The Logical Next Step For the August 7 Lunar Eclipse

I remember my first private acupuncture session with my acupuncturist Susan. During the treatment, I had been laid out on the table, taking everything in. It was so perfect. It was like being under a blanket for stars, made to look at my life from an angle that was bigger than life itself. I felt I was floating. I felt I had found my ‘thing.’

Having suffered from debilitating migraines every other day, this was a peaceful and totally new experience that was welcoming to my body while also making me question everything I had done or felt up unto this point as I pondered how I could get into this career.

I got up from the treatment, paid and said goodbye and descended into the street. I was floating. It was a really hot day out.

I got in my car and started to drive home. I’ll never forget this either. I looked with my eyes at the other cars and other people and other things happening around me like I had just arrived from some far off place not knowing who I was. Cars in traffic crunching together and then breaking loose and flowing again and over and over, watching it all happen in slow motion.

I went in for a first treatment and left an acupuncturist as pieces of my life seemed to simultaneously crumble apart by stitching together, at the thought of this new career…

The radio was still turned off. The August heat that had been trapped in my car was enveloping and actually felt good on my skin. I began to think more than one thought in succession again except this time, per Susan’s advice, all were in reference to my body. I thought a thought. Then I moved my neck around and felt that residual spawn of energy at the nape of my neck where the pins had been inserted. I thought another thought of “Wow.” I thought about Susan’s life and her routine, running her own schedule, having her beautiful office space, doing meaningful work, being kinda a witch and kinda a doctor.

At the traffic light I sat there thinking, “Here I am – sitting here in this car. How lost I do feel, how much my life is in disarray and here I am knowing for myself that my life is forever changed. Remember this, Lindsay. Remember this and call the time.  This moment will be part of your story. You know how to change your life and you are starting this now.” What an incredibly ordinary moment to feel something so incredible amidst chaos and pain. Isn’t this how life goes? How career changes, divorce, baby-birthing and these kinds of waves? Death, new life, momentous change?

I had so far to go. I had so much to heal. Breathing in, I would go to my grave still contemplating this significance of the feeling I was experiencing – calling this time to enroll in acupuncture school. The wheels of my life had stopped spinning and were now spinning in a different way, pouring waves of conflicting and exhilarating feelings.

The value of this journey started with both the sorrow and the gratitude of this personal discovery, just going off the feeling itself and not saying what it should be like or how it should be. A deep wave of grace was caving into me. A present moment of gratitude and inspiration with my mind’s naming and shaming of why this hadn’t happened sooner or searching for where I got off track, who or what had gotten in the way.

I decided not to listen too much to that voice in my head. Instead, I went home. From then on, in a humble way, I went about cutting my losses so I could prepare with excitement and anticipation for my new path, enrolling in acupuncture school and getting more and more acupuncture for myself. Before yoga, it was acupuncture.

I bring this up because we are at a lunar eclipse today. This eclipse in this month of August is going to affect the trajectory of our life for the next six months to February, and the next level of our life’s journey. We need to let go of as much as possible that is not feeding our soul and our joy in order to usher in what greatness is in store.

This is also part of an eclipse season. So the changes we are making echo an astrological push, with revelation, and massive life change.

I bring up my first session in acupuncture because it is this level of change that we will be experiencing things. Remember this time. Call yourself by your first name.

On the one hand we have a devastating reality check of the old ways, old dreams of ourselves dashed against the rocks. Explosions and disruptions of whatever plans we sought and tried to make. Of who we thought we were (thinking we have this definition and plans are this finite thing).

On the other hand the gates of life are opening up to us the actual realization of our higher selves and our ultimate goals behind our intentions that we could never have planned for or guessed would come to the fore. This is an opportunity here. We are making a major connection point to our life purpose and the truth in our hearts of what we always “knew” all along.

