Acupuncture With A Side of Fried Chicken

I don’t eat fried chicken but I work at a place for fried chicken. The food will always be “Good.” “Amazing.” I say “You’ll love it” to people. Because they will love it. I tried the fried chicken once and it was amazing, and then I had diarrhea and migraines for days. I had to get to acupuncture pronto to help my gut. That, ginger root, and exercise helped it get totally better. And I will still sell both of those things to people touting their goodness for the right reasons.

Granted bar food is so easy to sell. “You’re here for the delicious bar food, right? Do you like grease? Spice? Drinks and beer cheese fries? Doing something totally indulgent? Sweet. Welcome and let me help you get you set up.”

I want to make selling acupuncture this easy. People walking into my clinic knowing what they wanna get, looking forward to the final product, and money is already on the table.

~ ~ ~


Since March I took this job at Crisp Restaurant + Bar in Shaw neighborhood of DC, a fast-changing part of D.C., with a lot of cute neighborhood digs.

The restaurant, on 1st and Rhode Island, best known for their hot chicken, a fried specialty, and classic southern-cooked sides such as mac n cheese (super cheesy), collard greens, french fries, banana pudding, and the famous craft cocktail like an Old Fashioned…

Though this chicken joint is ‘not me’ – it IS me.

As an acupuncturist I have been thinking the thoughts of WHO AM I if I eat gluten, or love cheesy mac n cheese, drink soda when I eat out, or have a few bottomless mimosas too many like these other customers are doing.

Where others drop their money on a six pack or some fried chicken, I will drop any amount of money on the right dairy-free milk, the right sugar-free kimchi, or the right gluten-free granola. Definitely I am a bit of a holistic fanatic.  If it’s natural and botanical, spiritual or transformational, high vibrating, food, supplements, or access to higher knowledge, I will pay top dollar. For example I will spend the extra $4 on a juice with juiced parsley in it because I know parsley helps eliminate mercury and free radical levels from the system.

Of course being well versed in the realms of healing, using holistic methods of healing (acupuncture, nutrition, rest, water, breathing exercises, chakra meditations, natural herbs or supplements, journaling, yoga what have you) is my job and I should invest in these things. It’s good to have high health standards so I can teach my patients. I coach people to solve their health concerns sustainably and holistically, helping to move their chi based on how cultivated I am in the cultivation and movement of my own chi.

I had a lot of fears going into a new service job (never mind that I had worked on a coffee bus on Hawaii). What would people think of me as a healer/health conscious person? Would I look less like an acupuncturist? Would I get ostracized or bullied by people at work for being ‘too holistic’? Would I fall back into some old habits (drinking, smoking, not sleeping enough, not exercising enough, whatever) that would negatively impact or compromise my health in some way? Would I pick up some bad friendships or bad vibes dealing with people or would I get along with everyone? And the bigger question for my career, how would I be in bigger and bigger environments around more and more people and still maintain healing presence and a sense of vitality to be able to heal? I ask these questions for myself and for many other practitioners of healing arts or who feel a calling to take holistic measures in their lives but also have to be out in the world interacting with many different businesses, working otherwise for yourself and paying all the bills.

I have been able to make this experience work for me despite my past experiences in bars, in the nightlife lifestyle, which is bringing up past times I was bullied (really!) for having food intolerances or wanting to go to bed early, dealing with bad vibes, and getting myself into trouble. I had shut myself off and distanced myself a lot from what represented to me these oppositional forces. I’ve adopted that I just need to be in the moment with my experience. (Isn’t that always the answer?)

I can now love and accept the irony here. Doing something I want to do that is the opposite of what people expect is part of a soul expansion I am doing- something my soul needs to explore and learn from and grow from for reasons that are mysterious. (This is in fact the hallmark sign of soul work).


And I’ll close with a story that I feel is related, learning not to take yourself too seriously making life out to be so linear or absolute…that healing is neither linear or absolute:

In the car on the way home from a retreat with my acupuncture class, I told a friend a bit too preemptively, and a bit too boldly (I was a little grumpy at the time) that she, a recovering alcoholic going to meeting Alcoholics Anonymous, would one day find herself  years from now able to have a drink without calling herself or labeling herself an alcoholic, or feeling the pain or guilt at any trajectory of relapse. I was being a bit of a devil’s advocate.

