Spiritual Curatives For Emotional Distress


[Editor’s note: I originally channeled this message the morning of my Vision Board Workshop on January 3rd. I didn’t share it with anyone, yet I feel very strongly to share it today. I happened to have found it today even though I didn’t open it on my computer…hmm.

In light of the recent events of protests and marches, the intense debates online and in the media, the nauseating news stories of the anger, hatred, fear, vitriol that is being introduced by the racist, sexist, money-driven white supremacists running the White House in America and all the people who find themselves caught and unable to look away, feeling helpless, I needed to teach about something I know on the subject.

This is the broadcast for all self-reflective, sensitive, caring and loving individuals, activists, artists, healers on this path who feel affected by what’s going on in the world in some way, who are caught up in the drama, the internet trolls out there, the general malaise of all their friends and family and want to become aware of their own energy field to be better able to cleanse, heal, and serve. Read on:]

Our purpose is to channel love.

Our body is a vessel for spirit to act out its destiny.

Each one of us is a vessel for our own heart’s spirit, the spirits of many other people around us in our lives, and the spirit of nature.

There is a call to bring our Spirit to become alive again, to refresh our purpose and return to our calling to continue to reform and improve society.

I experience in my practice and in the healing of myself and others that there are certain things you can do to bring Spirit to Body. These things all elicit a palpable feeling state of flow for everyone, some having more of a palpable affect of the feeling state of spirituality in the body than others. As you look over this list, you can perhaps recall a time that you experienced something out of the ordinary yet possessing a certain type of miraculous feeling – a “life is a miracle” feeling where you had new eyes and senses from which to perceive the world, new life, new spirit.   These feeling state awareness come in the form of the following activities/items:

  • Taking a Shower
  • Writing a poem or making art
  • Exercising/Sweating
  • Yoga T’ai Ch’i or Qi Gong
  • Going to the movies or reading a powerful book
  • Doing a breathing technique
  • Praying, going to a temple or house of prayer
  • Using stones, crystals or gems
  • Taking a salt bath
  • Having a conversation with a friend or lover that’s really meaningful
  • Writing in your journal
  • Using sage, incense or a candle for cleansing
  • Meditating
  • Participating in a ritual with a tribe or shaman where there is chanting, singing and sacred music with or without the use of an entheogen
  • Sitar, gong, or singing bowl sound healing
  • Getting body work


Getting an acupuncture treatment is among the first and most effective naturally healthy and gentle ways to clear your energy field that I have found for my journey personally. The list above can cure the subtle and denser layers in the physical body, that which would normally disturb our ability to see and perceive life through the eyes of love and infinite possibility.

Our spirit continuously renews in the matter in these ways, and having an unending position of gratitude for it increases its potency even more.


In acupuncture I sense people’s energetic availability in the moment and I have a psychic knowing sense of the various things that are bothering them. I can hear their pain, and where there is a need to let go of certain thought form entities of stuck energy that need to be removed and worked out of the density and released.

We all have sticky auras, because we all need other people to help us grow and evolve, and this is part of our purpose to become aware of these things that were once betrayed to us in the matter. 

The negative entities get in to our bodies starting as some experience in our life that never got cleared and kept being added to our thoughts and memories so much so that it began replaying in our reality day to day. As it grew stronger over the months and years it began to become shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, lower back pain.

It would come into the body or manifest in the body during certain periods of emotional stress and discomfort reminiscent of this initial invasion. Interestingly it wouldn’t show up at other times when things were more calm like they had gotten out of the environment or away from the person which was caustic, or they became distracted and enlivened by something that made them happy (or by doing one of the above things on the list!) either for a small window of time or through an intentional lifestyle change. There was a disconnect to this thought form which made room for new life and new healing and the freedom of their spirit to exist in the world in a new way.

This is what happens from living out in the world and being subject to life as human beings between heaven and earth, light and dark, form and ether. In order to grow and advance and move into uncharted territory in our lives we have to mitigate our energetic body living in the present moment with the inertia of our past.

