The Logical Next Step For the August 7 Lunar Eclipse

I remember my first private acupuncture session with my acupuncturist Susan. During the treatment, I had been laid out on the table, taking everything in. It was so perfect. It was like being under a blanket for stars, made to look at my life from an angle that was bigger than life itself. I felt I was floating. I felt I had found my ‘thing.’

Having suffered from debilitating migraines every other day, this was a peaceful and totally new experience that was welcoming to my body while also making me question everything I had done or felt up unto this point as I pondered how I could get into this career.

I got up from the treatment, paid and said goodbye and descended into the street. I was floating. It was a really hot day out.

I got in my car and started to drive home. I’ll never forget this either. I looked with my eyes at the other cars and other people and other things happening around me like I had just arrived from some far off place not knowing who I was. Cars in traffic crunching together and then breaking loose and flowing again and over and over, watching it all happen in slow motion.

I went in for a first treatment and left an acupuncturist as pieces of my life seemed to simultaneously crumble apart by stitching together, at the thought of this new career…

The radio was still turned off. The August heat that had been trapped in my car was enveloping and actually felt good on my skin. I began to think more than one thought in succession again except this time, per Susan’s advice, all were in reference to my body. I thought a thought. Then I moved my neck around and felt that residual spawn of energy at the nape of my neck where the pins had been inserted. I thought another thought of “Wow.” I thought about Susan’s life and her routine, running her own schedule, having her beautiful office space, doing meaningful work, being kinda a witch and kinda a doctor.

At the traffic light I sat there thinking, “Here I am – sitting here in this car. How lost I do feel, how much my life is in disarray and here I am knowing for myself that my life is forever changed. Remember this, Lindsay. Remember this and call the time.  This moment will be part of your story. You know how to change your life and you are starting this now.” What an incredibly ordinary moment to feel something so incredible amidst chaos and pain. Isn’t this how life goes? How career changes, divorce, baby-birthing and these kinds of waves? Death, new life, momentous change?

I had so far to go. I had so much to heal. Breathing in, I would go to my grave still contemplating this significance of the feeling I was experiencing – calling this time to enroll in acupuncture school. The wheels of my life had stopped spinning and were now spinning in a different way, pouring waves of conflicting and exhilarating feelings.

The value of this journey started with both the sorrow and the gratitude of this personal discovery, just going off the feeling itself and not saying what it should be like or how it should be. A deep wave of grace was caving into me. A present moment of gratitude and inspiration with my mind’s naming and shaming of why this hadn’t happened sooner or searching for where I got off track, who or what had gotten in the way.

I decided not to listen too much to that voice in my head. Instead, I went home. From then on, in a humble way, I went about cutting my losses so I could prepare with excitement and anticipation for my new path, enrolling in acupuncture school and getting more and more acupuncture for myself. Before yoga, it was acupuncture.

I bring this up because we are at a lunar eclipse today. This eclipse in this month of August is going to affect the trajectory of our life for the next six months to February, and the next level of our life’s journey. We need to let go of as much as possible that is not feeding our soul and our joy in order to usher in what greatness is in store.

This is also part of an eclipse season. So the changes we are making echo an astrological push, with revelation, and massive life change.

I bring up my first session in acupuncture because it is this level of change that we will be experiencing things. Remember this time. Call yourself by your first name.

On the one hand we have a devastating reality check of the old ways, old dreams of ourselves dashed against the rocks. Explosions and disruptions of whatever plans we sought and tried to make. Of who we thought we were (thinking we have this definition and plans are this finite thing).

On the other hand the gates of life are opening up to us the actual realization of our higher selves and our ultimate goals behind our intentions that we could never have planned for or guessed would come to the fore. This is an opportunity here. We are making a major connection point to our life purpose and the truth in our hearts of what we always “knew” all along.

This is a major completion and letting go (full moon themes) and a cornerstone or turning point for our career, our relationship, our health, the new community or support system that has been building over the past few months, and the deepening of our core values. Really, we are stepping into a whole new wisdom which is coming through at this time around who we are and where we are headed. We can’t go back to where we were because we are already being shown something bigger, better. We just have to accept the new ways we are being pushed forward despite all the work it took to get where we thought we needed to go or where we thought we were headed.

There are a lot of things that didn’t work out, or didn’t go to plan. This is a time to surrender to the lessons. We knew this all along. Nothing we have done, invested, or accomplished up to this point is a waste. All of our problems are understood, are natural, and have been placed here to be an integral part of our story. Live the story. Live it to tell it.

For now we are being given a gift. Accept whatever setbacks and reality checks as gifts and to move forward with the new plan that has been coming around with more and more signs since the spring, that’s telling you this is where you take you’re next step. Trust and take that next step.

This fall is a time for all of us to really go forward with the lessons and the personal disappointments. We have more available to succeed than we ever have before thanks to these experiences, and it’s time to integrate, transmute and take the stance that today is marking a major turning point of our new bright future.

