The Logical Next Step For the August 7 Lunar Eclipse

I remember my first private acupuncture session with my acupuncturist Susan. During the treatment, I had been laid out on the table, taking everything in. It was so perfect. It was like being under a blanket for stars, made to look at my life from an angle that was bigger than life itself. I felt I was floating. I felt I had found my ‘thing.’

Having suffered from debilitating migraines every other day, this was a peaceful and totally new experience that was welcoming to my body while also making me question everything I had done or felt up unto this point as I pondered how I could get into this career.

I got up from the treatment, paid and said goodbye and descended into the street. I was floating. It was a really hot day out.

I got in my car and started to drive home. I’ll never forget this either. I looked with my eyes at the other cars and other people and other things happening around me like I had just arrived from some far off place not knowing who I was. Cars in traffic crunching together and then breaking loose and flowing again and over and over, watching it all happen in slow motion.

I went in for a first treatment and left an acupuncturist as pieces of my life seemed to simultaneously crumble apart by stitching together, at the thought of this new career…

The radio was still turned off. The August heat that had been trapped in my car was enveloping and actually felt good on my skin. I began to think more than one thought in succession again except this time, per Susan’s advice, all were in reference to my body. I thought a thought. Then I moved my neck around and felt that residual spawn of energy at the nape of my neck where the pins had been inserted. I thought another thought of “Wow.” I thought about Susan’s life and her routine, running her own schedule, having her beautiful office space, doing meaningful work, being kinda a witch and kinda a doctor.

At the traffic light I sat there thinking, “Here I am – sitting here in this car. How lost I do feel, how much my life is in disarray and here I am knowing for myself that my life is forever changed. Remember this, Lindsay. Remember this and call the time.  This moment will be part of your story. You know how to change your life and you are starting this now.” What an incredibly ordinary moment to feel something so incredible amidst chaos and pain. Isn’t this how life goes? How career changes, divorce, baby-birthing and these kinds of waves? Death, new life, momentous change?

I had so far to go. I had so much to heal. Breathing in, I would go to my grave still contemplating this significance of the feeling I was experiencing – calling this time to enroll in acupuncture school. The wheels of my life had stopped spinning and were now spinning in a different way, pouring waves of conflicting and exhilarating feelings.

The value of this journey started with both the sorrow and the gratitude of this personal discovery, just going off the feeling itself and not saying what it should be like or how it should be. A deep wave of grace was caving into me. A present moment of gratitude and inspiration with my mind’s naming and shaming of why this hadn’t happened sooner or searching for where I got off track, who or what had gotten in the way.

I decided not to listen too much to that voice in my head. Instead, I went home. From then on, in a humble way, I went about cutting my losses so I could prepare with excitement and anticipation for my new path, enrolling in acupuncture school and getting more and more acupuncture for myself. Before yoga, it was acupuncture.

I bring this up because we are at a lunar eclipse today. This eclipse in this month of August is going to affect the trajectory of our life for the next six months to February, and the next level of our life’s journey. We need to let go of as much as possible that is not feeding our soul and our joy in order to usher in what greatness is in store.

This is also part of an eclipse season. So the changes we are making echo an astrological push, with revelation, and massive life change.

I bring up my first session in acupuncture because it is this level of change that we will be experiencing things. Remember this time. Call yourself by your first name.

On the one hand we have a devastating reality check of the old ways, old dreams of ourselves dashed against the rocks. Explosions and disruptions of whatever plans we sought and tried to make. Of who we thought we were (thinking we have this definition and plans are this finite thing).

On the other hand the gates of life are opening up to us the actual realization of our higher selves and our ultimate goals behind our intentions that we could never have planned for or guessed would come to the fore. This is an opportunity here. We are making a major connection point to our life purpose and the truth in our hearts of what we always “knew” all along.

