Things Fall Apart

It’s fall time. Today was the first day I said “shit” under my breath when I saw the sun go down as early as it did. It is October 2nd. This is Ghandi’s birthday and the change of the sun, apparently.

It’s been happening all along but today I really noticed the feeling in the air. Fall is enchanting. I loved the way one astrologer Kaypacha described it: like a snake shedding its skin, there is a part of it dying, the sight is still striking with color like the leaves of fall time, shimmer and fade in complete brightness to the very end.

The drop of the sun. Dropping into fall. Letting go. This is about dropping into only what we need, in its bare essence,  what can withstand the truth and the illusion. Everything else must fall away so we can observe truth and make the judgement.

Gut health, allergies, digestion, IBS, IBD symptoms, skin and hair issues are all very common side effects transitioning into fall. Come see me for help in these areas with acupuncture or I have healing superfood supplements that are exclusively medical grade organic. I would love to work with you through one of these modalities to heal these treatable symptoms.

It’s time to heal, restore ourselves, and not push so hard. Still taking good care with our diet, sleep patterns, and getting into a movement routine are healthy rules of thumb for any time of the year, but the surge of ideas, creativity, the anger and the frenzy of growing something in a new way is much more of a Liver/Spring Wind activity. We can still adopt those attributes into our career or passion project, but more in a fall-way.

Now is more of the time of harvesting this year 2017, taking time to rest and savor these things more, letting any illusion we have built around ourselves in the past year or years fall away, opening in sacred transition to the real deal things that we acknowledge are happening in our lives, things we are undergoing and letting the natural progression of things take its course without worry or delay.  It’s a time of taking care of ourselves and our “house” – the house of the body, and of the home. Things are going inward. The growth is there for sure, but in an inward way. Different chi in the body. In and down. Many Qi Gong moves can rectify this movement.

There are also some astrological things like Uranus opposing Jupiter that are dominating the energy right now. This is about deeply opening our third eye to what we can create, and living into a completely new possibility that is given by the father’s father of time, Uranus. Saturn is Chronos, ruler of the Earth Plane and of time, structure, balance, and rhythm. Uranus, his father, lives in the higher dimensions of the planets and the Astral which do not need to negotiate with the structural aspects of the Earth plane.  One is predictable and formative, functional and physical, the other opposing/balancing is being able to see through our present situation, through clairvoyance and spiritual enlightenment in the realm of Spirit where there are no elements to deter our spiritual growth. We are also still integrating some Venus energies from the Solar Eclipse as well to help our finances and love life, having money, love, and partnership.  Thursday is the full moon in Aries and Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10th/11th which sounds like a big deal to me and is something I am going to research more on.

Enjoy the feels and savor the light!

Come and see me at The Spectrum Center of Natural Medicine in Silver Spring, MD on 16th Street, around from the metro. Get into fall mode with a seasonal acupuncture session, or a session of 5 or 10 sessions at discounted rates to work on a problem or issue you may be facing. I look forward to speaking with you!

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Good Morning Third Eye: Sixth Chakra Meditation

I have been amazed over the past ten days in Hawaii how differently my day goes when I take the time to get myself grounded in the morning versus just going straight into my work routine or straight into dealing with the logistics of the day. It has been the difference of a great day versus a horrible day.

I’m not telling you that if you do these things you will automatically have a good day, but I am saying that it will make your day substantially better with a substantially better outcome for your mind and spirit. The Law of Attraction is always at work! So we need to maintain the magnetic wavelengths we are putting out into the world.

I can’t underscore enough how important it is to have a spiritual practice. For a healer it is hands-down the most essential tool you will ever have, yet for most people, it is some what of a novel idea, or something they would like to try but don’t know where to start or why it’s so important. Or they have just gone through a difficult time emotionally or have a crisis in their health where they would like to treat and nurture their spirit more strongly to get through it.

Obviously don’t have to be a healer or a spiritual person to have a practice to help you and see the value there is in connecting to yourself. Maybe you already have one but don’t see it as spiritual, like going to the gym every morning, or walking the dog.

What this ritual does is creates a line between your heart and mind to that of your higher spiritual centers (the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras) so guidance is more clear, intuition is more accurate, and manifestation more effective.