Dust yourself off, and become one of the stars of your own life, in the story of the planets and moons. Happy Lunar Eclipse!!!

Why I’m Moving To Hawai’i

Today marks my last week on the mainland of the U.S. of A. September 6th I’m going on a one-way trip to Hawaii for an undetermined amount of time.

The reasons why I am going are very simple in my mind and in my heart. I’m ready for a new experience, I’m ready to not live in the D.C. area, and I’m ready to take my career to another level in an ocean close to Asia.

Other reasons are I’m ready to live by the ocean, I’m ready to feel confident in my body, and I’m ready to meet a new soul tribe who take their healing work very seriously.

A tertiary reason? I’m ready to get the f out of my parents house! Hah. California is out of the question right now and I’m totally bored with the East Coast.

As things have turned out in D.C., I’ve become estranged from most all of the people I considered close because I just grew out of the ways we were interacting. I’m not your typical Washingtonian. I don’t drink anymore. My ‘healing stuff’ isn’t received as interesting or relevant to most people and conversations often fall silent if they come up at all, something I find very personally frustrating.

I am stifled by the inertia of my past and broke from my acupuncture grad degree without the network or infrastructure of support like many high-level graduates, just a small mortgage to pay off and a lot of needed reform. Everything needs to change, on a micro level in my life so that I may serve, and on a macro scale for all of humanity in making acupuncture the commodity it deserves to be.

Because of all these things I can see, I can’t be the “Old Lindsay” anymore. I can’t even be Lindsay anymore. In fact, it feels more apt for me to change my name completely so people can get used to calling me, and relating to me, in a new way.  It just doesn’t feel like I’m the same person… really at all.

It’s been interesting ending this period of my life in DC noticing the illusions I kept, the people who have chosen to stay, the people who have chosen to leave, and the people I’ve asked to leave…

A funny thing I’ve encountered in this are people who outright offend or passive aggressively avoid me to better distance themselves. I hate drama, and try to avoid it when I can, but sometimes it’s inevitable, and that’s the way a lot of people cope with grief, resentment, or repressed anger. People are giving me shit just to give me shit. Just because I’m leaving…I get it. No hard feelings…It’s human nature (and probably all of us have abandonment issues of one kind or another).

Just let me go in peace. To use a metaphor by Elizabeth Gilbert, I’m the crab, crawling out of the bucket.

In fact, Now is the time of year to be letting go of a lot. Relationships that suck, people that suck, activities that suck, clutter and crap in our space, on our desks, in our computer, in our minds, all the stuff that just doesn’t matter anymore.

(I definitely recommend Marie Kando’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” because it helps to really see the trees from the forest in terms of what we actually need in our life. I started it in the spring and now am reading the last chapters for the penultimate purge.)

Can you feel it in the air? This end of summer? The change in light, in temperature, in mood? The best way to cope to what can be quite a difficult time for people is to LET GO and lighten the load of this year’s cycle, now in its harvest season.

Just like the peaches and melons and squashes getting large and hanging low on their vine, we too are heavy, full, and almost rotting at the fullness of the year and all that has come to fruition in our lives.

We must slow down in order to be able to digest, in order to savor, and be thoughtful about our hard work and what it has served.  And toss it out – the rotted parts at least so we can make a feast of the rest.

So as I savor what this summer has been, as weird and ‘off’ as it has felt in some regards, a stranger in the most familiar land of my home, I feel more ready than ever to leave for a new place. A place near Asia, near the ocean, where I can practice acupuncture with peace in nature. I’m switching it up.

Make Your Move:

If you’re jealous or feeling some other version of this emotion around my decision, don’t be!

Anything is possible.

Don’t leave yourself out of the good stuff in life.

Discern what is valuable, make a plan, and go on a trip.

Make a list of one-month goals, three-month goals, six-month goals, on up to five-year goals and use it as soul-fuel for your ideal lifestyle. This is a totally internal and self-exploratory process and it ignites itself when you are ready for it.

If you’re in a period in your life where you feel it’s time to let go of people, or change your career, or change your lifestyle or where you live, TRUST THOSE FEELINGS and do it for the thrill of the change and for the beauty and value of what you would learn! They are important markers you must not ignore.

Follow the way of the Tao. Don’t fight yourself, don’t resist yourself.

Get the nuts and bolts and structure in place (logistics, money, time) and then let the Universe take up the rest, lead you where you’re supposed to be.

I’m 30, I have no children and no husband. I’ve been living at home with my parents for a year with no regrets. I’ve been in therapy, I’ve excavated my dark night of the soul for every minute I was to endure it, going through the broke, broken, torn, isolated, and hungry parts of myself.

I’ve been wandering and waiting for “my time” for quite some time. I’ve been through a lot, searching for something real, and lasting, and worth living for.