Of course she got really mad at me because AA was her life, her support, and her community at that point in her recovery. Duh, it was upsetting to her when so much of her life and her transition was tied to this 12-Step program (which is really an amazing resource for people struggling with addictions). I felt bad after I said it, it was not my place to say, and even in my grumpy state, it was coming from a good intention. At the time I had just finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ and he made this exact point about an alcoholic in recovery.

I know it sounds kinda mean and maybe crazy, especially to people who have struggled with addiction (which, if we lived in our 20s, we all probably have). Definitely we can all agree any addiction is a brain disease (an escape, seeking comfort from the outside, seeking to change your state to avoid old unidentified patterns of pain) that takes a lot of time to heal, undoing karma with people interpersonally and reworking the structure of your life.

I wanted to leave with this above idea anyway, that there will come a day when we don’t need to identify with what we’ve been handed and the wounds we were meant to bear, the labels we have had to carry – we need the story and we need to move beyond the story. Ultimately.

And that would be freeing. Imagine how liberating that would be, if we aren’t these realities, we have already overcome what we ‘thought’ we were without even trying.  We realize we didn’t need those things to be sane anyway, everything is wrote, and we can trust ourselves exactly for who we are for now anyway.

How often do we take for granted how much we have changed that would make an outcome totally different if we truly saw ourselves for who we are Today?

It’s important to continuously let go of the past, identifying with it, letting it define who we are. We can’t let just anything in our life DEFINE us. These things of ‘WHO AM I’ of where I eat, where I work, what I do, who I connect with are not ME – IDENTIFIED. Doing that will limit where our soul needs to experience everything.

I was moved that what I felt was called for was to be a server, and I smile to myself when I think of the term ‘server.’ It’s about being humble and getting your work done and being there for people.

I decided I would trust this idea that kept repeatedly entering my mind (even before my friend who owns the place offered that I come in). I realized I like the service industry a lot. I like the people I interact with. I like the community and the camaraderie and doing business with people. The people I work with at Crisp feel like family, and each of us has our important role which feels very grounding.

I want to sell acupuncture and create community and family. I want to make holistic healthcare as accessible and wonderful as rich greasy food is to the American diet. I am learning about creating the consistency and proper nourishment for everyday people and how to serve up exactly what they want every day. Like a cold beer that could actually be good for you. 🙂

5 Spring Wellness Tips

Spring can be spiky. Here are some tips.

Spring is here! Sort of! Wait winter. No spring! Flowers! Snow. Warm breeze! Freezing wintery mix.

Transitioning into Spring can be a lot for people. There’s always changes in the weather and the activity, not knowing where the energy is best directed. Things are slow to start, and there’s impatience and a sense of a surge, a rush, a need to get somewhere, grow somewhere, like the little buds on the trees.

There can also be mood swings, anger, and frustration or just plain depression for people with cranky liver chi navigating through all this.

Despite putting lemons in my water each morning, stretching and some seated meditation, crossing some needed things off my to-do list, I find the spring to be one of the more sneaky seasons that can get the best of me if I am not careful and mindful of the spring energy.

My health has historically had cranky issues in the spring, or the ‘Wood Phase’ of five

How tunnel vision feels.. somewhat of a magical kaleidoscope!

element acupuncture. I have floaters in my eyes after looking at bright lights, dizziness if I stand up too fast, and occasional migraines.

I know these symptoms occur after a couple days of not sleeping well, not having enough water, not eating proper foods, or going too hard on a night out. As a woman, bleeding on the heavier side every month, menstrual issues also contribute to these signs and symptoms of blood deficiency, or Liver yin deficiency.

So what are some methods for dealing with the Liver, the official in charge of the smooth flow of chi, the storage of blood, the sinews and tendons, clear sight in the eyes, and the overall energy that is rising up in nature and in our bodies?

And not forgetting the Gall Bladder, the yang to the Liver’s yin, in charge of wise decision, proper perspective, and just action? The back and forth decision making, lack of decision making, lack of action, are things found under the realm of Gall Bladder’s ability to carry out the orders of the Liver. The Gall Bladder is the envoy of the General.  Who has the plans and the gall (hardy-har) to carry out the fresh plans springing forth for this new cycle?

