Year – THIS IS the time to be making big gorgeous plans for the new year! The Rooster is about meticulous, practical, informed decision-making for successful gains in every area of life. Similar fire energy as the monkey of this past year except grounded and realistic and in harmony with our communities, families, friends, and the intersections of our career with our social and personal lives. The rooster cares for every animal in the barnyard!!! Let yourself dream big and take this weekend to write up a list of your personal and business goals for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, 2 years!! It’s going to be so helpful. Get that job, that car, that vacation you always dreamed but never got around to planning. Make it a joyful reflection of your highest achievements thus far and where you will be taking it for this new zodiac cycle. Your spirit guides and the energies of the new moon and the Pagan rites of Imbolc are other concurrent energies supporting these seeds (branches?) of the growth you’re intending in the new frontier. And don’t forget, in the spirit of Aquarius, to reach out to others in your circle. It’s time we all recognize we are not alone. We are here to form stronger bonds in the community to affect the dialogue on the global scale- something that the protests and marches on our current events have already placed beautifully into our hands. I am wishing you peace, unity, and harmony to you and all your families, to the president for his success as a public servant to the voices of the people…I’m praying for the good work of the activists, leaders, sensitive empaths, healers, justice-makers, truth-tellers, artists, coaches, and dreamers who see the change, who see what others cannot, that they might be able to step into their purpose and their gifts courageously today and this year. Luck¬†ūüćÄLove‚̧ԳŹ¬†and Prosperityūüíį¬†for the New Year (which as far as I’m concerned starts officially now!!!)ūüŹģūüéäūüééūüéČūüĒģ

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Happy Year of the Rooster!

Heart Surgery


Hopefully the docs are zippering up my dad’s chest from the heart surgery he had this morning by now (just another Friday the 13th tale) …

In the early 90s this procedure used to be risky and had a significant fatality rate. Now it’s generic protocol for many Americans. Western medicine is pretty unbelievable. I still feel nervous for him, because I remember learning about this surgery in grade school. And I got upset he had a beer last night with dinner before going in because why wouldn’t you want to hydrate, hydrate, promote iron levels for quality immune response, faster recovery, regular mood..? I think about the ‘little things’ all the time, probably too much.

Live and let live. Live and let the heart get hooked up to a machine, get hooked back up to the body, get hooked back to the brain, to be pumped without feeling, without emotion.

Before I go in to see him in intensive care, I am studying again today and again for this board exam with deep love in my heart for acupuncture, with deeply refreshed personal will. When I get that piece of paper this spring (by the will of God; God willing) saying I’m nationally certified as a Diplomat of Acupuncture I’m going to go full steam ahead. I’ll wear a stethoscope and a white coat (and a pair of fake glasses to look the fashion)(-athough nothing really about me will be fake)).

I’m going to tell people how to breath and offer exercises to help them regulate their heartbeat and their breath. I’ll say one or two sentences about their heart being the Emperor of the Kingdom. The heart must be a spacious, open spiritual vessel to the Five Emotions. The emissaries of the organs which arrive for counsel next to this seated Emperor, Her Highness the Spiritual vessel of the Soul, the One Soul (One Love).

Mostly I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to listen to their heartbeat so they can listen to their heartbeat too. Mostly I’m going to stick needles all over their body so they can feel them sticks too. Feel that body. The body is a vessel for this life too.

I hope they have zippered up my father’s dear precious body with his clean heart for this next segment of his life before the Return. I am thinking of how his body looks like my body. I am my father’s daughter, carrying his father’s doctorate degree in primary care, which skipped a generation and become Chinese. ūüôā

Super Moon November 14th – For Real This Time


The Moon is pulling in some strong energies for the supermoon on Monday- the most important moon of the year ! NASA predicts it to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than any other super moon, the likes of which we won’t see until 2034 (and haven’t seen since 1947). Rounding out an intense presidential election and a bigger phase of the fall time, this moon asks us to acknowledge the accomplishments of the past 2-3 months completing themselves. Pay attention also to the compliments you are receiving from the others and the talents and gifts you are becoming aware of about yourself in general. You aren’t who you were two-three months ago, there’s more to appreciate and love about yourself. The moon in Taurus highlights this blossoming so that we can see these things for how special they really and so they can then be integrated into our life as part of our life purpose (and even the answers to our financial woes). We are also in the sun sign of Scorpio, a very psychic water sign, with its ruling planet Pluto along with the wounded healer planet Chiron, teaching us the lessons of transformation of these gifts, making them available for manifestation on almost every level. Blessings on the new moon!