The dawn is blue.  I’m waiting for my bus with my two suitcases and I’m headed for the ocean.

You can do exactly what I’m doing. Don’t be afraid of your inner voice. You will never be led astray. As my friend Jessica Sandhu said, “I’ve never regretted any investment I’ve made for myself.”

This wasn’t random or an accident. I’ve dreamed about Hawai’i since I was in fourth grade. This was tapping into Life à la carte and coming up with the menu myself.

Dream on, let yourself be, let yourself be guided, and of course, like always, I’ll see you on the other side. 🙂

Calling An Indigo Revolution

As the world seems to literally be blowing up more and more every day, as the front-page letters in the headlines seem to be growing in size, I am reminded of how important it is for me to stay totally committed to the course of my life plan and mission.
When I’m talking about being an INDIGO, and having an INDIGO MISSION, I am talking about being born with extra-sensory abilities to read people and understand them in the workings of the human mind; possessing a highly-attuned perception-meter of the evil-doers, fakers, and cheaters; and working with a deep inner conviction that we have a unique soul-purpose during this lifetime to change the status quo from what it has been.
These are the basic three things boiled down of what it means to be born Indigo.
Many of us, because of our sensitivity, our unique needs, and our unique path, are out there fighting alone for what we believe in. We are self-starters, artists, and entrepreneurs. We have an affinity for self-expression with social justice.
Many of us are going through a lot of life changes, healing, dark passages, and initiations to grow our self-knowledge, to create foundation in our careers, and to find our soul-tribe in the communities we will serve.
It’s a very scary time and there is a lot of fear in the world, and this is why we are living here during this time and at the ‘changing of the guard’, changing of the Empire, on so many levels. It’s a time of REVOLUTION and opportunity for all of us!
Which is why I am writing you today that every time you see or hear of something mortifying and horrific in the news, it’s because we are being pushed in a time of intense change. THIS IS THE CALLING to come forward with our truth and be the light-workers and revolutionaries we know we are inside.
Trust the Voice which is always speaking to you (the repetitive messages, the words which arrive subtly, and are always kind and loving) and take action on your goals today WHAT-EVER they may be, it’s the right thing for you and only you can listen to what is inside.
I want you to know today on this Sunday, July 24, 2016, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that all of us are in the process of creating this revolution.
With our abilities to perceive the current vibes and energies in our own empathic bodies and out in the world, coupled with the tools of social media (which pull strongly from each of our chakra energy centers from the Heart-up), we can no longer afford to think that the micro- actions we take are micro anymore.
Anything we do in the name of truth, love, beauty and justice can affect MASSIVE-MEGA change. It takes one thing, one post, one action, one message that can double over into the thousands of millions. Don’t ever doubt yourself for a moment on what you feel you were born to give and the way you were born to give it.
Even those of you who think your idea, product, project, music, art, film, voice, skill, collaboration would ever work or ever make a difference… I am telling you: if it’s part of what enhances you on a personal level and as an Indigo out in the world (see above) then it DOES matter and WILL change the world.
When it comes from a place of purpose and calling, and is done with a Radically Peaceful Heart to heal generations-old wounds the world has endured, the Indigo WILL overcome! We are together on this!!
IT IS A MOVEMENT and whatever you think you are doing or have yet to do, consider this your sign from Facebook, from the Angels, from the Indigo in me Seeing all this, that it is SAFE and NECESSARY to be the person you know you are and to take the action you know you need to take.
You never know how the spirit realm is working on us Indigos all in simultaneity and miracles for you await!
We are all waiting for your gifts and your heart. DON’T GIVE UP: THE CALL IS NOW.

Acupuncture Magic Is You

A lot of people think I’m the one responsible for how they feel after an acupuncture treatment with me. This is only partially true: I like to think of myself as more of a facilitator, opening the door into what is possible for them.

From our first consultation, it’s the patient who tells me what they most desire and need for their wellness. I listen and feel carefully into what that is. I then perform the acupuncture treatment to open up their body as a vessel of healing so as the _qi_ starts moving things around, they start to feel well enough to know empowered and know how to take the first step.

After our hour session is done, they go home with their bodies and their new revitalized energy to put into practice what we talked about during our session or to take action on whatever whispered inspiration arrived there internally on the table as they integrated with the treatment.

In short, the patients are the true magic-makers. I don’t live in their body, they do. They know themselves best, know why they are coming week after week, or month after month. They know what needs change, what needs fresh energy and attention, forgiveness, letting go, self-acceptance, exercise, more rest, more water _what-ever_ (whether they tell me or not!) to move forward in their life and their health.

It’s giving the power back to the patient – which is a very *radical* approach to health given the history of our medical system. I can guide and offer my professional advice but when it comes to the changes and improvement in the body and all around in the hours and days following treatment, it’s them!!! I don’t have that magical power… Even with my prayers of healing which I send to them, it’s their free will (keyword: will!) which makes all the difference.