That all being said, this week I changed my ritual somewhat and did a Sixth Chakra meditation which I want to share with you. I wanted to move through some of my fears and uncertainty about Hawaii and see into the future! Yes it is possible to do this with my help.


I will now explain this process for how you can have ‘the Sight’ and do the same. 

[Contraindications for this meditation are being in intense stages of Grief, psychological or physical trauma.]

  • The first and most essential step you must do is to quiet the mind for at least 5-10 minutes until a steady concentration or focus is achieved. You will know intuitively how long you need.

For most of us, especially if we are just starting, it will take yoga, a concerted period of stretching, or a long session of physical activity like running or weight lifting (or another physical other activity) to calm the nervous system enough and be connected to the breath in the body enough for the mind to relax.

I remember in my beginning yoga days when I was first starting to learn about my body as a vehicle to attain inner focus, mastery, and spirituality, I had to take a full 60- or 90-minute session of yoga before I could even begin to focus my mind. Even then, I had to let it be in and out of focus in svasana and not have any attachment (read: frustration) to its nature.

The muscles of the eyes, forehead, neck and face are normally overactive during the day interacting with people, processing things, using our senses and awareness for things, critical thinking and problem solving. Therefore we must take this 5-10 minute initiation and grounding period to sense our whole body, the comfortable with the uncomfortable parts. Then bring the light of our awareness with lovingkindness to soften and release the tension from our energy body – stuff we don’t want to get in the way of our vision quest.

  •  The next step is to look into the center of your forehead into the third eye.


Imagine your eyeball cut horizontally in half. There is actually a vessel called the hyaloid canal which does this, pictured above. This sensation is what activates your subconscious. You are not only able to visualize but to feel this kinetically.

As you close your eyes, experiment with your chi – your moving life force inside your body. Bring your attention to the back of your eyeball and to the front of your eyeball, then the top of your eyeball and to the bottom of your eyeball. Notice what happens when you bring your attention to all these places.

It’s almost as if you were pooling and moving your blood to measure the difference if that helps as a visual. If you don’t feel this, at least imagine it and the feeling sensation will soon start to grow stronger.

Likely you find that there’s a stronger sensation that is relaxing when you visualize this ‘blood’ (or chi) moving to the lowest/lowest-back part of the eyeball.

Some yoga instructors I have heard will give instructions to “look downward” with eyes closed and aim your eyesight as going under the “curtain” of your eyelid. 

Once you lower your eyes into this space and make a laser beam that could bore a hole through your third eye – the space lying between your eyebrows. You may find this space can go on and on forever.

You should really feel a difference once you have accessed this kinesthetically.

  • Now you will be able to receive input in the form of visions. This is like your imagination except you can see hints of it in the form of physical shapes, colors, feelings, or other ‘knowing’ input from your body.

Psychic coaches will have you visualize a screen here in your third eye. I like the image of a movie theater inside someone’s mansion. You know, the ones on MTV’s cribs with a few plush leather chairs in front and a velvet curtain with gold tassels pulled back from the screen. This is what I use for my psychic viewing screen. Everyone’s ‘screen’ will be different.

When I did this for my Hawaii move earlier this week I was able to see various things show up on my screen. Where would I live, where would I be. What would I do. What kind of transportation would I have. I didn’t think about these subject matters individually so much as having the overall intention of the viewing be what my living situation here would look like.

Because I am out of practice with this somewhat, the images that appeared were in bits and pieces, had no order to them, arriving more as flickers of something recognizable but were enough for me to see the most important things overall.

I was already in a relaxed state from meditating the previous twenty minutes so the images that I saw were real and observable on my screen.

Try to treat this process like you would if you were attending an avant garde filming. You don’t know what to expect, you’re just laying back in your seat and passively watching the show without reasoning or trying to make sense of the images or otherwise controlling what you are seeing. Let the images be and let them move and pass as they please. Treat it like you are really at the movies without knowing what scene you will see next.

If an image comes up that is confusing or muddled,  keep coming back to the image and place of the the filming screen, keep sending your laser beam of light out your forehead, and keep going under the ‘curtain.’ Send the confusing image through the light reel and let a new one show up. Keep asking your spirit guides to clarify any images or symbols for you and try to surrender to the process as much as possible because it will take practice.

