What Is Chi (Qi?) Plz

Chi is moving element within us and around us that is life giving, nurturing, and pleasing to the senses. It involves everything that is within and without us going on at the same time in every moment, and makes up the “10,000 Things” in ancient Chinese literature. (Tao Te Ching)

It is yin and yang, the five phases, the five seasons, the seven demons and seven dragons, the humors, the senses, the colors, the animals, the sensory organs, the sounds, the smells, the mystery behind the fold, the holographs. Taken down to 9, seven, or five! Three, maybe 2 things. The 1 ONE . It is a yin-yang disc spinning in a circle that embodies every ONE of these things.

The ancient Chinese depict it as a rice pot with a lid, bubbling to the surface with very hot rice! Or not bubbling at all, lots of water – rice still at the bottom. Overflowing with bubbles, froth – then the smell of burnt rice grain! Or a hot kettle and warm rice, full of warmth and fluff.  Or a cold pot, stale and putrid rice. This is a symbol, a movement of the essential character of chi, the ups and downs, the warms and cools. Simple like rice. Simple like life. The chi is the steam.

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day — a day dedicated to Love, what could be better? Each year it is a special time. With or without a so-called ‘Valentine,’ enjoy and be grateful for who you are and what is showing up in your life right now. It could be 1,000 different ways than it is now, so be happy with this way.

There have been only a few years I can think of that I have had a Valentine, and those times didn’t make it necessarily a better Valentine’s. Relationships are hard and there are a lot of trials we must endure and things we have to look inside ourselves to see what we are attracting, patterns, and going about healing our heart.

Being in a relationship with anyone, romantic or not, is indeed one of the greatest gifts on earth. It is like Heaven to be with someone whose company we truly enjoy.

For some this day is about confidently choosing ourselves over a relationship if a relationship doesn’t serve our growth right now.

Of course if we are too scared or feel too wounded to let another person in – this means it’s time to do some additional healing and loving of ourselves.

If you feel lonely, pray for the spirit guides of your soul mate to guide your soulmate to you. Look for signs of romance, and soulmate energy in the things and places you love. When we surround ourselves with love and romantic feelings we automatically attract more of it!

Another entity you can call upon are the angels of romance – the Cherubs – those chubby giggly babies painted in famous art and old literature, hahaha! Playful, light, and fun, the cherubs give us our sense of humor and lightheartedness in relationships. If we try and force, control, or overly pursue love in our life and the object of our desires it diminishes and squanders this light and joyful energy – it scares the cherubs away! Yet when we make an intention to do as the cherubs do, be as the cherubs are, in love, romantic, playful… we can enjoy the magical sweetness of love which is everywhere we keep an open heart.


You are lovable, you are loved, and you deserve all the highest forms of love!

Hoping you have a beautiful love-filled day !

Cali Dreams

I got back last week from a ten day trip riding solo in my rental car up the coast of California. It was SO AMAZING!!!!! It was like being on another planet. The air, the sun, the people, the life that exists there is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It changed my life FOREVER!!!! I feel more confident being who I am on the inside and letting that show. This is the Californian way. Let your creativity, your soul, your true self shine.

I met a man with a stuffed animal tiger which he would use so gracefully – his ventriloquism was such a strong channel. In the parking lot he blessed me with a crown of Buddha, and said I had taken the Master’s seat at my own table, and I was commander now of my life and my present moment.

I tried to rest on the beach one evening before starting the longest stretch of the coastal highway which was planning the next day. My groceries had started to rot and I was feeling the first pangs of loneliness then. There were a lot of flies. I went to wade in the water and when I turned around a minute later to see dozens of seagulls attacking my groceries. I was so tired and just wanted to rest a little. I let them squawk at me.

I’ll never forget the ocean and the thinness of the air as I passed through the winding road up the Pacific Coast highway. I felt like one of the Jetsons zipping around the little turns in my car-turned-spaceship, hovering between different mountains – many different planets, really. That’s the power of the aridness, the desert, and the dry land, so vast.

I was depressed a bit in San Francisco,  having just accomplished my goal of driving through Big Sur, what I had always looked forward to and then waking up alone in the late morning to a cold kitchen. That day I only noticed the sad people, the drug addicts, and the dirt of Haight street wondering why there was so much suffering and sadness in people’s hearts. Feeling that all the things in the windows of the shops were purposeless and wastes of money. I kept walking until I had crossed the whole city.

I stopped for a good coffee and a long conversation with my journal. Then I kept walking to the Ferry building where I sat on the water. There were people boarding the ferry so I just looked like another passenger. The sounds of diners at a fancy restaurant were behind me. I basked in the glow of the lights dancing on the water from the bridge until I had to relinquish my seat to escape from a drunk man looking for a lonely person to talk to.

I went to different shops and grocers and saw how the people were. A wild man on Melrose outfitted me in some unique streetwear from his party-wear shop and then said “I’ll never see you again, give me a hug before you leave.”

The man who owned the gem shop on Santa Monica boulevard in L.A. told me he quit his job in New York City as a highly paid fashion designer in a well-recognized fashion house to open up a gem store in LA with prized gems, crystals and jewelry. He did it all over the course of two months.

He said “If you were to tell me I would leave everything to start something I loved to do and was passionate about like crystals, and owning a shop talking about and giving crystal readings to people I would have told you you were crazy. Now I wake up every day and I thank God that I get to do this every day.”

Those words were exactly what I needed to hear for my travels. I needed to heal this sense of scattered and broken purpose in my life and why all the other parts of my life seemed to get in the way of pursing it.

Yet the more we use it the more smoothly life works out. It’s a strong motivator to get the love we deserve, the life we desire. It’s what anchors us to the people in life we are meant to serve. It is setting us up on a beautiful trajectory to receive now and in the future to fulfill our wildest dreams.

That’s what this trip was for me really, something that I knew deep in my heart I wanted to affirm in my life experience. I didn’t wait for anyone, I knew what I needed and I went after it. I had to let go of my expectations, my fears, my friends, and all of my faults and weaknesses in full trust that this would be a trip, an experience, that would meet me perfectly where I was, and energetic match to fuel my purpose.