Here are some things I always recommend to my patients:


I recommend people drink at least two water bottles full of water a day, ideally more. Water moistens the eyes, sinews, and blood for smoother flow of chi.  It improves mood, energy, and stamina.

On a whole, people don’t drink enough water. Sugary drinks actually overwork the Liver, messing up our metabolism and making us more dehydrated. Simple, yummy water with cucumbers or charcoal powder (so good!), lemon, spirulina for alkalinity, are the best sizzurp to slurp while you kill it in your workaday or weekend mode.



With the weather constantly changing from cold to warm again, contracting and expanding, it’s important to find balance through stretching major muscle groups and tendons around the major articulations of the joints, especially at the groin as the Liver sinew meridian binds there.

Do some lunges with the arms up such as the warrior series in yoga, especially Peaceful Warrior  which is sort of a backbend, helping to open up the diaphragm and regulate breathing (for example, if patients come in taking big heaving sighs every so often I know they have some congestion in their Liver constricting in the diaphragm. It’s a sign they have a lot of stress!).

Stretching helps get things moving again. This is not unlike the trees getting their sap from the ground to start growing again. As you see them bend more in the wind you know they are returning to life – just like you after a good stretching session!

If you have a specific area that is in pain, spend ten extra minutes on the floor with a towel, on a foam roller, or on a yoga mat getting into a position that helps stretch this area and make it feel good and alive. Stay away from ice as it’s too contracting and more often yields more pain. Drink water.

Overall take time to stretch before and after your gym session, take a yoga class, get outside and get moving again to start aligning your body with the energy.



Because of all the rising chi, and its affects on our mood, our body, and our plans for spring, it’s a great idea to moderate the things that get you off track in your plans.

Excess sugar, overly rich oily/greasy foods, excess alcohol, weed, prescription pain killers and the like need to be reduced or in some cases eliminated. Listen to what your body needs.

Naked meditating never hurt anyone!

It’s not a coincidence that many religions incorporate a fasting or abstinence period during this time of year. You may be feeling more sensitively to these things now as the Liver, in this season, is in charge of metabolizing and moving these things all around the body. Nutritionally, this is especially true for oils and sugars. Have berries, lemons, cilantro, parsley, seeds and nuts, salmon, and things that detox the blood and get you your omega 3s and 6s. If you lose a lot of blood each month, or have some of the descriptions I described of myself above, take an iron supplement with your meal.

The result is that you will be feeling more alert, awake, clear headed and responsive to the ups and downs of spring with the weather, the frustrations of things not going as planned, and its resulting mood swings. I find the mood swings in spring to be brutal and having no rhyme or reason, they just come in like a gust of wind and leave just as quickly, however if the blood is vital, our mood and energy cycles are less erratic and the season can be experienced with more ease.



I know this sounds crazy to many. I am a night owl more than a spring chicken myself, and this is not an easy one for me. But it’s a good one to put on this list. The night time is the time the Liver and Gall Bladder store and clean the blood, going to bed by this time can help them do their job more effectively. Do your best to finish eating dinner by 8pm so the digestion has time to deliver the nutrients to the blood, then be horizontal in bed by 11 so these organs can move the blood into the Liver to be stored and cleaned while we sleep. The result for my body has been waking up refreshed and clear, feeling less groggy and heavy. In the Chinese medicine clock, the Gall Bladder has its hours between 11 and 1AM and the Liver from 1-3AM.



This is the time of year to take some of your big dreams to seed. This is the year of the Rooster as well, which is about planning properly and giving everything its due process. It may not all be able to happen in one year, but the first part will!

Look at your calendar. What do you want to have finished one month from now, accomplished three months, six months, a year from now?

What are your plans? What decisions need to be made right now so you can plant your spring crops for harvest season in the fall? What needs to go? What can be added?

The Spirit of the Liver official is the hun which governs our imagination and dreams. It leaves us during sleep and goes to a different place where we have dreams and returns in the morning so we remember what we have dreamt. It comprises all of life- whatever can be seen or imagined is by extension real and can be manifested. All of life’s greatest inventions and technologies, all of the things we take for granted in this life like asphalt and potato peelers were once a dream of some individual who made a big impact. Let yourself dream big for your life. Don’t share this with anyone, just store it in your heart and use it as fuel to set things in motion. We all need a dream and a purpose pulling us forward. And it never ends. After it’s one thing, it’s the next thing. What we are in charge of is this, right now. The right decision, the right action, and the right direction (Gall Bladder) to take us freely and directly to our bliss.



