The Logical Next Step For the August 7 Lunar Eclipse

I remember my first private acupuncture session with my acupuncturist Susan. During the treatment, I had been laid out on the table, taking everything in. It was so perfect. It was like being under a blanket for stars, made to look at my life from an angle that was bigger than life itself. I felt I was floating. I felt I had found my ‘thing.’

Having suffered from debilitating migraines every other day, this was a peaceful and totally new experience that was welcoming to my body while also making me question everything I had done or felt up unto this point as I pondered how I could get into this career.

I got up from the treatment, paid and said goodbye and descended into the street. I was floating. It was a really hot day out.

I got in my car and started to drive home. I’ll never forget this either. I looked with my eyes at the other cars and other people and other things happening around me like I had just arrived from some far off place not knowing who I was. Cars in traffic crunching together and then breaking loose and flowing again and over and over, watching it all happen in slow motion.

I went in for a first treatment and left an acupuncturist as pieces of my life seemed to simultaneously crumble apart by stitching together, at the thought of this new career…

The radio was still turned off. The August heat that had been trapped in my car was enveloping and actually felt good on my skin. I began to think more than one thought in succession again except this time, per Susan’s advice, all were in reference to my body. I thought a thought. Then I moved my neck around and felt that residual spawn of energy at the nape of my neck where the pins had been inserted. I thought another thought of “Wow.” I thought about Susan’s life and her routine, running her own schedule, having her beautiful office space, doing meaningful work, being kinda a witch and kinda a doctor.

At the traffic light I sat there thinking, “Here I am – sitting here in this car. How lost I do feel, how much my life is in disarray and here I am knowing for myself that my life is forever changed. Remember this, Lindsay. Remember this and call the time.  This moment will be part of your story. You know how to change your life and you are starting this now.” What an incredibly ordinary moment to feel something so incredible amidst chaos and pain. Isn’t this how life goes? How career changes, divorce, baby-birthing and these kinds of waves? Death, new life, momentous change?

I had so far to go. I had so much to heal. Breathing in, I would go to my grave still contemplating this significance of the feeling I was experiencing – calling this time to enroll in acupuncture school. The wheels of my life had stopped spinning and were now spinning in a different way, pouring waves of conflicting and exhilarating feelings.

The value of this journey started with both the sorrow and the gratitude of this personal discovery, just going off the feeling itself and not saying what it should be like or how it should be. A deep wave of grace was caving into me. A present moment of gratitude and inspiration with my mind’s naming and shaming of why this hadn’t happened sooner or searching for where I got off track, who or what had gotten in the way.

I decided not to listen too much to that voice in my head. Instead, I went home. From then on, in a humble way, I went about cutting my losses so I could prepare with excitement and anticipation for my new path, enrolling in acupuncture school and getting more and more acupuncture for myself. Before yoga, it was acupuncture.

I bring this up because we are at a lunar eclipse today. This eclipse in this month of August is going to affect the trajectory of our life for the next six months to February, and the next level of our life’s journey. We need to let go of as much as possible that is not feeding our soul and our joy in order to usher in what greatness is in store.

This is also part of an eclipse season. So the changes we are making echo an astrological push, with revelation, and massive life change.

I bring up my first session in acupuncture because it is this level of change that we will be experiencing things. Remember this time. Call yourself by your first name.

On the one hand we have a devastating reality check of the old ways, old dreams of ourselves dashed against the rocks. Explosions and disruptions of whatever plans we sought and tried to make. Of who we thought we were (thinking we have this definition and plans are this finite thing).

On the other hand the gates of life are opening up to us the actual realization of our higher selves and our ultimate goals behind our intentions that we could never have planned for or guessed would come to the fore. This is an opportunity here. We are making a major connection point to our life purpose and the truth in our hearts of what we always “knew” all along.

This is a major completion and letting go (full moon themes) and a cornerstone or turning point for our career, our relationship, our health, the new community or support system that has been building over the past few months, and the deepening of our core values. Really, we are stepping into a whole new wisdom which is coming through at this time around who we are and where we are headed. We can’t go back to where we were because we are already being shown something bigger, better. We just have to accept the new ways we are being pushed forward despite all the work it took to get where we thought we needed to go or where we thought we were headed.

There are a lot of things that didn’t work out, or didn’t go to plan. This is a time to surrender to the lessons. We knew this all along. Nothing we have done, invested, or accomplished up to this point is a waste. All of our problems are understood, are natural, and have been placed here to be an integral part of our story. Live the story. Live it to tell it.

For now we are being given a gift. Accept whatever setbacks and reality checks as gifts and to move forward with the new plan that has been coming around with more and more signs since the spring, that’s telling you this is where you take you’re next step. Trust and take that next step.

This fall is a time for all of us to really go forward with the lessons and the personal disappointments. We have more available to succeed than we ever have before thanks to these experiences, and it’s time to integrate, transmute and take the stance that today is marking a major turning point of our new bright future.

Dust yourself off, and become one of the stars of your own life, in the story of the planets and moons. Happy Lunar Eclipse!!!

The Real Deal Earth Day


I just woke up from an upsetting dream. I walked into a room at a friend’s house where a bunch of people were sitting on couches watching TV. On the screen a dog was getting tortured with chemicals and being injected one by one by a circle of people around it. They were harming it and it lay there without fighting, helpless and afraid.

The whole scene was distressing and heart wrenching. I looked at everyone on the couch and noticed their immense apathy towards it, an towards me for reacting. They had blank stares, and a numbness to it all. Just another TV show, just another day.

Earth Day is on April 22nd in the United States and it’s a time when people plant trees and flowers, clean the trash from the roads, reflect about the amount of plastics and trash they use that hurt the environment, and how to cut down on what’s called the ‘carbon footprint‘.