Good Morning Third Eye: Sixth Chakra Meditation

I have been amazed over the past ten days in Hawaii how differently my day goes when I take the time to get myself grounded in the morning versus just going straight into my work routine or straight into dealing with the logistics of the day. It has been the difference of a great day versus a horrible day.

I’m not telling you that if you do these things you will automatically have a good day, but I am saying that it will make your day substantially better with a substantially better outcome for your mind and spirit. The Law of Attraction is always at work! So we need to maintain¬†the magnetic¬†wavelengths we are putting out into the world.

I can’t underscore enough how important it is to have a spiritual practice. For a healer it is hands-down the most essential tool you will ever have, yet¬†for most people, it is some what of a novel idea, or something they would like to try but don’t know where to start or why it’s so important. Or they have just gone through a difficult time emotionally or have a crisis in their health where they would like to treat and nurture their spirit more strongly to get through it.

Obviously¬†don’t have to be a healer or a spiritual person to have a practice to¬†help you and see the value there is in connecting to yourself. Maybe you already have one but don’t see it as spiritual, like going to the gym every morning, or walking the dog.

What this ritual does is creates a line between your heart and mind to that of your higher spiritual centers (the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras) so guidance is more clear, intuition is more accurate, and manifestation more effective.

That all being said, this week I changed my ritual somewhat and did a Sixth Chakra meditation which I want to share with you. I wanted to move through some of my fears and uncertainty about Hawaii and see into the future! Yes it is possible to do this with my help.


I will now explain this process for how you can have ‘the Sight’ and do the same.¬†

[Contraindications for this meditation are being in intense stages of Grief, psychological or physical trauma.]

  • The first and most essential step you must¬†do is to quiet the mind for at least¬†5-10 minutes until a steady¬†concentration or focus is achieved. You will know intuitively how long you need.

For most of us, especially if we are just starting, it will take yoga, a concerted period of stretching, or a long session of physical activity like running or weight lifting (or another physical other activity) to calm the nervous system enough and be connected to the breath in the body enough for the mind to relax.

I remember in my beginning yoga days when I was first starting to learn about my body as a vehicle to attain inner focus, mastery, and spirituality, I had to take a full 60- or 90-minute session of yoga before I could even begin to focus my mind. Even then, I had to let it be in and out of focus in svasana and not have any attachment (read: frustration) to its nature.

The¬†muscles of the eyes, forehead, neck and face are normally overactive during the day interacting with people, processing things, using our senses and awareness for things, critical thinking and problem solving. Therefore we must take this 5-10 minute initiation and grounding period to sense our whole body, the comfortable with the¬†uncomfortable parts. Then bring the light of our awareness with lovingkindness to¬†soften and¬†release the tension from our energy body – stuff¬†we don’t want to get in the way of our vision quest.

  • ¬†The next step is to look into the center of your forehead into the third eye.


Imagine your eyeball cut horizontally in half. There is actually a vessel called the hyaloid canal which does this, pictured above. This sensation is what activates your subconscious. You are not only able to visualize but to feel this kinetically.

As you close your eyes, experiment with your chi Рyour moving life force inside your body. Bring your attention to the back of your eyeball and to the front of your eyeball, then the top of your eyeball and to the bottom of your eyeball. Notice what happens when you bring your attention to all these places.

It’s almost as if you were pooling and moving your blood to measure the difference if that helps as a visual. If you don’t feel this, at least imagine it and the feeling sensation will soon start to grow stronger.

Likely you find that there’s a stronger sensation¬†that is relaxing when you visualize¬†this ‘blood’ (or¬†chi)¬†moving to the lowest/lowest-back part of the eyeball.

Some yoga instructors I have heard will give instructions to “look downward” with eyes closed and aim your eyesight as¬†going under the “curtain” of your eyelid.¬†

Once you lower your eyes into this space and make a laser beam that could bore a hole through your third eye Рthe space lying between your eyebrows. You may find this space can go on and on forever.

You should really feel a difference once you have accessed this kinesthetically.

  • Now¬†you will be able to receive input in the form of visions.¬†This is¬†like your imagination except you can see hints of it in the form of physical shapes, colors, feelings, or other ‘knowing’ input from your body.

