This is a beautiful art and medicine passed down from emperors in ancient China and used as complimentary medicine today to treat any kind of medical issue.  Acupuncture is used for a wide variety of symptoms and dis-ease and complements many medical professions, diagnoses and specialties.

Acupuncture uses the insertion of tiny needles at specific points on energy pathways (meridians) within the body to influence the flow of chi to elicit a systemic healing response in the body.

The point itself is surrounded by vascular, lymphatic, and nervous tissue connected to other energy pathways, organs and tissues and every point makes a signal to the brain, hormones, blood, and immune system.

There is a microscopic tear that is opening up the pathway of energy. It lasts for a long time.

The needles are so tiny that they only really feel like a mosquito bite or a dull sensation.

After one or two pins have been placed, comes the feeling of deep relaxation. The body goes into restoration and deep theta currency brainwaves, mimicking the deepest states body awareness in meditation.

There is very little to no risks or side effects, making it a very popular healing modality for a wide variety of symptoms.

People experience varied sensations and like their whole body is circulating, feeling heavy, light, calm, and energized. 🙂 It’s the bridge over the storm into more nourishment for your body, your life, and your health.


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What is chi? Explained here.



This is like acupuncture in that the points are in the same places on the body. Touch is used in the place of the pins. Acupressure has many therapeutic effects and can be used safely and effectively anytime and anywhere. The points in an acupuncture treatment can be massaged at home to help prolong the healing affects of treatment. I can send you home with adhesive seed so you can continue to feel the affects of treatment. Although not as long lasting as needle insertion, Acupressure is great for adding to treatments as sort of a message therapy, to add a little chi to an ongoing treatment.



This is a technique used with mugwort herb on an acupuncture point to improve the circulation of chi and blood in the meridian.

Especially if a patient complains of feeling cold, experiences cold limbs or extremities, has little nutrition or is otherwise very blood deficient, moxibustion is the ancient way to garner the chi and move it around the body.

Small cones are placed over the point in succession, lit to smolder and then removed. There is left a feeling of tone and warmth to the chi, the point and the meridian, which all affects the overall chi we are cultivating during treatment.

As more chi becomes available and responsive within the meridian flow, a pin can be administered to the acupuncture point.

Random factoid: Moxibustion was invented before acupuncture needles in ancient China. The mugwort herb which comprises the technique of moxibustion is still considered a sacred herb in many shamanic circles. In ancient China is carries an abundance of yang to it because it grows tall, fast, and prolifically in the hot sun.



Cupping uses glass (or sometimes plastic) cups, to create a powerful suction when applied to the surface of the skin. A flame is lighted inside the cup to create a vacuum of oxygen.

Cupping is most popular on the back and torso, although can be used anywhere on the body.

Is good for pain or cold, or deep set injuries or traumas where there is coagulation of blood and fluids.

Cupping improves lymph and vascular circulation of the fluids and blood, moving stagnation and impurities at the deepest levels of tissue in the body, up to four inches under the skin at organ depth.

Self Care Tip: After cupping it’s important to cover and protect the area from the sun and draft. Occasionally it has a bruise appearance although it creates what feels more as a light sensitivity on the surface of the skin for a couple of days afterwards. Keep it covered from the sun and away from wind.



Electronic Stimulation can be added to the acupuncture points through a tiny machine with voltage to it. I clip the wires to the needles to electro-charge them, adjusting the voltage to the patient’s needs. E-Stim is great for augmenting the chi experience of any treatment, and especially to sore or recently injured muscles. Many sports clinics use this method.


Gua Sha
Also known as “scraping” – gua sha is the application of a flat rounded utensil (I use a piece of jade) scraping the surface of the skin on the shoulders and back where typically there is heat and tension. Can be used other local areas of tension as well.  Using a little massage oil, the utensil is scraped repeatedly along certain parts of the skin until there surfaces blemishes of mild papules and erythema on the skin, clearing a heat pathogen and stagnant blood. Indicated for general muscle tightness, soreness, and sudden onset of a head-cold.



This was invented by acupuncturist and osteopath Fritz Smith as a form of body work which creates fulcrums at major articulations of the joints to release structural patterns of tension. The idea is once alignment is created at the densest layer, being that the bones, the muscles will follow suite.

What’s known as the ‘half moon vector’ involves placing a series of fulcrums at the nape of the neck, the ribs, hips, knees and ankles to elongate and reset the structure of the body. Usually after a treatment, these slight adjustments create a channel of energy for the optimum movement of chi. It’s like pressing ‘reset’ on the skeletal system.


Please Note: Diagnosis and prognosis is based on the individual, their medical history, lifestyle or energetic blocks, and the frequency of their visits with these various modalities. 

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