This is a major completion and letting go (full moon themes) and a cornerstone or turning point for our career, our relationship, our health, the new community or support system that has been building over the past few months, and the deepening of our core values. Really, we are stepping into a whole new wisdom which is coming through at this time around who we are and where we are headed. We can’t go back to where we were because we are already being shown something bigger, better. We just have to accept the new ways we are being pushed forward despite all the work it took to get where we thought we needed to go or where we thought we were headed.

There are a lot of things that didn’t work out, or didn’t go to plan. This is a time to surrender to the lessons. We knew this all along. Nothing we have done, invested, or accomplished up to this point is a waste. All of our problems are understood, are natural, and have been placed here to be an integral part of our story. Live the story. Live it to tell it.

For now we are being given a gift. Accept whatever setbacks and reality checks as gifts and to move forward with the new plan that has been coming around with more and more signs since the spring, that’s telling you this is where you take you’re next step. Trust and take that next step.

This fall is a time for all of us to really go forward with the lessons and the personal disappointments. We have more available to succeed than we ever have before thanks to these experiences, and it’s time to integrate, transmute and take the stance that today is marking a major turning point of our new bright future.

Dust yourself off, and become one of the stars of your own life, in the story of the planets and moons. Happy Lunar Eclipse!!!


new year new you
I’ve been thinking a lot about this hashtag since my workshop a few weeks ago with Jessica Sandhu at Georgetown Yoga.

I don’t want it to ever die! In fact it’s been a saying of mine in conversations (and no one has cut me off yet).

New Years’ Day is one of my favorite days out of the year because when you wake up, it’s a whole new date and a whole new marker period. There’s like a palpable feeling of freshness and aliveness, even in the cold weather where I live. It’s a day to start new, and when so many people are doing some version of starting over, it’s hard not to be inspired I find!

Being an entrepreneur, or even if you’re not an self-professed entrepreneur but you just want to heal and grow and keep inspired and alive inside — it’s always about finding and coming into a routine where new beginnings are the norm. A series of startups and start-overs.


We get unlimited passes to start over, and this truth comes especially handy when it comes to living up to our highest potential.

Imagine if everyone one of us did our own work to forgive the past and wake up looking at the world with fresh eyes. We would come up with so many cool ideas, loving insights for ourselves and for others. We would treat ourselves to only the best things in life. We would take care of our body and our health in new ways. We would cross hurdles that only existed in our minds. We would radically let go, radically move into our power and purpose and radically conquer the day!!!

I want to use the #NewYearNewYou hashtag for the rest of this year because I want everyone to connect with the magic of New Years Day – EVERY day! It’s this very feeling of possibility that can be recreated over and over.

In the treatment room I coach my clients to have intention words every morning when they wake up. Some word which feels really good every time you think of or are reminded of it, and creating the world as _________ (this word).

{Love. Peace. Grace. Serenity. Strength. Abundance.}

No matter what in my presence, this situation, person, thing, will show up as _________.

Then we take back our power. The word, the feeling, the positive momentum comes from us.

Connecting to our higher self through the power of words is a very essential part of the healing process. It takes courage and persistence but is worth loads for cleaning our mental, cleaning our thoughts, our mind, and cleaning this experience we have with our outer environment because it is all connected.

The word is the world. Make it a brand new world for yourself EVERY DAY with #NewYearNewYou – the 2016 version, launched on this very website!!!

So if you want to join with me on this reinvention to take back your power and kick ass out in the world, sign up for my newsletter and bookmark this page for future posts!



Letting Go

The trouble with letting go of toxic and persistent patterns is the ego’s need to be in control of various things and people coupled with not having trust in ourselves and our path.

Instead of this elaborate interplay where the mind is micromanaging a limited set of beliefs based on our past, letting go takes us to the next level where real healing, spiritual growth, and expansion take place.

When we let go, a space is created based in our present moment for us to see our true selves and how magnetic we really are. What we intend arrives very easily with no effort at all!

Withhold judgement at that, love and trust what has already been made for us. The river that carries us and is often winding!