Psychic coaches will have you visualize a screen here in your third eye. I like the image of a movie theater inside someone’s¬†mansion. You know, the ones on MTV’s cribs with a few plush leather chairs in front and a velvet curtain with gold tassels pulled back¬†from the screen. This is what I use for my psychic viewing screen. Everyone’s ‘screen’ will be different.

When I did this for my Hawaii move earlier this week I was able to see various things show up on my screen. Where would I live, where would I be. What would I do. What kind of transportation would I have. I didn’t think about these subject matters individually so much as having the¬†overall intention of the viewing be what my living situation here would look like.

Because I am out of practice with this somewhat, the images that appeared were in bits and pieces, had no order to them, arriving more as flickers of something recognizable but were enough for me to see the most important things overall.

I was already in a relaxed state from meditating the previous twenty minutes so the images that I saw were real and observable on my screen.

Try to treat this process like you would if you were¬†attending an avant garde filming. You don’t know what to expect, you’re just laying back in your seat and passively watching the show without reasoning or trying to make sense of the images¬†or otherwise controlling what you are seeing. Let the images be and let them move and pass as they please. Treat it like you are really at the movies without knowing what scene you will see next.

If an image comes up that is confusing or muddled,¬†¬†keep coming back to the image and place of the the filming screen, keep sending your laser beam of light out your forehead, and keep going¬†under the ‘curtain.’ Send the confusing image¬†through the light reel and let a new one show up. Keep asking your spirit guides to clarify any images or symbols for you and try to surrender to the process as much as possible because it will take practice.

It will also take practice getting to know your own symbols and your own messages which are unique to you from your subconscious. Doing this exercise is like watching a dream where you do a dream analysis after you ‘wake up.’

After this meditation, you will remember certain things about your visualization but not others. That’s okay. The more you practice this the easier it will become.

I learned a lot from doing this meditation and found it very calming to my mind, cleansing for my body, and easeful for my soul. When I felt like I had received enough images, that the images slowed down in frequency or that I was getting tired I let myself rest and moved comfortably out of my position, stretching my legs and arms and rolling onto my side (it’s best if you do this meditation sitting or lying down and facing up so Spirit can better access your Heart and your third eye).

Overall I felt a lot more confidence in myself, courage to take the next step, and happiness at all that God and my Angels have in store for me! 

Leave a comment below after you have tried this and let me know what you experienced or if you have any questions about it. I want to hear from you!

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#LifeInHonolulu РA Déjà Vu That Is Forever


Today marks Day 2 of #LifeInHonolulu – in starting my life, starting my life over, whatever you wanna call it, it’s starting to feel like all¬†the same thing.

My astrologer back in April said that Saturn had moved¬†into the¬†first house of my chart (marked by¬†my trip to coastal California mid-October last year) – auguring a pretty literal birth of my body, mind, and spirit. It’s a rare astrological reset that showed up¬†in my chart.

He said everything needed to be reinvented. New hair, new body, new business card, new location, new brand, new everything.

So here I am, taking the advice and moving into my astrological coordinates. That is to say,¬†in the cartographic location of my Moon’s north node. (Everyone has a North and South node in their astrological chart – the South node contains the themes of our past life experiences; the North node indicates¬†themes we need to realize or promote in this lifetime.)

Having moved to Honolulu three days ago, I am still working with quite a bit of fear and anxiety which I have been mitigating through action: doing online research, reaching out to contacts, making time for lots of prayer, visualization, taking proper rest and food.

(Digressing just a little, the food here is amazing. Those half-an-hour trips I was taking to to go to H-Mart, the nearest Asian market in DC, are now a thing of the past. All the Asian goods I love are in every aisle in all the grocery stores here pretty much. A Chinese nutritional heaven!!)

Things I have to do are: buy a car, find a job, find a place to live, and I have to do it mostly on my own. I’ve done this once before in another country…I just need to keep reminding myself that I am wiser, stronger, and more dynamic than all the¬†fears my mind is constantly recapitulating. What helps is to remind¬†myself of all the gifts I have to give and all the ways I can serve people instead of feeling bogged down by the minutiae.

This morning… I opened my eyes at 6:30am. I woke up from a dream where I found soggy wads of money on the ground…

As I lay there in the dawn, various waves of feeling came over me, on a Soul level. This island of Oahu resonates with me on a level I can only barely explain here.