This is a major completion and letting go (full moon themes) and a cornerstone or turning point for our career, our relationship, our health, the new community or support system that has been building over the past few months, and the deepening of our core values. Really, we are stepping into a whole new wisdom which is coming through at this time around who we are and where we are headed. We can’t go back to where we were because we are already being shown something bigger, better. We just have to accept the new ways we are being pushed forward despite all the work it took to get where we thought we needed to go or where we thought we were headed.

There are a lot of things that didn’t work out, or didn’t go to plan. This is a time to surrender to the lessons. We knew this all along. Nothing we have done, invested, or accomplished up to this point is a waste. All of our problems are understood, are natural, and have been placed here to be an integral part of our story. Live the story. Live it to tell it.

For now we are being given a gift. Accept whatever setbacks and reality checks as gifts and to move forward with the new plan that has been coming around with more and more signs since the spring, that’s telling you this is where you take you’re next step. Trust and take that next step.

This fall is a time for all of us to really go forward with the lessons and the personal disappointments. We have more available to succeed than we ever have before thanks to these experiences, and it’s time to integrate, transmute and take the stance that today is marking a major turning point of our new bright future.

Dust yourself off, and become one of the stars of your own life, in the story of the planets and moons. Happy Lunar Eclipse!!!

Acupuncture With A Side of Fried Chicken

I don’t eat fried chicken but I work at a place for fried chicken. The food will always be “Good.” “Amazing.” I say “You’ll love it” to people. Because they will love it. I tried the fried chicken once and it was amazing, and then I had diarrhea and migraines for days. I had to get to acupuncture pronto to help my gut. That, ginger root, and exercise helped it get totally better. And I will still sell both of those things to people touting their goodness for the right reasons.

Granted bar food is so easy to sell. “You’re here for the delicious bar food, right? Do you like grease? Spice? Drinks and beer cheese fries? Doing something totally indulgent? Sweet. Welcome and let me help you get you set up.”

I want to make selling acupuncture this easy. People walking into my clinic knowing what they wanna get, looking forward to the final product, and money is already on the table.

~ ~ ~


Since March I took this job at Crisp Restaurant + Bar in Shaw neighborhood of DC, a fast-changing part of D.C., with a lot of cute neighborhood digs.

The restaurant, on 1st and Rhode Island, best known for their hot chicken, a fried specialty, and classic southern-cooked sides such as mac n cheese (super cheesy), collard greens, french fries, banana pudding, and the famous craft cocktail like an Old Fashioned…

Though this chicken joint is ‘not me’ – it IS me.

As an acupuncturist I have been thinking the thoughts of WHO AM I if I eat gluten, or love cheesy mac n cheese, drink soda when I eat out, or have a few bottomless mimosas too many like these other customers are doing.

Where others drop their money on a six pack or some fried chicken, I will drop any amount of money on the right dairy-free milk, the right sugar-free kimchi, or the right gluten-free granola. Definitely I am a bit of a holistic fanatic.  If it’s natural and botanical, spiritual or transformational, high vibrating, food, supplements, or access to higher knowledge, I will pay top dollar. For example I will spend the extra $4 on a juice with juiced parsley in it because I know parsley helps eliminate mercury and free radical levels from the system.

Of course being well versed in the realms of healing, using holistic methods of healing (acupuncture, nutrition, rest, water, breathing exercises, chakra meditations, natural herbs or supplements, journaling, yoga what have you) is my job and I should invest in these things. It’s good to have high health standards so I can teach my patients. I coach people to solve their health concerns sustainably and holistically, helping to move their chi based on how cultivated I am in the cultivation and movement of my own chi.

I had a lot of fears going into a new service job (never mind that I had worked on a coffee bus on Hawaii). What would people think of me as a healer/health conscious person? Would I look less like an acupuncturist? Would I get ostracized or bullied by people at work for being ‘too holistic’? Would I fall back into some old habits (drinking, smoking, not sleeping enough, not exercising enough, whatever) that would negatively impact or compromise my health in some way? Would I pick up some bad friendships or bad vibes dealing with people or would I get along with everyone? And the bigger question for my career, how would I be in bigger and bigger environments around more and more people and still maintain healing presence and a sense of vitality to be able to heal? I ask these questions for myself and for many other practitioners of healing arts or who feel a calling to take holistic measures in their lives but also have to be out in the world interacting with many different businesses, working otherwise for yourself and paying all the bills.