It will also take practice getting to know your own symbols and your own messages which are unique to you from your subconscious. Doing this exercise is like watching a dream where you do a dream analysis after you ‘wake up.’

After this meditation, you will remember certain things about your visualization but not others. That’s okay. The more you practice this the easier it will become.

I learned a lot from doing this meditation and found it very calming to my mind, cleansing for my body, and easeful for my soul. When I felt like I had received enough images, that the images slowed down in frequency or that I was getting tired I let myself rest and moved comfortably out of my position, stretching my legs and arms and rolling onto my side (it’s best if you do this meditation sitting or lying down and facing up so Spirit can better access your Heart and your third eye).

Overall I felt a lot more confidence in myself, courage to take the next step, and happiness at all that God and my Angels have in store for me! 

Leave a comment below after you have tried this and let me know what you experienced or if you have any questions about it. I want to hear from you!

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How To Meditate

There are certainly a lot of people who can speak about meditation and how to meditate. But not all of them are acupuncturists, or classical Chinese medicine acupuncturists with a psychic bent. I wanted to write down and speak to my own experience with meditation and offer how I meditate because for those who know me and how committed I am to spiritual growth, there could be some new information that someone has not considered before to incorporate into their own practice or routine.

I get asked this question from patients and friends and it’s hard to start with just one thing, so I’m going to line up everything I know and my own experiences with meditation to help illuminate this subject more for people.

The first part about meditating is to do it often. It needs to be an integral part of a routine, set up every time, performed the same way. I’m someone who likes variety in my day and variety in activities over the week, but the morning routine and evening or nightly routine is always the same. I need it to be, because it serves as kind of a ‘control group’ in this entrepreneurial ‘experiment’ I am calling my life.

The environment: it works when you have a certain area of the house for meditations so that the things in and around this area are imbued with ‘the feels’ of a meditation and healing space (to use a popular colloquial term). The more you use it and bring this energy to it, the more you can feel it. It’s like the difference of walking into a spa versus walking into work – it just feels different because it’s used specifically.

Whatever section of your bedroom, living room, back room/study you meditate in, make it free of tech and wires which are very yang. This is a time for yin and receptive energy.

Sit on the same pillow or chair, and have some unique or meaningful garment like a special shawl that you wear. Special items from your childhood or ancestry, gems, flowers in a vase and a lighted candle give life to the space. Every time you sit there, every time you wrap the shawl over your shoulders, you are going to feel the good vibrations you left there before, and it’s only going to add to your brain’s ability to open more fully into each session. On a metaphysical level, the preparations you do beforehand, like draping the shawl, lighting the incense or the candle, are a sign for the astral energies in the body to get ready to enter into this state of consciousness.

Meditation is like brain gym at first. It’s learning how to have no thoughts. You’re not putting anything in there, it’s more you are stripping everything away. Each thought that you do have that arises is part of a larger portrait of your consciousness which via meditation, is zooming outward and further outward into a place of observing, observing, observing. It’s amazing what this state of awareness can offer.

There are many meditation techniques I recommend and there are different ways of adopting them and seeing which one works for you. I will be uploading some recorded meditations on here for you to experiment with in the near future so check back here soon, or join my newsletter to receive such updates.


The first kind of meditation I recommend is a general breathing and noticing meditation. It starts with scanning the body and noticing different areas of tension or holding and breathing slowly into those places. I do this anywhere and anytime I feel scattered, stressed, and ungrounded.

The best times to meditate I find are in the morning, mid- to late-afternoon and anywhere in between where I feel my energy leaking or drained. (Meditation can be used anywhere – however it is not recommended while driving!)

As I make a scan of my body to all the various places, I notice pain, darkness or contraction in my body, and also my thoughts about these pains. Ironically the more receptive I am to the state of my body the more the pains subside and dissipate. Many people do not know or appreciate meditation’s ability to manage and mitigate pain and the pain receptors in the brain in real time.