Driving away from the airport¬†in the rental car shuttle as I was first taking in the views, I felt like I had been here before.¬†It felt like I was coming into an alternate hometown of Washington, DC, the same home in¬†a land somewhere else (to my mother’s dismay I’m sure). My first cousin Jennifer who lives here with her husband explained to me that this feeling was “the island welcoming me.”

Chinese medicine states that from the hours of 3am-7am of the Lung and Large Intestine officials in the element of Metal augment a thinner veil between the physical and the spiritual. Therefore spiritual guidance, strong intuitions, inner wisdom, dreams or grief we need to process, or stark spiritual encounters become more apparent at this time.

I wrote in my journal this morning:

I’ve been dreaming a lot. All the details of finding a place and living here feel overwhelming right now.

Yet it feels also surreal, like all these dreams I forgot I dreamed are resurfacing

Like a déjà vu that lasts for hours.

Dreams already dreamed, lives already lived.

I’ve already been here and dreamed in a life here. It feels like I’m walking into a layers of my existence.

It’s like watching a kid’s cartoon from your childhood and feeling everything you felt as a child when you first watched it flood back to you again.

Except it’s ongoing, and all these other things, being recalled.

Seeing your soul’s growth in slow motion and real time.

I’m experiencing¬†a part of myself that is happening now and in the future and in the past,

and on and on.”


I’ll no doubt keep you in this loop as to what comes of this mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean – at this lunar coordinate of my life – so in the stars, so in the sea, finding my cove¬†on the¬†rock.

Check back again soon!! <3

Why I’m Moving To Hawai’i

Today marks my last week on the mainland of the U.S. of A. September 6th I’m going on a one-way trip to Hawaii for an undetermined amount of time.

The reasons why I am going are very simple in my mind and in my heart. I’m ready for a new experience, I’m ready to not live in the D.C. area, and I’m ready to take my career to another level in an ocean¬†close to Asia.

Other reasons are I’m ready to live by the ocean, I’m ready to feel confident in my body, and I’m ready to meet¬†a new soul tribe who take their healing work very seriously.

A tertiary reason? I’m ready to get the f out of my parents house! Hah. California is out of the question right now and I’m totally bored with the East Coast.

As things have turned out in D.C., I’ve become estranged from most all of¬†the people I considered close because I just grew out of the ways we were interacting. I’m not your¬†typical Washingtonian. I don’t drink anymore. My ‘healing stuff’ isn’t received as interesting or relevant to most people and conversations often fall silent if they come up at all, something I find very personally frustrating.

I am stifled by the inertia of my past and broke from my acupuncture grad degree without the network or infrastructure of support like many high-level graduates, just a small mortgage to pay off and a lot of needed reform. Everything needs to change, on a micro level in my life so that I may serve, and on a macro scale for all of humanity in making acupuncture the commodity it deserves to be.

Because of all these things I can see, I can’t be the “Old Lindsay” anymore. I can’t even be Lindsay anymore. In fact, it feels more apt for me to¬†change my name completely so¬†people can¬†get used to calling me, and relating to me, in a¬†new way.¬† It just doesn’t feel like I’m the same person… really at all.

It’s been interesting ending this period of my life in DC noticing the illusions I kept, the people who have chosen to stay, the people who have chosen to leave, and the people I’ve asked to leave…

A funny thing I’ve encountered in this are people who outright¬†offend or passive aggressively avoid me to better distance themselves. I hate drama, and try to¬†avoid it when I can, but sometimes it’s inevitable, and that’s the way a lot of people cope with grief, resentment, or repressed anger. People are giving me shit just to give me shit. Just because I’m leaving…I get it. No hard feelings…It’s human nature (and probably all of us have abandonment issues of one kind or another).

Just let me go in peace. To use a metaphor by Elizabeth Gilbert,¬†I’m the crab, crawling out of the bucket.

In fact,¬†Now is the time of year to be letting go of a lot. Relationships that suck, people that suck, activities that suck, clutter and crap in our space, on our desks, in our computer, in our minds, all the stuff that just doesn’t matter anymore.

(I definitely recommend Marie Kando’s¬†‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”¬†because it helps to really see the trees from the forest in terms of what we actually¬†need in our life. I started it in the spring and now am reading the last chapters for the¬†penultimate purge.)