I have been able to make this experience work for me despite my past experiences in bars, in the nightlife lifestyle, which is bringing up past times I was bullied (really!) for having food intolerances or wanting to go to bed early, dealing with bad vibes, and getting myself into trouble. I had shut myself off and distanced myself a lot from what represented to me these oppositional forces. I’ve adopted that I just need to be in the moment with my experience. (Isn’t that always the answer?)

I can now love and accept the irony here. Doing something I want to do that is the opposite of what people expect is part of a soul expansion I am doing- something my soul needs to explore and learn from and grow from for reasons that are mysterious. (This is in fact the hallmark sign of soul work).


And I’ll close with a story that I feel is related, learning not to take yourself too seriously making life out to be so linear or absolute…that healing is neither linear or absolute:

In the car on the way home from a retreat with my acupuncture class, I told a friend a bit too preemptively, and a bit too boldly (I was a little grumpy at the time) that she, a recovering alcoholic going to meeting Alcoholics Anonymous, would one day find herself  years from now able to have a drink without calling herself or labeling herself an alcoholic, or feeling the pain or guilt at any trajectory of relapse. I was being a bit of a devil’s advocate.

Of course she got really mad at me because AA was her life, her support, and her community at that point in her recovery. Duh, it was upsetting to her when so much of her life and her transition was tied to this 12-Step program (which is really an amazing resource for people struggling with addictions). I felt bad after I said it, it was not my place to say, and even in my grumpy state, it was coming from a good intention. At the time I had just finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ and he made this exact point about an alcoholic in recovery.

I know it sounds kinda mean and maybe crazy, especially to people who have struggled with addiction (which, if we lived in our 20s, we all probably have). Definitely we can all agree any addiction is a brain disease (an escape, seeking comfort from the outside, seeking to change your state to avoid old unidentified patterns of pain) that takes a lot of time to heal, undoing karma with people interpersonally and reworking the structure of your life.

I wanted to leave with this above idea anyway, that there will come a day when we don’t need to identify with what we’ve been handed and the wounds we were meant to bear, the labels we have had to carry – we need the story and we need to move beyond the story. Ultimately.

And that would be freeing. Imagine how liberating that would be, if we aren’t these realities, we have already overcome what we ‘thought’ we were without even trying.  We realize we didn’t need those things to be sane anyway, everything is wrote, and we can trust ourselves exactly for who we are for now anyway.

How often do we take for granted how much we have changed that would make an outcome totally different if we truly saw ourselves for who we are Today?

It’s important to continuously let go of the past, identifying with it, letting it define who we are. We can’t let just anything in our life DEFINE us. These things of ‘WHO AM I’ of where I eat, where I work, what I do, who I connect with are not ME – IDENTIFIED. Doing that will limit where our soul needs to experience everything.

I was moved that what I felt was called for was to be a server, and I smile to myself when I think of the term ‘server.’ It’s about being humble and getting your work done and being there for people.

I decided I would trust this idea that kept repeatedly entering my mind (even before my friend who owns the place offered that I come in). I realized I like the service industry a lot. I like the people I interact with. I like the community and the camaraderie and doing business with people. The people I work with at Crisp feel like family, and each of us has our important role which feels very grounding.

I want to sell acupuncture and create community and family. I want to make holistic healthcare as accessible and wonderful as rich greasy food is to the American diet. I am learning about creating the consistency and proper nourishment for everyday people and how to serve up exactly what they want every day. Like a cold beer that could actually be good for you. 🙂