Yet Earth Day is so much more than another day. Earth Day is about waking the f*k up! This TV show was toxic! This apathy was toxic! This dog was toxic! The dog didn’t do anything to anyone!!!

So many things have gone so wretchedly wrong that need healing. To heal the Earth means to adopt a radically different way of healing ourselves and conceiving of our role in health with the state of the earth. We are born children of the Earth, and the task is to return to ‘our nature.’

This is what my job as an acupuncturist is meant to do: to put people back in touch with their nature and how they truly are and how they truly want to feel. 

The kind of Earth consciousness I felt in my dream moved something in me on a deep level.

Maybe you were like me as a kid where you felt really bad for the kid who was bullied every day, or the insects and animals that were tortured, trees that were cut down, whales and marine life that suffered pollutants. Maybe you felt really sensitive to the environment so much so that you couldn’t stand those who disrespected Life, whether it was in the school yard or in the news.

Earth day is about moving out of apathy. Taking a stand against violence on all levels and bringing a sense of empathy to all living things and beings.

Last week on my commute to and from the office I saw two different people just roll down their car window and chuck some trash out onto the road.

I thought, “Really? We are living in the year 2016 and people are still this stupid about the environment?”

Why yes, we are very, very stupid. Don’t forget this video with Koko the gorilla from the COP21 environmental summit in Paris last December.

And I’ll bet many of you have a story about someone running their car with the A/C on in a parking lot and someone coming up to tell them to turn it off – and what a sh*tstorm that can be. (Apparently if a car is on more than 30 seconds, it becomes a waste and has no detriment to the transmission – something I learned in a Wyoming National Park).

If we are rising in consciousness and awareness as human beings, we must come to confront the social aspects with people from various backgrounds who are very unconscious and very unwise when it comes to our earth. Even people close to us, not just strangers in the road. Our health and our body is the example of earth, and our attitude sets the example of integrity and compassion for all of Life as a sensitive being.

Luckily I have found some friends who feel just as sensitively as I do to their health instead of me always having to defend my lifestyle. We all need that support when it comes to living in a conscious way with kindness and regard for our earth and the continuation of life.

Using Mother-Earth given intuition to make choices and promote changes that feel healthy and good is the most important thing anyone can do to honor the Earth. Negative people are always going to find a problem with whatever you do that you consider positive and empowering, so choose your friends wisely and trust the people who make you feel good just being yourself.

This is why Earth Day is so much more than a day of collecting trash from the side of the road. Earth Day is about harmony with people and nature, something that acupuncture, whole foods, herbs, and the health of our bodies promotes in us, which is growing stronger in the world every day the more people open up to these modalities.

There are so many stories out there of what Earth consciousness, body awareness, and holistic medicine can do for us personally. For those who can alter their world view to see a bigger picture of their symptoms connected to other things, people, and life events, it can be a very deep study and revelation for them, with rippling effects.

The munificence of the Earth is never ending in a way that a bigger picture can be drawn around a small issue that needs healing. The new paradigm  is a holistic philosophy. In health there is harmony, and enough for everyone.

The more we use the natural medicines of the earth, the more we learn to protect and value our bodies and the earth. The more we empower the miraculous healing of mother earth, the more she can heal us on radical levels far better than any man-made drug or miracle diet or latest health fad. The miracle of our healing comes from inside us and our ability to recognize who we are, how we feel, and stand up for nature which needs our help.

The more health we have in our bodies the more we can feel the unhealthy stuff in greater ways – not just food and cosmetic products but people, situations, the same old stuff that gets us in trouble and separates us from our truth. It’s like giving up wheat or processed food in your diet and then eating it a month later – we’ve changed and our chemistry has changed, and we see what is not harmonious.

For others who have been on this path for a while know that as we grow, we have greater need to support our biological system with higher vibrational foods and products from nature, which gentle on our system and our growing sensitivity.

For example, in going through acupuncture school and becoming a healer I gave up wheat, dairy. Then later after graduating, processed foods and sugar. Then I changed my toothpaste and mouthwash (same effectiveness as the fluoride ones) and shower products to natural ones. I also use the Diva Cup for my menstrual cycle. Then cutting out negative people (who directly or indirectly tried to hurt me) along with my negative self-esteem and martyrdom which were depended upon by others creating a toxic cycle of ups and downs. As I learned higher vibrational ways of being, I couldn’t stand to continue on as I had in the past. My health and healing practice has benefitted as a result of these changes.

Minding your health is the manner of creating a biofeedback loop with the messages you need to grow and move into higher phases of your life’s mission. This is your intuition and your ability to deeply understand what is going on inside of you, listening to the repetitive messages you receive and taking action on the first thing, even if it seems unrelated to your problem.


It’s a gift from Mother Earth, from nature, that is calling for you to pay attention. It’s not a curse. It’s a destiny that calls to you because you are strong enough to go for it, to heal yourself and to help and heal others because you come from an authentic, sincere place, and house an angelic nature within yourself that you have felt since you were a child.

As a sensitive person it’s important not to lose that gentleness and regard for nature and human beings. It’s a gift with so much to offer the more it is explored.

The more you resist, deny, and ignore the calls for your health from your intuition the stronger the voice will become until something happens where you are forced to listen to it. Mother nature is powerful indeed, and we have so much still to understand.

I hope you have a beautiful Earth Day, and for all the days we are given from Earth. Let it be a harmonious one.

And calling all Earth Angels – come and see me for acupuncture and get the support you need for your health and for your mission. Holistic medicine is the first step for your healthy Earth (your body) and thus the environment. Make an appointment here.