Can you feel it in the air? This end of summer? The change in light, in temperature, in mood? The best way to cope to what can be quite a difficult time for people is to LET GO and lighten the load of this year’s cycle, now in its¬†harvest season.

Just like the peaches and melons and squashes getting large and hanging low on their vine, we too are heavy, full, and almost rotting at the fullness of the year and all that has come to fruition in our lives.

We must slow down in order to be able to digest, in order to savor, and be thoughtful about our hard work and what it has served.  And toss it out Рthe rotted parts at least so we can make a feast of the rest.

So as I savor what this summer has been, as weird and ‘off’ as it has felt in some regards, a stranger in the most familiar land of my home, I feel more ready than ever to leave for a new place. A place near Asia, near the ocean, where I can practice acupuncture with peace in nature. I’m switching it up.

Make Your Move:

If you’re jealous or feeling some other version of this emotion around my decision, don’t be!

Anything is possible.

Don’t leave yourself out of the good stuff in life.

Discern what is valuable, make a plan, and go on a trip.

Make a list of one-month goals, three-month goals, six-month goals, on up to five-year goals and use it as soul-fuel for your ideal lifestyle. This is a totally internal and self-exploratory process and it ignites itself when you are ready for it.

If you’re in a period in your life where you feel it’s time to let go of people, or change your career, or change your lifestyle or where you live, TRUST THOSE FEELINGS and do it for the thrill of the change and for the beauty and value of what you would learn! They are important markers you must not ignore.

Follow the way of the¬†Tao. Don’t fight yourself, don’t resist yourself.

Get the nuts and bolts and structure in place (logistics, money, time) and then let the Universe take up the rest, lead you where you’re supposed to be.

I’m 30, I have no children and no husband. I’ve been living at home with my parents for a year with no regrets. I’ve been in therapy, I’ve excavated my dark night of the soul for every minute I was to endure it, going through the¬†broke, broken, torn, isolated, and hungry parts of myself.

I’ve been wandering and waiting for “my time” for quite some time.¬†I’ve been through a lot, searching for¬†something real, and lasting, and worth living for.

The dawn is blue. ¬†I’m waiting for my bus with my two suitcases and I’m headed for the ocean.

You can do exactly what I’m doing. Don’t be afraid of your inner voice. You will never be led astray. As my friend Jessica Sandhu said, “I’ve never regretted any investment I’ve made for myself.”

This wasn’t random or an accident. I’ve dreamed about Hawai’i since I was in fourth grade. This was tapping into Life √† la carte and coming up with the¬†menu myself.

Dream on, let yourself be, let yourself be guided, and of course, like always, I’ll see you on the other side. ūüôā

