Happy New Year!


Since Mercury was in retrograde over the actual New Year – THIS IS the time to be making big gorgeous plans for the new year! The Rooster is about meticulous, practical, informed decision-making for successful gains in every area of life. Similar fire energy as the monkey of this past year except grounded and realistic and in harmony with our communities, families, friends, and the intersections of our career with our social and personal lives. The rooster cares for every animal in the barnyard!!! Let yourself dream big and take this weekend to write up a list of your personal and business goals for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, 2 years!! It’s going to be so helpful. Get that job, that car, that vacation you always dreamed but never got around to planning. Make it a joyful reflection of your highest achievements thus far and where you will be taking it for this new zodiac cycle. Your spirit guides and the energies of the new moon and the Pagan rites of Imbolc are other concurrent energies supporting these seeds (branches?) of the growth you’re intending in the new frontier. And don’t forget, in the spirit of Aquarius, to reach out to others in your circle. It’s time we all recognize we are not alone. We are here to form stronger bonds in the community to affect the dialogue on the global scale- something that the protests and marches on our current events have already placed beautifully into our hands. I am wishing you peace, unity, and harmony to you and all your families, to the president for his success as a public servant to the voices of the people…I’m praying for the good work of the activists, leaders, sensitive empaths, healers, justice-makers, truth-tellers, artists, coaches, and dreamers who see the change, who see what others cannot, that they might be able to step into their purpose and their gifts courageously today and this year. Luck¬†ūüćÄLove‚̧ԳŹ¬†and Prosperityūüíį¬†for the New Year (which as far as I’m concerned starts officially now!!!)ūüŹģūüéäūüééūüéČūüĒģ

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Happy Year of the Rooster!

Spring Cleaning For the Empath

It goes without saying, being empathic means you feel and experience the world a bit differently that everyone else. Feeling and thinking very deeply about the world in its micro- and macrocosmic layers, noticing signs and people on these inner intuitive levels with the body consciousness is just the baseline awareness for you. That’s why in this transition from winter to spring it’s important to take care of what¬†energies are leaving and what¬†new ones arriving.

In the paragraphs below, whatever resonates with you the most is where you can start on your detox. Feel into your body giving you signs. This is the intuitive part of your body which knows what it needs to help you on your life’s purpose – which for empaths is always front and center to everything they do!

In astrology (something I have been researching more and more these days), there has been a lot of heavy energy, phases ending, grief, emotional chaos, past illusions, and falsehood fading away.  We had a solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th augmenting the ending of a period that started in October 2013. As an empath you could be feeling all of this, and noticing others going through similar energetic thresholds with the past as you are.

With all this backlogging of emotional pain, dreams deferred or squashed and any illusions we have fostered in ourselves over these two years, along with the equinox marking the time for spring, nature is helping us to make a new start. The call is to allow this period to greatly detox us from the energies our past so we can start this new period with fresh energy.

Keeping the body clean and free of chemicals or harsh substances is very important to the empath in health. It’s a great time of year where it feels good to have¬†sobriety, clarity and focus on what’s important. Cultivating freshness of the mind through mindfulness and cleaning bad, toxic thoughts from our system through meditation¬†helps potentiate the¬†proverbial seeds of our projects that we are fostering this year and in the future.Sprouts in Glass Jar

You may be feeling called to eat less and eat cleaner, lighter, higher vibrational foods like fresh greens, antioxidants, tea instead of coffee, and lots of water. Sprouts, thistles like asparagus and artichoke, berries, citrus are great seasonal nutrition at this time. Watch sugar intake as well. Try to have maple syrup, honey, stevia, cooked fruit like apples and pears to replace white and processed sugars.