The second type of meditation I use is a clearing one, which clears the body of excess, dirty energy, and cuts energetic chords. This is done first by doing the first meditation described above for a few minutes for the mind and the breath to calm the nervous system. Then, visualize a grounding chord from your first chakra (a wheel of energy located between the anus and the bottom of the tailbone) into the earth. Imagine it so fully that you can pretty much feel it pulling you downward like your body weighs one thousand pounds. Your chord can be made of elevator cable, sturdy sailing rope, fine golden string… The point is to feel it anchoring you. Play around with this chord to visualize and feel it to be sturdy like no one or nothing could ever cut it or detach it from you. Send the chord down to what you imagine to be the center of the earth under layer of soil, silt, sand, rock, and molten lava (anyone else having ‘Animaniac’ cartoon flashbacks? – The episode when they travel to the center of the earth? Please comment below if you know!).

Connect the chord to the earth energy at the center of the earth and reinforce your chord with white light. Then one by one send all the stuff that’s heavy, shadowy or burdensome own the chord to be eliminated, perhaps using colors or shapes and ‘watching’ them, feeling them go down the chord, dropping into the lava and then that release and lighter feeling. Some things you try to release may be stubborn and get stuck halfway down, therefore it’s helpful to repeat, “I release this to the universe for the highest good of all” or some other blessing acknowledging what it served to teach you and allowing it to transform. I got this advice from psychic Debra Lynn Katz and I still use it for clearing. You imagine each thing moving out of you and then you can really start to feel grounded and what’s even more, like yourself again.

This is helpful especially when you feel you are still carrying some baggage from previous encounters, conversations, or some situational negativity that just won’t let up. If you find yourself walking away from something in more of a negative or bad mood, it’s a sign you have absorbed some of that energy. It’s natural. It’s part of being a human in the world and not necessarily your fault or another’s, but you do have the responsibility to clean it up.

Another level of this meditation is doing chakra chord-cutting. Taking a scan of the body in the first meditation, then establishing a grounding chord in the second meditation, as you clear different things and scan your energy wheels going up the spine (first, second, third, and up to seventh chakras above the crown of the head), you may feel certain people’s energy around those areas. I tend to feel this the most around the lower belly of the second chakra, in the heart, or around the neck) where you are subconsciously mingling energies with that other person’s chakra. This is more another layer to pay attention to as you are clearing. And in this fashion, imagining huge scissors slicing through these chords to break them and watching them fall to the ground.

The third kind of meditation that I use is a dynamic meditation using the Law of Attraction. This is like the second meditation, except instead of clearing, you are visually and/or emotionally playing with some images and feelings of what you deeply desire or want to manifest in your life in how you want to feel and be in what you see as your ‘future self.’

I love this kind of meditation because the dynamics really improve my mood and my outlook on life, as well as my wellbeing. This is where the power of meditation really makes its trademark because the things you can notice or feel psychically while under this altered state of consciousness you can also notice or perceive more and more in the gross levels of eyes open out in the real world. The life of our dreams and the life ‘out there’ start to blend. This is where you hear of concert pianists or sports athletes visualizing every minute of their performance and their success. It’s a powerful tool which can cure depression and hopelessness.

All three of these meditations can be all in one 45 minute-an hour sitting or done one-by-one with the intention desired.

Some side effects of meditation are increased happiness, self esteem, love, along with reduced stress, anxiety, depression as well as reduced pain as I mentioned. Some people feel a sense of euphoria while it is going on, and some even orgasm – this is not uncommon. In addition to these things, intuition, psychic acuity vastly increases as well as inner clarity and one’s sense of purpose and will.

Another rarely mentioned side affect of these meditations can be a sort of dizziness and ungrounded-ness like where the room, the floor, the body seems to have disappeared and your consciousness is going through a spacial void and there’s no sensation of physical reality. It’s not a bad thing, or wrong, although it feels very weird! This happens to me a lot, especially when using incenses with psychoactive properties in them such as frankincense, myrrh, and the stronger ones like nag champa (no wonder Jesus was so enlightened!). It is still a weird feeling, but I’ve gotten used to it and am better at controlling it. Keep observing the breath, maybe flicker your eyes open once or twice to remind yourself of your alter, and ask the energy to slow and dim itself a bit. Sometimes our spiritual guides get really excited that we are doing this healing work that when a strong light being comes into our field it can unbalance us for a minute. When this happens to me I give thanks for the new energy field and for the guide for bringing this healing to me, and then I ask it to be a little less so I can integrate.