When Your Soul Goes Bump In the Night

As a sensitive Indigo to energy, you may find yourself picking up on various subtle energies especially in the hour(s) and minutes before going to sleep.
As we let go and wind down to get ready for the altered state of consciousness in sleep, it’s often the case that we receive the most clear directives, signs and messages from the inner realms of spirit and divine consciousness (encompassing the beings of our higher self, our ancestors, our angels, and spirit guides) as helpers to see our soul and life purpose.
In other words, our consciousness begins to tune inwards to itself in the times transitioning into sleep and transitioning out of sleep. This transition is a natural gateway for Spirit and spiritual matters to enter.
Of course transitioning out of sleep, we pay attention to the dreams we just dreamt containing prophetic, insightful messages. If not a dream, a revelation or decision made that occurs to us newly, fresh, from a rested mind.
Going to bed however, can be a very different story…The forays into the altered state of sleep can be more tumultuous because our minds are naturally more alert in the time of night, which is why I want to write to you if you find yourself having trouble falling asleep…
During this window right before drifting off when all the lights are off but I’m not asleep yet is when I am personally most aware of spirits knocking. Literally. Sometimes there are knocks, creaks or other sounds that you just know there’s another entity or being pervading the space. Sometimes it’s a flashing light or you see or sense something. The Sense we have lets us know that we are being visited by the spirits beyond our physical sight in this realm.
Sensing this can be a bit freaky and unsettling, making it quite hard to fall asleep, especially if during the day our soul is already going through a period of growth and awakening: we are at the brink of a big life decision or shift or feeling an ongoing situation stirring a new shift in us. (Or if we are sleeping in a new place and the souls there in your new surroundings are curious about you – this happens too!)
If you notice this happening, you can have complete control of the situation by having a spiritual conversation with your higher self and with the spiritual entities trying to get contact with you.
Before having this conversation (can be inward or aloud) it is nice to create a bubble of protective white light around yourself by closing your eyes and visualizing this in your mind’s eye. For me, this immediately begins to dissipate the discomfort and fear that often comes up. I call on Saint Michael to calm me, and I can immediately feel a sense of protection and safety when I do this. Call on a guide or an angel in this way.
Then, surround your whole room and your whole building/house with that white light, forming columns of light at each of the corners of the room and at each of the corners of the house (depending where you sense the energy) reaching down into the center of the earth so that the space is saturated with light, protection, and safety.
Once you have done this you can ask the spirits at this time to either “Leave” if it’s freaking you out (you have the say), or to give you any messages you need that pertain to you. Pay attention.
If the energy feels or looks cloudy, dark, or otherwise low vibrational in your encounter/sensing state, create in your mind’s eye (from the third eye) a portal of light. Ask the negative spirits to go through this portal. Sometimes these negative energies are attracted to us and follow us around. This is because they need our help to pass through to the other side.
To create this portal, you can imagine a candle glowing and then expanding its orb of firelight to be big enough so that the being can enter it and thus pass through to the other side.
If the energy feels uplifting, loving, kind, all-knowing and wise, you can continue to draw calming white light around yourself and around the environment to receive the message and the blessing they came to bestow.
You can let this being stay and help you with your soul growth by showing you your dreams and communicating/journeying with you in your sleeping (although this doesn’t make for much restful sleep). Or you can ask it to leave you for the night and let you fully fall asleep.
Hope this helps!! Pay attention to the signs and always trust yourself with what you sense. Also know you are safe and protected in the name of Love which was created for this physical plane on Earth to exist.
Keep going with your Indigo mission, reading the signs, following, receiving your Divine Calling and embracing the changes you need to for your spiritual path and personal growth. What you have is a beautiful and rare gift and a blessing to us all and we need you to be healthy and happy in order to share it with all of us! I am here for you, and many others who feel like you as well.

Living In An Acupuncture Body

Acupuncture amazes me. As a patient and as a practitioner, I fell in love with this medicine because it gave me the means to explore my health condition in a way that addressed my concurrent need to explore underlying issues in my physical state within my deeper consciousness. I longed to know myself so I could know what to do next.
Acupuncture allows an all-natural access to the ‘Gates of Life’ (using Governor Vessel 4’s point name here for metaphor). These are portals to higher and higher understanding of our body’s wisdom and the trickle down effect of very subtle pattern imprinting over our lifetime (and from previous lifetimes in our ancestry).

Acupuncture breaks up old vibrations to create new ways of being to serve us in the Now. The healing results in not just new thoughts, new possibilities for us conceptually, but the literal embodiment of health and renewal: new movements in our eyes, new voices from our tongue, new gestures in our hands and a renewal of literally everything that our watery body can move through via the gates of this life-giving chi.


Today I treated a woman opening one of these ‘gates’ to her by calling her in that moment to the feeling sensation of her body – from the pins and where they were placed around her body. In guiding her through that feeling-state-sensation of the chi, she could begin to feel lightness, the movement of life and health that the acupuncture needles were beginning to augment. As I guided her she was able to become present to her state to create a real-time shift in herself.
Because her body was already undergoing a reassignment of the alpha and theta wave-states of her brain, deep in her subconscious in her parasympathetic state, she was able to have a very comfortable out-of-body experience coupled with a very powerful visualization quite meaningful to her. She recounted this to me afterwards with wonder and amazement.
For the fact that this energy cannot be bottled in a pill makes it a most valuable healing commodity in its own right. Everyone who lives in a body has access to this healing force which acupuncture makes real. It’s not a concept. It’s not a placebo – I believe those experiments have validity but are out-dated in today’s world, with so many of us sensitive Indigos, sensitive to energy.
These experiences can be directed through acupuncture. They are happening on ethereal layers in our aura, in the kinetic layers in our tissues and muscles, and down to the densest material in our bones.
For those suffering in pain in their body who have tried everything for their condition yet still find options limited, who feel caught and blinded by the onslaught of life in a body, acupuncture can help. A pattern is still stuck in the inertia, in the cycle of life and death all around us. A new gate needs to be open; the river needs to feed into the ocean.
When you buy a session of acupuncture, you’re buying a priceless human experience from the soul wisdom inside, the one that knows exactly what you are doing, and exactly everything as it is already happening.