Super Moon November 14th – For Real This Time


The Moon is pulling in some strong energies for the supermoon on Monday- the most important moon of the year ! NASA predicts it to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than any other super moon, the likes of which we won’t see until 2034 (and haven’t seen since 1947). Rounding out an intense presidential election and a bigger phase of the fall time, this moon asks us to acknowledge the accomplishments of the past 2-3 months completing themselves. Pay attention also to the compliments you are receiving from the others and the talents and gifts you are becoming aware of about yourself in general. You aren’t who you were two-three months ago, there’s more to appreciate and love about yourself. The moon in Taurus highlights this blossoming so that we can see these things for how special they really and so they can then be integrated into our life as part of our life purpose (and even the answers to our financial woes). We are also in the sun sign of Scorpio, a very psychic water sign, with its ruling planet Pluto along with the wounded healer planet Chiron, teaching us the lessons of transformation of these gifts, making them available for manifestation on almost every level. Blessings on the new moon!

Calling An Indigo Revolution

As the world seems to literally be blowing up more and more every day, as the front-page letters in the headlines seem to be growing in size, I am reminded of how important it is for me to stay totally committed to the course of my life plan and mission.
When I’m talking about being an INDIGO, and having an INDIGO MISSION, I am talking about being born with extra-sensory abilities to read people and understand them in the workings of the human mind; possessing a highly-attuned perception-meter of the evil-doers, fakers, and cheaters; and working with a deep inner conviction that we have a unique soul-purpose during this lifetime to change the status quo from what it has been.
These are the basic three things boiled down of what it means to be born Indigo.
Many of us, because of our sensitivity, our unique needs, and our unique path, are out there fighting alone for what we believe in. We are self-starters, artists, and entrepreneurs. We have an affinity for self-expression with social justice.
Many of us are going through a lot of life changes, healing, dark passages, and initiations to grow our self-knowledge, to create foundation in our careers, and to find our soul-tribe in the communities we will serve.
It’s a very scary time and there is a lot of fear in the world, and this is why we are living here during this time and at the ‘changing of the guard’, changing of the Empire, on so many levels. It’s a time of REVOLUTION and opportunity for all of us!
Which is why I am writing you today that every time you see or hear of something mortifying and horrific in the news, it’s because we are being pushed in a time of intense change. THIS IS THE CALLING to come forward with our truth and be the light-workers and revolutionaries we know we are inside.
Trust the Voice which is always speaking to you (the repetitive messages, the words which arrive subtly, and are always kind and loving) and take action on your goals today WHAT-EVER they may be, it’s the right thing for you and only you can listen to what is inside.
I want you to know today on this Sunday, July 24, 2016, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that all of us are in the process of creating this revolution.
With our abilities to perceive the current vibes and energies in our own empathic bodies and out in the world, coupled with the tools of social media (which pull strongly from each of our chakra energy centers from the Heart-up), we can no longer afford to think that the micro- actions we take are micro anymore.
Anything we do in the name of truth, love, beauty and justice can affect MASSIVE-MEGA change. It takes one thing, one post, one action, one message that can double over into the thousands of millions. Don’t ever doubt yourself for a moment on what you feel you were born to give and the way you were born to give it.
Even those of you who think your idea, product, project, music, art, film, voice, skill, collaboration would ever work or ever make a difference… I am telling you: if it’s part of what enhances you on a personal level and as an Indigo out in the world (see above) then it DOES matter and WILL change the world.
When it comes from a place of purpose and calling, and is done with a Radically Peaceful Heart to heal generations-old wounds the world has endured, the Indigo WILL overcome! We are together on this!!
IT IS A MOVEMENT and whatever you think you are doing or have yet to do, consider this your sign from Facebook, from the Angels, from the Indigo in me Seeing all this, that it is SAFE and NECESSARY to be the person you know you are and to take the action you know you need to take.
You never know how the spirit realm is working on us Indigos all in simultaneity and miracles for you await!
We are all waiting for your gifts and your heart. DON’T GIVE UP: THE CALL IS NOW.

Solar Eclipse In Pisces

Today we have a solar eclipse to bring on the new moon in the sign of Pisces. As with all eclipses, these events bring radical change, unexpected endings and beginnings. Eclipses help us energetically shed the past so we can begin anew.

This solar eclipse is a unique occurrence for this 2016 year, completing events that happened last year around March 20th and September 12th of 2015.