Always remember in meditation working with negative and positive energies, you are always in command over them. Keep observing and zooming out of your experience like you are watching yourself from a corner of the room or from above. Use your words and your prayer to focus and direct the energy where you want it to go. Keep observing the experience. Keep a timer and a journal nearby to ground you.

A lot of people don’t like to start meditation because they “don’t have time” and they “can’t sit still.” But they do have time for being stressed out, scatter-brained, and feeling out of control! As with any new practice, it’s more about consistency than the amount of time as the brain gets used to new stimuli and makes new energy pathways (which arrive as discomfort in the beginning).

I encourage five to ten minutes once a day to start. First thing in the morning is a great time when the mind is calm, and it sets a good tone for the day. Then going to twice a day like before bed, or in the afternoon/evening when the day’s rhythm switches up. If you can sit for 10 minutes, then you can sit for 20, 30 and even up to an hour! Start with just five. Depending on my mood I sit up or lie down, or prop pillows behind my back or under my knees.

Yoga stretches beforehand can help the hips and spine relax more comfortably. Hand mudras, and breathing techniques such as holding for four counts, releasing for eight (and so forth – especially helpful in the beginning as breath is directly linked to the nervous system) all increase the sensations of the meditation and the ability to stay focused on the emptiness of mind as well as the conjuring of visualizations.

Have fun with these! Leave a message or comment below if you have any questions. Tell me about an experience you have, or what you notice shifting for your wellness. I promise you this will only bring very positive results!


Spring Cleaning For the Empath

It goes without saying, being empathic means you feel and experience the world a bit differently that everyone else. Feeling and thinking very deeply about the world in its micro- and macrocosmic layers, noticing signs and people on these inner intuitive levels with the body consciousness is just the baseline awareness for you. That’s why in this transition from winter to spring it’s important to take care of what energies are leaving and what new ones arriving.

In the paragraphs below, whatever resonates with you the most is where you can start on your detox. Feel into your body giving you signs. This is the intuitive part of your body which knows what it needs to help you on your life’s purpose – which for empaths is always front and center to everything they do!

In astrology (something I have been researching more and more these days), there has been a lot of heavy energy, phases ending, grief, emotional chaos, past illusions, and falsehood fading away.  We had a solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th augmenting the ending of a period that started in October 2013. As an empath you could be feeling all of this, and noticing others going through similar energetic thresholds with the past as you are.

With all this backlogging of emotional pain, dreams deferred or squashed and any illusions we have fostered in ourselves over these two years, along with the equinox marking the time for spring, nature is helping us to make a new start. The call is to allow this period to greatly detox us from the energies our past so we can start this new period with fresh energy.

Keeping the body clean and free of chemicals or harsh substances is very important to the empath in health. It’s a great time of year where it feels good to have sobriety, clarity and focus on what’s important. Cultivating freshness of the mind through mindfulness and cleaning bad, toxic thoughts from our system through meditation helps potentiate the proverbial seeds of our projects that we are fostering this year and in the future.Sprouts in Glass Jar

You may be feeling called to eat less and eat cleaner, lighter, higher vibrational foods like fresh greens, antioxidants, tea instead of coffee, and lots of water. Sprouts, thistles like asparagus and artichoke, berries, citrus are great seasonal nutrition at this time. Watch sugar intake as well. Try to have maple syrup, honey, stevia, cooked fruit like apples and pears to replace white and processed sugars.

Because the body is such an important part of intuition, psychic ability, and clairvoyant sight into the future, the sensitive empath may choose to try a movement or fitness class never tried before, taking up a new sport, or making opportunities for getting outside more to be able to hear these clues, insights, and illumination from within for guidance. The body wants to move in new ways during this time, which calms the mind to be able to listen to the heart, cleansing the lymphatic and circulatory system.IMG_2159

As an empath going through these motions you may find yourself first called to declutter and detox your space. Wash all the bed linens, put away blankets, remove the heavy winter rugs, rearrange furniture to remind you of the newness and freshness of spring. Add flowers, floral prints, or buy a little plant at the plant store. Collect any crystals you have and cleanse them in the moonlight, with sea salt, or sage. Give away or throw out things you don’t think about or care about or don’t reflect who you are as a person anymore. Open the windows and let some fresh air and oxygen into the space.