That uplifted, invigorated feeling is a hallmark of spring feva’ – that can-do, anything-is-possible, conquer-the-world Springtime High. It’s like the feeling of being wonderfully, happily inebriated at the bar with your friends except even better than that because everything on your to-do list is done, the hangover just-let-me-die-feeling never arrives, and you are ready for what awesome thing will be conquered next in your Dream-life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Happy Spring, with the equinox around the corner! Sign up for my newsletter below:

How To Meditate

There are certainly a lot of people who can speak about meditation and how to meditate. But not all of them are acupuncturists, or classical Chinese medicine acupuncturists with a psychic bent. I wanted to write down and speak to my own experience with meditation and offer how I meditate because for those who know me and how committed I am to spiritual growth, there could be some new information that someone has not considered before to incorporate into their own practice or routine.

I get asked this question from patients and friends and it’s hard to start with just one thing, so I’m going to line up everything I know and my own experiences with meditation to help illuminate this subject more for people.

The first part about meditating is to do it often. It needs to be an integral part of a routine, set up every time, performed the same way. I’m someone who likes variety in my day and variety in activities over the week, but the morning routine and evening or nightly routine is always the same. I need it to be, because it serves as kind of a ‘control group’ in this entrepreneurial ‘experiment’ I am calling my life.

The environment: it works when you have a certain area of the house for meditations so that the things in and around this area are imbued with ‘the feels’ of a meditation and healing space (to use a popular colloquial term). The more you use it and bring this energy to it, the more you can feel it. It’s like the difference of walking into a spa versus walking into work – it just feels different because it’s used specifically.

Whatever section of your bedroom, living room, back room/study you meditate in, make it free of tech and wires which are very yang. This is a time for yin and receptive energy.

Sit on the same pillow or chair, and have some unique or meaningful garment like a special shawl that you wear. Special items from your childhood or ancestry, gems, flowers in a vase and a lighted candle give life to the space. Every time you sit there, every time you wrap the shawl over your shoulders, you are going to feel the good vibrations you left there before, and it’s only going to add to your brain’s ability to open more fully into each session. On a metaphysical level, the preparations you do beforehand, like draping the shawl, lighting the incense or the candle, are a sign for the astral energies in the body to get ready to enter into this state of consciousness.

Meditation is like brain gym at first. It’s learning how to have no thoughts. You’re not putting anything in there, it’s more you are stripping everything away. Each thought that you do have that arises is part of a larger portrait of your consciousness which via meditation, is zooming outward and further outward into a place of observing, observing, observing. It’s amazing what this state of awareness can offer.

There are many meditation techniques I recommend and there are different ways of adopting them and seeing which one works for you. I will be uploading some recorded meditations on here for you to experiment with in the near future so check back here soon, or join my newsletter to receive such updates.


The first kind of meditation I recommend is a general breathing and noticing meditation. It starts with scanning the body and noticing different areas of tension or holding and breathing slowly into those places. I do this anywhere and anytime I feel scattered, stressed, and ungrounded.

The best times to meditate I find are in the morning, mid- to late-afternoon and anywhere in between where I feel my energy leaking or drained. (Meditation can be used anywhere – however it is not recommended while driving!)

As I make a scan of my body to all the various places, I notice pain, darkness or contraction in my body, and also my thoughts about these pains. Ironically the more receptive I am to the state of my body the more the pains subside and dissipate. Many people do not know or appreciate meditation’s ability to manage and mitigate pain and the pain receptors in the brain in real time.

The second type of meditation I use is a clearing one, which clears the body of excess, dirty energy, and cuts energetic chords. This is done first by doing the first meditation described above for a few minutes for the mind and the breath to calm the nervous system. Then, visualize a grounding chord from your first chakra (a wheel of energy located between the anus and the bottom of the tailbone) into the earth. Imagine it so fully that you can pretty much feel it pulling you downward like your body weighs one thousand pounds. Your chord can be made of elevator cable, sturdy sailing rope, fine golden string… The point is to feel it anchoring you. Play around with this chord to visualize and feel it to be sturdy like no one or nothing could ever cut it or detach it from you. Send the chord down to what you imagine to be the center of the earth under layer of soil, silt, sand, rock, and molten lava (anyone else having ‘Animaniac’ cartoon flashbacks? – The episode when they travel to the center of the earth? Please comment below if you know!).