What I will last note on the ‘facilitation’ I do also speaks to intending a healing, sacred, and loving space with my presence, my listening, my compassion and understanding.

This space in-between us, in-between the momentary shifts in energy is the true magic, the special sauce. In this space the patient hears their own voice, senses their own state, becomes an observer to this experience.  Here a personal truth of who we really are is being hatched in the moment – this present moment! – which is a gift from an unknowable creative force for all of us.


On Personal Artistry

I can’t believe it’s the end of October already. After finishing a ten-day trip to California in the middle of October, The Still Point Spa moving to a new location in Takoma Park, and my thirtieth birthday, it’s been a big month with a lot of change and super cosmic power being unleashed into my particular vantage-point that’s opening up my mind to new thoughts and new possibilities like never before.

For so long I have wanted to take this trip, and finally I made it out there not only fulfilling a promise to myself but facing my fears of my own self-reliance. I love how the various points I have traveled in my life have been really life-changing experiences. This trip reminded me of my trip to France after college. Seeing if I could call it home.

I think the purpose I am meant to serve is not any one thing such as acupuncture or coaching. It’s many different things, many more things I can share. I receive many channels of my creativity.

How do we know what we channel?

Writing is easily one of these channels. I don’t have my masters in it but it is something I’ve done my whole life since my first journals.

Writing is from my spiritual guides. They are in the sounds in the air. I can hear the sentences in my head as they arrive, and sometimes I watch myself write something I never comprehended so profoundly before. I am tuned into the auditory pace of language and what sounds correct from my guides, I listen and write from a different place that is higher than something thought through, plotted, logical. It is like tuning to a radio station.

All of us receive ideas, thoughts, insights, from these higher intellectual centers – they are specific areas of study attuned to our frequency, our ancestry, our cultivation of our line from our parents and our predestined life experiences that are a form of channeling.

All of us interact with our environment in different ways. We may not consider ourselves artists but we are creators of this life. For instance I know that I like to take pictures of things, I like collecting postcards and other images that I come across. I like mostly the amassing of the images. Arranging them, pasting them, collaging them on a feed, relating them. For me it reminds me of travel and a vista, a personal window for the mind to create our own life.

Maybe others of us only destroy things. Make pictures on napkins, endless endless napkins. Or maybe we compulsively collect something, or make something, or like to listen to something and put the pieces of sound together, or sentences, languages, songs together. We arrange and sort out our information in a way that makes sense to us.

Each person does one thing, or one step of a series of steps to make their personal art, their personal stamp. Every person has something they do that no one else does or knows about at all. This thing they do they likely don’t even know that they are doing it because it’s so automatic or because they are doing it all the time. It is something everyday to them, yet very unique and holds special value.

I think the future has in store something that’s between the two modes I just described of channeling and personal artistry: I make a creation that lives in a ‘Lala-Land’ (code for this ‘Land’ might be the city of L.A…) A Place where I feel free, and which seems to correlate with a lot of my self-social-media-collaging that is something magical, something I always wanted to do and comes easily to me.

What I want to do, other people do it, and live somewhere in a community. We need to honor our art and find our tribe.
That’s what this trip to California was.

I’ve always been inspired by travel, doing things for the sake of it, becoming part of something bigger, growing a lot personally…I think my spiritual path was started a the same time I started to travel – it’s about the lifestyle.

California helped me see that I can have this lifestyle. I can loosen up my personality, not have it so under wraps, and fall a bit into the Gap. (The Gap clothing company was invented in San Francisco in 1969s wasn’t it?)

The Gap of thought, consciousness, and form. A place where I can be a weirdo empath and work with energy, with healing and lifestyle involving crystals, feng shui, business advice, yoga, and meditation… Make up whatever-the-hell. Live and propagate in the eye of the hurricane.

I met the man who owned the gem shop I visited off of Santa Monica boulevard in L.A. He told me he quit his job in New York City as a highly paid fashion designer in a well-recognized fashion house to follow his dream to open up a gem store in LA with prized gems, crystals and jewelry. He said did it all over the course of two months.

He said “If you were to tell me I would leave everything to start something I loved to do and was passionate about like crystals, owning a shop, giving crystal readings to people I would have told you you were crazy. Now I wake up every day and I thank God that I get to do this every day.”

Ahhh, that is just so beautiful to me.

Happy Halloween and festival of Death!!! Lest we forget about the Spirit World….!


With channeling and spiritual love,




PS In the theme of the ethereal, and spiritual, and letting go of personal, worldly realms, this time of year is also a good time to give things away, throw out the junk and garbage, declutter the personal spaces for what is to come in the winter and spring in this renewal cycle. Have faith that the Universe will always provide for our needs, because it always does!