What this means is that we are in a time of purification and letting go of our ego’s preoccupation with our past and dynamically healing the crisis of the present personally and collectively.

Right now we may be feeling a total loss of control in one or more aspects of our life. Look at what’s happening in the U.S. elections and you can easily feel this loss of control also on a collective level, and an example of ego energies unchecked and running rampant.

You may also feel more acutely aware of these injustices happening around you because they are also part of you and your healing process.

The eclipse is in Pisces. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac calendar. It represents ongoing wisdom beyond time. It predominates the land of symbology, myth, archetype and nature of our ancestry.

This is is the human proclivity for spirituality and the occult, our capacity to have imagination, ESP, psychic revelations, and unexplainable healing events occur. Creation myths, storytelling, and ancient archetypes are are called into question with spirituality, religion, and healing.

Furthermore imagination, dreams, higher consciousness, the idealistic and spiritual qualities of life from the part of Pisces planet ruler Neptune are part of this picture.

The deep emotional empathy of our connection to each other is especially important in the sign of Pisces. Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ planet feels this empathy, taking on the feelings of suffering from another’s experience. How can we become one our own suffering which is partly everyone else’s suffering?

Furthermore Mars in the sign of watery Scorpio during this eclipse time is taking a warrior look at the ego’s attachments trying to control. We see what we need to heal, and now with Mars in Scorpio we transcend it with intensity, strength, and relentless self-discipline.

Mars has us becoming in a sense activists of our own life, learning when to take control and when to let go to universal energies, knowing our pain coupled with our imagination can really make something of ourselves and this world.

Perhaps you are re-experiencing an aspect of a wound, or some healing revelation of a wound during this time.

For example, just last night, I had a VERY disturbing dream where someone I love attempted to rape me. The imagery and symbology I received in the dream comes at the crosshairs of my fears of power: my own power, the power/disempowerment I feel in my relationships, the power of my own womanhood as well as the collective feminine power, displayed and debated in the media and news as we celebrate Women’s Day today and the movements for women’s liberation in the Middle East and all over the world.

My dream showed me my wound, and here it is that I share it to you now for healing and how Piscean: something inherited, something personal, and something collective – received in a dream!

Pisces is about separating our desires from our ego and coming into ONENESS where nothing about our process and our experience is separate from the collective in matters of spiritual growth as well as healing the corporeal body.

So as the eclipse stirs up some old pain or we find ourselves caught yet again in the midst of our wound resurfacing — the crisis is no longer found in the occurrence and the frequency of the pain itself,  but in how we can better bring COMPASSIONATE consideration of our needs with the impersonal air it takes to uphold the ideal to the service of all.

And letting go of what we cannot control in the meantime. Feeling it, standing up for ourselves, and empowering the collective vision of the future.

As Kaypacha spoke during my research of this astral event: “We have to feel safe surrendering to the spiritual River of Life.”

Even though there’s a lot of volatile energy in the world and we can feel helpless, this eclipse is here to remind us of our own power, including that of our wounds.

Be well during this time~


A multiple exposure captures the 2012 solar eclipse in Queensland, Australia. Image may not be repoduced without written permission from the photographer.

The Blizzard’s Inner Purpose


Took some pictures of the blizzard and then a few of me in this 1940s fox-hair head wrap which my grandmother gave to me before her passing of recent.

I went into the woods at the height of the blizzard and was struck at how different everything looked sticking apart from the blanket of white.

All weekend I have been thinking about ‘The Revenant’ the recent film with Leonardo DiCaprio and how it was based off of a true story of Hugh Glass, a trapper in Montana and South Dakota in 1823. Such a world away from now.

I was wandering a mile or two from my heated house with my snow boots – as if that was a big deal. Comparing the two scenes of the pre-revolutionary backwoods and an urban 21st century park preserve, I was still struck and heartened by the big beech tree with human carvings etched into it.

It felt like a totem pole, a crossing point, a place to leave little crumbs or gifts, or if you were dying and broke your leg, a spirit of some sort would soon find you there.



