#LifeInHonolulu – A Déjà Vu That Is Forever


Today marks Day 2 of #LifeInHonolulu – in starting my life, starting my life over, whatever you wanna call it, it’s starting to feel like all the same thing.

My astrologer back in April said that Saturn had moved into the first house of my chart (marked by my trip to coastal California mid-October last year) – auguring a pretty literal birth of my body, mind, and spirit. It’s a rare astrological reset that showed up in my chart.

He said everything needed to be reinvented. New hair, new body, new business card, new location, new brand, new everything.

So here I am, taking the advice and moving into my astrological coordinates. That is to say, in the cartographic location of my Moon’s north node. (Everyone has a North and South node in their astrological chart – the South node contains the themes of our past life experiences; the North node indicates themes we need to realize or promote in this lifetime.)

Having moved to Honolulu three days ago, I am still working with quite a bit of fear and anxiety which I have been mitigating through action: doing online research, reaching out to contacts, making time for lots of prayer, visualization, taking proper rest and food.

(Digressing just a little, the food here is amazing. Those half-an-hour trips I was taking to to go to H-Mart, the nearest Asian market in DC, are now a thing of the past. All the Asian goods I love are in every aisle in all the grocery stores here pretty much. A Chinese nutritional heaven!!)

Things I have to do are: buy a car, find a job, find a place to live, and I have to do it mostly on my own. I’ve done this once before in another country…I just need to keep reminding myself that I am wiser, stronger, and more dynamic than all the fears my mind is constantly recapitulating. What helps is to remind myself of all the gifts I have to give and all the ways I can serve people instead of feeling bogged down by the minutiae.

This morning… I opened my eyes at 6:30am. I woke up from a dream where I found soggy wads of money on the ground…

As I lay there in the dawn, various waves of feeling came over me, on a Soul level. This island of Oahu resonates with me on a level I can only barely explain here.

Driving away from the airport in the rental car shuttle as I was first taking in the views, I felt like I had been here before. It felt like I was coming into an alternate hometown of Washington, DC, the same home in a land somewhere else (to my mother’s dismay I’m sure). My first cousin Jennifer who lives here with her husband explained to me that this feeling was “the island welcoming me.”

Chinese medicine states that from the hours of 3am-7am of the Lung and Large Intestine officials in the element of Metal augment a thinner veil between the physical and the spiritual. Therefore spiritual guidance, strong intuitions, inner wisdom, dreams or grief we need to process, or stark spiritual encounters become more apparent at this time.

I wrote in my journal this morning:

I’ve been dreaming a lot. All the details of finding a place and living here feel overwhelming right now.

Yet it feels also surreal, like all these dreams I forgot I dreamed are resurfacing

Like a déjà vu that lasts for hours.

Dreams already dreamed, lives already lived.

I’ve already been here and dreamed in a life here. It feels like I’m walking into a layers of my existence.

It’s like watching a kid’s cartoon from your childhood and feeling everything you felt as a child when you first watched it flood back to you again.

Except it’s ongoing, and all these other things, being recalled.

Seeing your soul’s growth in slow motion and real time.

I’m experiencing a part of myself that is happening now and in the future and in the past,

and on and on.”


I’ll no doubt keep you in this loop as to what comes of this mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean – at this lunar coordinate of my life – so in the stars, so in the sea, finding my cove on the rock.

Check back again soon!! <3

My Morning Routine

So Labor Day has come and gone.

I woke up this morning feeling a lot of heaviness all around, like sadness and depression in a collective sense about the end of the weekend that felt heavy in the air. Even my dog looked depressed, couldn’t even lift his head to give me a kiss goodbye as I walked out the door. I know this is a hard transition as the ‘official’ end of summer, and it can feel dreary to a lot of people. 

So I wanted to share this card (which is also the same one Doreen Virtue pulled for her weekly reading) with the message that now is the time to make a healthful ritual and routine that brings some positive changes for you, especially important during this time of Late Summer in the Earth element in Chinese medicine.

This is the element season about letting go, transition, thoughtfulness, and the balance of self care with caring for others.

What’s even more interesting is it’s an affirmation in the morning, which coincides with the Chinese clock when the energetic nature of the Earth element is most available – from the hours of 7am to 11am specifically.

Especially if you know you are a sensitive person and you tend to take on the energy of others and situations around you very easily, a morning routine is absolutely essential. We want to start the day on the right foot, feeling grounded, feeling excited about our goals and our work, not in a reactionary state to the problems of the world, personal dramas, being pulled left and right (which you can imagine doesn’t make anyone very productive or focused on the day’s tasks or objectives).

So my routine:

  • I wake up and before opening my eyes I say “thank you for this new day, thank you that I get to live in this body and in the life in a new way today.”
  • 10-20 minutes sitting meditation.
    A note: Meditation places me into a field of possibility, positioning me into a higher conscious mindset. The feelings and images I conjure as I ‘create’ the day change my thought patterns in my brain so that when I wake up I think differently, I act and react differently, my vibe is totally different and therefore different people and opportunities are attracted to me. Plus I don’t get as frazzled and anxious about minute things. Mindset is EVERYTHING.
  • Use spiritual tools like oracle cards and books with powerful and positive messages are important to set the tone to the day as well. Anything to uplift and inspire. I go on Instagram for Doreen Virtue’s daily card reading, read my horoscope, read a page from Marianne Williamson’s ‘Everyday Miracles’ with little passages, read a random passage from the Tao te Ching, the I Ching, or the Bible.
  • Brendan Burchard, author of ‘The Charge’ also recommends 20 minutes of stretching in the morning which I LOVE and always gives me SO much energy. Usually I do all this before breakfast.
  • + Tea + Coffee = the best companions to any routine! A big glass of water with lemon, ginger, or other fruits add extra electrolytes and detoxification from that long sleep where the body was cleansing.
  • Sometimes in my workout or as I’m getting ready I’ll play some positive uplifting music I can sing along to! Singing is also part of the Earth element!

This is what has worked for me, from personal experience and from my business coach. Depending on the day, I may repeat parts of it in the evening too, as I can get ungrounded and my head full of lots of stuff and information.

I know a lot of us aren’t morning people or talk about not having enough time, but if this is something calling to you from your higher guidance like it has for me recently- I hope this helps give you some more ideas.

Sending my love during this transitional time!!!