Calling An Indigo Revolution

As the world seems to literally be blowing up more and more every day, as the front-page letters in the headlines seem to be growing in size, I am reminded of how important it is for me to stay totally committed to the course of my life plan and mission.
When I’m talking about being an INDIGO, and having an INDIGO MISSION, I am talking about being born with extra-sensory abilities to read people and understand them in the workings of the human mind; possessing a highly-attuned perception-meter of the evil-doers, fakers, and cheaters; and working with a deep inner conviction that we have a unique soul-purpose during this lifetime to change the status quo from what it has been.
These are the basic three things boiled down of what it means to be born Indigo.
Many of us, because of our sensitivity, our unique needs, and our unique path, are out there fighting alone for what we believe in. We are self-starters, artists, and entrepreneurs. We have an affinity for self-expression with social justice.
Many of us are going through a lot of life changes, healing, dark passages, and initiations to grow our self-knowledge, to create foundation in our careers, and to find our soul-tribe in the communities we will serve.
It’s a very scary time and there is a lot of fear in the world, and this is why we are living here during this time and at the ‘changing of the guard’, changing of the Empire, on so many levels. It’s a time of REVOLUTION and opportunity for all of us!
Which is why I am writing you today that every time you see or hear of something mortifying and horrific in the news, it’s because we are being pushed in a time of intense change. THIS IS THE CALLING to come forward with our truth and be the light-workers and revolutionaries we know we are inside.
Trust the Voice which is always speaking to you (the repetitive messages, the words which arrive subtly, and are always kind and loving) and take action on your goals today WHAT-EVER they may be, it’s the right thing for you and only you can listen to what is inside.
I want you to know today on this Sunday, July 24, 2016, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that all of us are in the process of creating this revolution.
With our abilities to perceive the current vibes and energies in our own empathic bodies and out in the world, coupled with the tools of social media (which pull strongly from each of our chakra energy centers from the Heart-up), we can no longer afford to think that the micro- actions we take are micro anymore.
Anything we do in the name of truth, love, beauty and justice can affect MASSIVE-MEGA change. It takes one thing, one post, one action, one message that can double over into the thousands of millions. Don’t ever doubt yourself for a moment on what you feel you were born to give and the way you were born to give it.
Even those of you who think your idea, product, project, music, art, film, voice, skill, collaboration would ever work or ever make a difference… I am telling you: if it’s part of what enhances you on a personal level and as an Indigo out in the world (see above) then it DOES matter and WILL change the world.
When it comes from a place of purpose and calling, and is done with a Radically Peaceful Heart to heal generations-old wounds the world has endured, the Indigo WILL overcome! We are together on this!!
IT IS A MOVEMENT and whatever you think you are doing or have yet to do, consider this your sign from Facebook, from the Angels, from the Indigo in me Seeing all this, that it is SAFE and NECESSARY to be the person you know you are and to take the action you know you need to take.
You never know how the spirit realm is working on us Indigos all in simultaneity and miracles for you await!
We are all waiting for your gifts and your heart. DON’T GIVE UP: THE CALL IS NOW.

The Human ‘Race’

IMG_4986There is no race to the finish line, or race to be the best to have the best like others are keeping tabs.

There is no race – although if you want the truth: we are given only so many days and so many breaths.

The words that people will say at our funeral can happen the day we die – or before.

Sometimes ‘the race’ is a cycle that needs to cycle through our life-experience so we can know something important to apply to our life’s mission.

A cycle includes the period of gestation (unconsciousness – attracting the unknown), birth (becoming known), and death (complete knowing).

Sometimes the race is being able to fully feel the moment, however complex, dark & beautiful. Pausing to acknowledge the heart in what we feel is most there, despite a jumble of things.

Sometimes the race ends – like we get to a sort of finish line, a marker in life, but no one sees what just happened to us, or what we just came through. The stands remain still and quiet we are there – breathing hard.

It’s at this point we mark ourselves ‘Present’ – finding that thing beyond space and time and our own funeral.

It is a Spirit most generous to let us breath along with passage through the veil, to all that was never made up!