On the emotional plane you could be feeling pulled in many different directions with many different people, or find yourself confronted with the reality of another’s pain with your own pain. This is part of the solar eclipse I mentioned earlier. If you haven’t been dealing with it, at least now you are seeing it in retrospect from your higher self. It’s easy to feel people’s emotions and get caught up in their dramas as if they were your own. It’s natural to want to help, but look at the aspects in your life where it has not been helping since October 2013 and take a stand for yourself now.

Using some of these tips will help break up the old to honor the new coming in. Remember that you are special and that honoring your body and listening to your innate intuition will bring many miracles and blessings into your life. This is a season about change in the most basic way, so embrace the ways you naturally feel inclined for this change.

Another thing in my tool bucket is seeing a health and wellness professional to help keep me accountable and engaged in my new routine. Body work, coaching, nutrition…Now is a great time to set up an acupuncture session with me to help move blood and qi, and supporting the body’s natural transition and detoxification of itself for maximum wellness. It also boosts immune function for those suffering from allergies on a physical level, or boundaries with the environment on a psycho-spiritual level.

What ways are you feeling the shift into spring? What are you noticing in your body when you step outside? What other things do you feel about this season in your intuition? Elaborate on your own experience by leaving a comment below.

Find Your Movement This Spring

Started the week right with a morning yoga class at Georgetown Yoga and snapped this pic on my way to my car. The one thing that always effectively reduces my stress and makes me happy is movement in all its forms, being outside and breathing fresh oxygen into my body. And today I learned how easy I can make it by scheduling a class or otherwise blocking out time. Every week some special treat(s) for my body.
Even with those voices in my head telling me to hurry up and do better, not this way do it this way – so externally oriented – when I let myself receive during these intentional moments for my health, i.e. when breathing and moving consciously inside the body takes hold, body is automated, gauging and evaluating its need – not only am I more effective but I am more connected to my original energy. I’m talking about my Heart. It knows me and what I need and where I am going. The inner connection must be reattached so the heart can administer it’s powerful potions and messages. Thoughts come from the chest and bones of all sorts playfully reset.
I find that acupuncture really helps with my movement and exercise routine. It boosts my immune system so the body heals quicker after a workout. I also remember going to yoga (or the gym) on days I had had acupuncture and the results in my practice and my routine were AMAZING. I felt so much more connected to myself. I could do a lot more with my body and go deeper in my concentration, meditation, awareness, and of course, my inner healing process which is a spiraling connection of all these things.
I hope you find yourself inspired to go out and move today! Don’t let any negative talk in your body get you down either. You move, stretch, exercise because you LOVE your body not because you hate it and you want to punish yourself. This is truly a very sacred relationship that must be cultivated as the body is primary to any healing process. It’s the vehicle of our consciousness in THIS present moment!


new year new you
I’ve been thinking a lot about this hashtag since my workshop a few weeks ago with Jessica Sandhu at Georgetown Yoga.

I don’t want it to ever die! In fact it’s been a saying of mine in conversations (and no one has cut me off yet).

New Years’ Day is one of my favorite days out of the year because when you wake up, it’s a whole new date and a whole new marker period. There’s like a palpable feeling of freshness and aliveness, even in the cold weather where I live. It’s a day to start new, and when so many people are doing some version of starting over, it’s hard not to be inspired I find!

Being an entrepreneur, or even if you’re not an self-professed entrepreneur but you just want to heal and grow and keep inspired and alive inside — it’s always about finding and coming into a routine where new beginnings are the norm. A series of startups and start-overs.


We get unlimited passes to start over, and this truth comes especially handy when it comes to living up to our highest potential.

Imagine if everyone one of us did our own work to forgive the past and wake up looking at the world with fresh eyes. We would come up with so many cool ideas, loving insights for ourselves and for others. We would treat ourselves to only the best things in life. We would take care of our body and our health in new ways. We would cross hurdles that only existed in our minds. We would radically let go, radically move into our power and purpose and radically conquer the day!!!