Seems that part of a purpose of a Beech tree is to be carved into by us. We need something eternal and graceful in a tree to be expressing our love and “What A Blast.”

It was an enjoyable time feeling somewhat apart from everyone and everything. I longed for the feeling of vast unpopulated space depicted in the film, and this tree in my path sparked my imagination.

I was thinking of not going out, but then I did and I was really glad for it.

Being buried in the snow at my home with my parents has given me time to really change my conception of time and progress when it comes to my purpose.

In addition to my walk I did a lot of other office things, studying, de-cluttering two closets, two bookshelves, folding my clothes KonMari style (the book ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying-Up’ – is like something I have been waiting for all my adult adolescence), and also making space to visualize what financial abundance feels like in the body…

It can be overwhelming juggling lots of different hobbies, systems, and purpose-related activities on top of just getting what needs to get done DONE for life to continue to move forward.

I realized if I spend just 15-minutes to half-an-hour on any pet-project or passion, clutter-clearing or mini-work-out, meditation or whatever it is I want to make time for – I can generate the feelings necessary to boost my confidence, empower my mindset, while learning how to adopt a valuable new skill and learning into my day.

It’s not about the time that it takes to do something, but the consistency in which it is accomplished.

Sometimes fifteen minutes is all we really need to get all the benefits and establish a routine with the results and the confidence we need to keep going.

Lisa Nichols, a revered public speaker, talks about how she worked out fifteen minutes every day while she was on her book tour and traveling over the period of a year and she lost 75 pounds. She couldn’t commit to a whole hour because it would be another hour traveling/showering. All she could afford to commit to in her schedule was fifteen minutes and it got her to her goal in the same amount of time.

Furthermore, my friend Jessica with whom I am co-hosting my upcoming workshop talked about ‘workshopping our life’ – how everything is movement, flux, and work-in-action. And I feel this is especially important to comprehend when we are creating systems, lifestyles, and practices that work and keep us in high spirits and create love, personal growth, and opportunity for us. This is the medicine of a wisdom practice like meditation, yoga, drawing or crafts, exercise and these things put us into an alternate awareness and limbo state of consciousness that we can steer our own life.

This is the energy of movement, creation, opportunity, possibility, growth, and yes, money too.

This is actually what I’ve come to understand about money these days and creating money. You have to be present and act on the moment to create more opportunities. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, it’s the thing that is scary to do that seems ominous and slightly impossible, sort of there but looks really hard, that is where we focus these kinds of 15-minute, 20-minute, whatever you can afford-minute practice. This thing is what actually traps and takes flight in us the feeling of ‘anything is possible’ – the mojo sauce. Gabrielle Bernstein calls it the ‘ing’ or ‘inner guide.’

For example, if I write 15-20 minutes a day, whether to myself or for a book, a newsletter, or blog, I would put me in a state of grace and flow which would help me feel a sense of purpose.

It doesn’t matter who or what the writing is going to, whether the money is there or not. If it keeps helping me feel in flow with my higher calling, then I have done a service to everyone in those fifteen minutes.

Writing is a very basic example – this can be anything you feel like you want to do to feel more in the flow, and attribute more meaning and enrichment to you life.

So whether its something you’ve always liked to do or whether you’ve never done it before and know you want to do more and want to learn more, the first task is setting up a chunk of time where you get to feel really good doing this thing you thought you would never have time for but you actually do.

Our purpose should feed us! This is a sign –  that thing is is always pulling me to it and I am always feeling pulled to it. It’s something that always gives back to us in energy two-fold what we put into it. And it’s something very ordinary, you probably don’t give yourself enough credit!

That’s really all our purpose ever asks of us, is that we do it, do it often, and feel our connectivity to everything and everyone while we are doing it or once it is over. It’s moving into a different time-space reality and into one of divine service, love, space, truth, and synchronicity. In this quantum field, chronological time doesn’t exist – it’s just the Heart and all the blessings which arrive in their miraculous ways.