Connect the chord to the earth energy at the center of the earth and reinforce your chord with white light. Then one by one send all the stuff that’s heavy, shadowy or burdensome own the chord to be eliminated, perhaps using colors or shapes and ‘watching’ them, feeling them go down the chord, dropping into the lava and then that release and lighter feeling. Some things you try to release may be stubborn and get stuck halfway down, therefore it’s helpful to repeat, “I release this to the universe for the highest good of all” or some other blessing acknowledging what it served to teach you and allowing it to transform. I got this advice from psychic Debra Lynn Katz and I still use it for clearing. You imagine each thing moving out of you and then you can really start to feel grounded and what’s even more, like yourself again.

This is helpful especially when you feel you are still carrying some baggage from previous encounters, conversations, or some situational negativity that just won’t let up. If you find yourself walking away from something in more of a negative or bad mood, it’s a sign you have absorbed some of that energy. It’s natural. It’s part of being a human in the world and not necessarily your fault or another’s, but you do have the responsibility to clean it up.

Another level of this meditation is doing chakra chord-cutting. Taking a scan of the body in the first meditation, then establishing a grounding chord in the second meditation, as you clear different things and scan your energy wheels going up the spine (first, second, third, and up to seventh chakras above the crown of the head), you may feel certain people’s energy around those areas. I tend to feel this the most around the lower belly of the second chakra, in the heart, or around the neck) where you are subconsciously mingling energies with that other person’s chakra. This is more another layer to pay attention to as you are clearing. And in this fashion, imagining huge scissors slicing through these chords to break them and watching them fall to the ground.

The third kind of meditation that I use is a dynamic meditation using the Law of Attraction. This is like the second meditation, except instead of clearing, you are visually and/or emotionally playing with some images and feelings of what you deeply desire or want to manifest in your life in how you want to feel and be in what you see as your ‘future self.’

I love this kind of meditation because the dynamics really improve my mood and my outlook on life, as well as my wellbeing. This is where the power of meditation really makes its trademark because the things you can notice or feel psychically while under this altered state of consciousness you can also notice or perceive more and more in the gross levels of eyes open out in the real world. The life of our dreams and the life ‘out there’ start to blend. This is where you hear of concert pianists or sports athletes visualizing every minute of their performance and their success. It’s a powerful tool which can cure depression and hopelessness.

All three of these meditations can be all in one 45 minute-an hour sitting or done one-by-one with the intention desired.

Some side effects of meditation are increased happiness, self esteem, love, along with reduced stress, anxiety, depression as well as reduced pain as I mentioned. Some people feel a sense of euphoria while it is going on, and some even orgasm – this is not uncommon. In addition to these things, intuition, psychic acuity vastly increases as well as inner clarity and one’s sense of purpose and will.

Another rarely mentioned side affect of these meditations can be a sort of dizziness and ungrounded-ness like where the room, the floor, the body seems to have disappeared and your consciousness is going through a spacial void and there’s no sensation of physical reality. It’s not a bad thing, or wrong, although it feels very weird! This happens to me a lot, especially when using incenses with psychoactive properties in them such as frankincense, myrrh, and the stronger ones like nag champa (no wonder Jesus was so enlightened!). It is still a weird feeling, but I’ve gotten used to it and am better at controlling it. Keep observing the breath, maybe flicker your eyes open once or twice to remind yourself of your alter, and ask the energy to slow and dim itself a bit. Sometimes our spiritual guides get really excited that we are doing this healing work that when a strong light being comes into our field it can unbalance us for a minute. When this happens to me I give thanks for the new energy field and for the guide for bringing this healing to me, and then I ask it to be a little less so I can integrate.

Always remember in meditation working with negative and positive energies, you are always in command over them. Keep observing and zooming out of your experience like you are watching yourself from a corner of the room or from above. Use your words and your prayer to focus and direct the energy where you want it to go. Keep observing the experience. Keep a timer and a journal nearby to ground you.