I want to use the #NewYearNewYou hashtag for the rest of this year because I want everyone to connect with the magic of New Years Day – EVERY day! It’s this very feeling of possibility that can be recreated over and over.

In the treatment room I coach my clients to have intention words every morning when they wake up. Some word which feels really good every time you think of or are reminded of it, and creating the world as _________ (this word).

{Love. Peace. Grace. Serenity. Strength. Abundance.}

No matter what in my presence, this situation, person, thing, will show up as _________.

Then we take back our power. The word, the feeling, the positive momentum comes from us.

Connecting to our higher self through the power of words is a very essential part of the healing process. It takes courage and persistence but is worth loads for cleaning our mental, cleaning our thoughts, our mind, and cleaning this experience we have with our outer environment because it is all connected.

The word is the world. Make it a brand new world for yourself EVERY DAY with #NewYearNewYou – the 2016 version, launched on this very website!!!

So if you want to join with me on this reinvention to take back your power and kick ass out in the world, sign up for my newsletter and bookmark this page for future posts!



My Morning Routine

So Labor Day has come and gone.

I woke up this morning feeling a lot of heaviness all around, like sadness and depression in a collective sense about the end of the weekend that felt heavy in the air. Even my dog looked depressed, couldn’t even lift his head to give me a kiss goodbye as I walked out the door. I know this is a hard transition as the ‘official’ end of summer, and it can feel dreary to a lot of people. 

So I wanted to share this card (which is also the same one Doreen Virtue pulled for her weekly reading) with the message that now is the time to make a healthful ritual and routine that brings some positive changes for you, especially important during this time of Late Summer in the Earth element in Chinese medicine.

This is the element season about letting go, transition, thoughtfulness, and the balance of self care with caring for others.

What’s even more interesting is it’s an affirmation in the morning, which coincides with the Chinese clock when the energetic nature of the Earth element is most available – from the hours of 7am to 11am specifically.

Especially if you know you are a sensitive person and you tend to take on the energy of others and situations around you very easily, a morning routine is absolutely essential. We want to start the day on the right foot, feeling grounded, feeling excited about our goals and our work, not in a reactionary state to the problems of the world, personal dramas, being pulled left and right (which you can imagine doesn’t make anyone very productive or focused on the day’s tasks or objectives).

So my routine:

  • I wake up and before opening my eyes I say “thank you for this new day, thank you that I get to live in this body and in the life in a new way today.”
  • 10-20 minutes sitting meditation.
    A note: Meditation places me into a field of possibility, positioning me into a higher conscious mindset. The feelings and images I conjure as I ‘create’ the day change my thought patterns in my brain so that when I wake up I think differently, I act and react differently, my vibe is totally different and therefore different people and opportunities are attracted to me. Plus I don’t get as frazzled and anxious about minute things. Mindset is EVERYTHING.
  • Use spiritual tools like oracle cards and books with powerful and positive messages are important to set the tone to the day as well. Anything to uplift and inspire. I go on Instagram for Doreen Virtue’s daily card reading, read my horoscope, read a page from Marianne Williamson’s ‘Everyday Miracles’ with little passages, read a random passage from the Tao te Ching, the I Ching, or the Bible.
  • Brendan Burchard, author of ‘The Charge’ also recommends 20 minutes of stretching in the morning which I LOVE and always gives me SO much energy. Usually I do all this before breakfast.
  • + Tea + Coffee = the best companions to any routine! A big glass of water with lemon, ginger, or other fruits add extra electrolytes and detoxification from that long sleep where the body was cleansing.
  • Sometimes in my workout or as I’m getting ready I’ll play some positive uplifting music I can sing along to! Singing is also part of the Earth element!

This is what has worked for me, from personal experience and from my business coach. Depending on the day, I may repeat parts of it in the evening too, as I can get ungrounded and my head full of lots of stuff and information.

I know a lot of us aren’t morning people or talk about not having enough time, but if this is something calling to you from your higher guidance like it has for me recently- I hope this helps give you some more ideas.

Sending my love during this transitional time!!!