Because the body is such an important part of intuition, psychic ability, and clairvoyant sight into the future, the sensitive empath may choose to try a movement or fitness class never tried before, taking up a new sport, or making opportunities for getting outside more to be able to hear these clues, insights, and illumination from within for guidance. The body wants to move in new ways during this time, which calms the mind to be able to listen to the heart, cleansing the lymphatic and circulatory system.IMG_2159

As an empath going through these motions you may find yourself first called to declutter and detox your space. Wash all the bed linens, put away blankets, remove the heavy winter rugs, rearrange furniture to remind you of the newness and freshness of spring. Add flowers, floral prints, or buy¬†a little plant at the plant store. Collect any crystals you have and cleanse them in the moonlight, with sea salt, or sage. Give away or throw out things you don’t think about or care about or don’t reflect who you are as a person anymore. Open the windows and let some fresh air and oxygen into the space.

On the emotional plane you could be feeling pulled in many different directions with many different people, or find yourself confronted with the reality of another’s pain with¬†your own pain. This is part of the solar eclipse I mentioned earlier. If you haven’t been dealing with it, at least now you are seeing it in retrospect from your higher self. It’s easy to feel people’s emotions and get caught up in their dramas as if they were your own. It’s natural to want to help, but look at the aspects in your life where it has not been helping since October 2013 and take a stand for yourself now.

Using some of these tips will help break up the old to honor the new coming in. Remember that you are special and that honoring your body and listening to your innate intuition will bring many miracles and blessings into your life. This is a season about change in the most basic way, so embrace the ways you naturally feel inclined for this change.

Another thing in my tool bucket is seeing a health and wellness professional to help keep me accountable and engaged in my new routine. Body work, coaching, nutrition…Now is a great time to set up an acupuncture session with me to help move blood and¬†qi, and supporting the body’s natural transition and detoxification of itself for maximum wellness. It also boosts immune function for those suffering from allergies on a physical level, or boundaries with the environment on a psycho-spiritual level.

What ways are you feeling the shift into spring? What are you noticing in your body when you step outside? What other things do you feel about this season in your intuition? Elaborate on your own experience by leaving a comment below.


new year new you
I’ve been thinking a lot about this hashtag since my workshop a few weeks ago with Jessica Sandhu at Georgetown Yoga.

I don’t want it to ever die! In fact it’s been a¬†saying of mine¬†in conversations (and no one has cut me off yet).

New Years’ Day is one of my favorite days out of the year because when you wake up, it’s a whole new date and a whole new marker period. There’s like a palpable feeling of freshness and aliveness, even in the cold weather where I live. It’s a day to start new, and when so many people are doing some version of starting over, it’s hard not to¬†be inspired I find!

Being an entrepreneur, or even if you’re not an self-professed entrepreneur but you just want to heal and grow and¬†keep inspired and alive inside — it’s always about finding and coming into a routine¬†where new beginnings are the norm. A series of startups and start-overs.


We get unlimited passes to start over, and this truth comes especially handy when it comes to living up to our highest potential.

Imagine if everyone one of us did our own work to forgive the past and wake up looking at the world with fresh eyes. We would come up with so many cool ideas, loving insights for ourselves and for others. We would treat ourselves to only the best things in life. We would take care of our body and our health in new ways. We would cross hurdles that only existed in our minds. We would radically let go, radically move into our power and purpose and radically conquer the day!!!

I want to use the #NewYearNewYou hashtag for the rest of this year because I want everyone to connect¬†with the magic of New Years Day – EVERY day! It’s this very¬†feeling of possibility that can be recreated over and over.

In the treatment room I coach my clients to have intention words every morning when they wake up. Some word which feels really good every time you think of or are reminded of it, and creating the world as _________ (this word).

{Love. Peace. Grace. Serenity. Strength. Abundance.}

No matter what in my presence, this situation, person, thing, will show up as _________.

Then we take back our power. The word, the feeling, the positive momentum comes from us.

Connecting to our higher self through the power of words is a very essential part of the healing process. It takes courage and persistence but is worth loads for cleaning our mental, cleaning our thoughts, our mind, and cleaning this experience we have with our outer environment because it is all connected.

The word is the world. Make it a brand new world for yourself EVERY DAY with #NewYearNewYou – the 2016 version, launched on this very website!!!

So if you want to join with me on this reinvention to take back your power and kick ass out in the world, sign up for my newsletter and bookmark this page for future posts!