A lot of people don’t like to start meditation because they “don’t have time” and they “can’t sit still.” But they do have time for being stressed out, scatter-brained, and feeling out of control! As with any new practice, it’s more about consistency than the amount of time as the brain gets used to new stimuli and makes new energy pathways (which arrive as discomfort in the beginning).

I encourage five to ten minutes once a day to start. First thing in the morning is a great time when the mind is calm, and it sets a good tone for the day. Then going to twice a day like before bed, or in the afternoon/evening when the day’s rhythm switches up. If you can sit for 10 minutes, then you can sit for 20, 30 and even up to an hour! Start with just five. Depending on my mood I sit up or lie down, or prop pillows behind my back or under my knees.

Yoga stretches beforehand can help the hips and spine relax more comfortably. Hand mudras, and breathing techniques such as holding for four counts, releasing for eight (and so forth – especially helpful in the beginning as breath is directly linked to the nervous system) all increase the sensations of the meditation and the ability to stay focused on the emptiness of mind as well as the conjuring of visualizations.

Have fun with these! Leave a message or comment below if you have any questions. Tell me about an experience you have, or what you notice shifting for your wellness. I promise you this will only bring very positive results!


Spring Cleaning For the Empath

It goes without saying, being empathic means you feel and experience the world a bit differently that everyone else. Feeling and thinking very deeply about the world in its micro- and macrocosmic layers, noticing signs and people on these inner intuitive levels with the body consciousness is just the baseline awareness for you. That’s why in this transition from winter to spring it’s important to take care of what energies are leaving and what new ones arriving.

In the paragraphs below, whatever resonates with you the most is where you can start on your detox. Feel into your body giving you signs. This is the intuitive part of your body which knows what it needs to help you on your life’s purpose – which for empaths is always front and center to everything they do!

In astrology (something I have been researching more and more these days), there has been a lot of heavy energy, phases ending, grief, emotional chaos, past illusions, and falsehood fading away.  We had a solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th augmenting the ending of a period that started in October 2013. As an empath you could be feeling all of this, and noticing others going through similar energetic thresholds with the past as you are.

With all this backlogging of emotional pain, dreams deferred or squashed and any illusions we have fostered in ourselves over these two years, along with the equinox marking the time for spring, nature is helping us to make a new start. The call is to allow this period to greatly detox us from the energies our past so we can start this new period with fresh energy.

Keeping the body clean and free of chemicals or harsh substances is very important to the empath in health. It’s a great time of year where it feels good to have sobriety, clarity and focus on what’s important. Cultivating freshness of the mind through mindfulness and cleaning bad, toxic thoughts from our system through meditation helps potentiate the proverbial seeds of our projects that we are fostering this year and in the future.Sprouts in Glass Jar

You may be feeling called to eat less and eat cleaner, lighter, higher vibrational foods like fresh greens, antioxidants, tea instead of coffee, and lots of water. Sprouts, thistles like asparagus and artichoke, berries, citrus are great seasonal nutrition at this time. Watch sugar intake as well. Try to have maple syrup, honey, stevia, cooked fruit like apples and pears to replace white and processed sugars.

Because the body is such an important part of intuition, psychic ability, and clairvoyant sight into the future, the sensitive empath may choose to try a movement or fitness class never tried before, taking up a new sport, or making opportunities for getting outside more to be able to hear these clues, insights, and illumination from within for guidance. The body wants to move in new ways during this time, which calms the mind to be able to listen to the heart, cleansing the lymphatic and circulatory system.IMG_2159

As an empath going through these motions you may find yourself first called to declutter and detox your space. Wash all the bed linens, put away blankets, remove the heavy winter rugs, rearrange furniture to remind you of the newness and freshness of spring. Add flowers, floral prints, or buy a little plant at the plant store. Collect any crystals you have and cleanse them in the moonlight, with sea salt, or sage. Give away or throw out things you don’t think about or care about or don’t reflect who you are as a person anymore. Open the windows and let some fresh air and oxygen into the space.

On the emotional plane you could be feeling pulled in many different directions with many different people, or find yourself confronted with the reality of another’s pain with your own pain. This is part of the solar eclipse I mentioned earlier. If you haven’t been dealing with it, at least now you are seeing it in retrospect from your higher self. It’s easy to feel people’s emotions and get caught up in their dramas as if they were your own. It’s natural to want to help, but look at the aspects in your life where it has not been helping since October 2013 and take a stand for yourself now.

Using some of these tips will help break up the old to honor the new coming in. Remember that you are special and that honoring your body and listening to your innate intuition will bring many miracles and blessings into your life. This is a season about change in the most basic way, so embrace the ways you naturally feel inclined for this change.

Another thing in my tool bucket is seeing a health and wellness professional to help keep me accountable and engaged in my new routine. Body work, coaching, nutrition…Now is a great time to set up an acupuncture session with me to help move blood and qi, and supporting the body’s natural transition and detoxification of itself for maximum wellness. It also boosts immune function for those suffering from allergies on a physical level, or boundaries with the environment on a psycho-spiritual level.

What ways are you feeling the shift into spring? What are you noticing in your body when you step outside? What other things do you feel about this season in your intuition? Elaborate on your own experience by leaving a comment below.

On Stress and Drama Addiction

I’ve been reading bits and pieces from Doreen Virtue’s book Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle and received some really interesting new information about stress.

For me this was especially as it pertains to drama and more of the emotional centers which persistently attract the same types of stress over and over.

There’s the obvious or acute stress, like having a stressful day at work, and then there’s low-grade chronic stress which is often less detectable and has more to do with emotional traps in our relationships that we set for ourselves.

It’s the form of a habit, like constantly being late for instance, saying ‘yes’ to too many commitments, or never feeling like we are enough for someone or doing enough for someone. The stress gives us a feedback that what we are doing is okay in the moment because we got the person to react or not react, but then we realize it then backfires on us if later down the line because we don’t realize it was out of our integrity.

The stress response involves two types of hormones, first the feel-good, calm, relaxing and happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine when we first get our need met – like getting together with someone for the first time. Or having a good water-cooler gossip session in the middle of a long work day, taking extra sugar, overeating, constantly doing social media, or dipping into our addictive habits.

The fix lasts anywhere from one minute to a couple hours or a day depending on how much we reach for it and how long it lasts – i.e. how bad we are experiencing the stress.

After the good-feeling wears off, we can feel oncoming stress. Cortisol is released to help us cope with the stress. Cortisol is released in the body when we’ve had little sleep, too much caffeine, severe trauma or stressful events, or very low blood sugar or all of the above (as is typical of most working Americans). It circulates through our blood so that our blood pressure goes up, our nervous systems are on high alert with the little things to set us off, immune functioning is low, inflammation is high. Moreover, our brain can be inflamed, firing off so many overwhelming thoughts that we don’t know what to think or do next – we just feel crazy.


The call is to pay attention to these ups and downs that seem never to resolve themselves. Why do you reach for these things without thinking? Why can’t we get off of autopilot? It takes at least half an hour to an hour of journaling, quiet, and self-study to look at each step precipitating the stressed getting honest about what does and does not cause our stress.

Whether it is taking care of our bodies, doing a budget, having a real conversation with someone. Usually the source of our stress is a bodily response to an underlying intuition, repetitive advice or calling to do something. It all starts from inside first and starting to listen to and understand our automatic patterns to construct new liberated ways of thinking.

Another thing is getting acupuncture. Acupuncture treatments naturally increase the hormones that are good for the body and reverse effects of too much cortisol, inflammation and stress. Not only that, but it calms the mind, calms the thoughts, and regulates the brain chemistry from getting too toxic. New thoughts and more healing in every session!

Trust Everything

We can trust everything the way it’s playing out.
Just like the invisible force between two small magnets, the utmost negative and utmost positive keeps between themselves a space, and you can’t fully press them together.
We are all suspended here as a planet floating in that dynamic space that just won’t settle or disappear, orbiting between negative and positive in such matching frequency that in coming together, they are always moving, no matter how strongly you pinch them.
We can therefore trust the whole balance of the Creator energy with that that we ARE being supported, suspended, that this dynamic serves our personal growth sprung from the negative-positive poles of those masculine-feminine loins.
In Chinese classical medicine this is also yin and yang.
A little life force energy of what makes us so attractive to everything we are attracted to!
So then. Trust.
Even if we have to retrace our steps a little bit to really get it- really Trust.
Nothing isn’t just nothing… We live in it!! We are it!!! It’s something!!! It’s really something.
And to remark that it even exists at all…!