We have to be willing to do the present moment, mindful energy work that is necessary to take a quantum leap. We must locate spirit in our lives and see spirit in life and feel spirit in our bodies to be able to heal these things. Whether momentarily or for a lifetime  these spiritual beings incorporate in us so we can, as mediums, be able to augment or eliminate them at will to feel more at ease and control in our lives. All of us are masters of our own lives and healers of our own energy, learning quite a lot over our lifetime about ourselves.


I’m seeking to take something esoteric like spirit and spirituality and make it physically understood for people so they can have a sense understanding in their body what this feeling is and why it’s important to pay attention to it.

To talk about addictions briefly

This is a repetitive cycle that is compounded of many different influences, ancestral karma, and hurts over time. The longer something goes unexamined, the more it can grow into our bodies causing pain and causing layers of pain. As we release the layers we spiritually grow and are able to help others release these wounds on an exponential scale which helps the whole world.

Addiction is a disease in the mind that we must cure that has a psychological and bodily response in us, causing us to go on automatic to quell the outside stressor that is coming in. We don’t know what we don’t know until we are placed out of the habit or environment that was keeping us numb to our own wisdom our body constantly communicates to us.

Strong addiction is an endless cycle that keeps repeating as the body starts to get used to the highs and lows from the initial impact(s) considering it a normal bodily state. Scientifically speaking, our body adapts to the radical hormone fluctuations that are propagated through the stressor, along with the substance or emotion that comes as an automatic response.

If it’s not an alcohol or narcotic or some other addiction to things, it’s a love addiction or a drama addiction with social implications where the mind can creates upsets like “I’m not getting enough attention,” “I’m not being shown enough love,” “That person is treating me badly,” to act out old recordings of our past. This invokes a familiar pain which we on a subconscious level attract and need to experience over and over again until we receive the instructions for how to unplug from these drainages in our energy system. This pain is so we can grow and manifest under new paradigms the thoughts and beliefs which are in the alignment of self love and forgiveness, defined by us as the masters of our inner world.


We can easily react from the position of the innocent children as the victim, yet the call is to accept everything that happened to us and is happening to us not as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ notions but to realize that somewhere there’s a karmic ballpark where everything that everyone is doing to one another makes sense for the grander plane of the love unfolding in the world.

Practice one of these self care rituals for half an hour every day and listen to how your body feels before and after.

Receiving healing work from a self-cultivated practitioner such as an acupuncturist can help greatly to unravel these patterns so the body can begin to direct us in healthy ways where we have gone astray from listening intuitively within.

We are made of 90% water, with the same organic compounds as other living beings, soil, and the stars in the sky. It is helpful to use substances from nature for healing such as the ocean or the moon can help to bring these emotions and disruptions out of our body. Salt baths, crystals, as I mention, are some of the things that vibrate at a naturally higher frequency. Nature is constantly trying to help us. The more we can align with the cycles and the gifts of the seasons for great health and ease in life.

The goal of all my mentioning this to you is to be in the present moment with total forgiveness, without judging the mystery of the unknown past and future as it presents itself to us.

As human beings forgiveness for the moment is essential for how we choose our perceptions of reality. We have a soul-need to play out the dark and the light forces in the physical time and space with denser and slower energy of the bodily tissues as we move about, interact, and transform our perception of the world. We are subject to the wills of spirit as matter bumping around with other matter.

When we have the power of forgiveness in our heart we are endlessly renewed to be present in the moment and we don’t get stuck in the illusion of the other thing/person outside of ourselves. We can act according to our higher self in the moment because we are not mindlessly acting from some past hurt or sadness, resentment, anger, fear, grief, or even joy or sympathy in our life (the five emotions in Chinese 5-element acupuncture). From a higher place, the moment contains all power to manifest the justice of our soul’s perception.

Consciousness will spread. The Truth can never be hidden. The messages Spirit needs to come through our channel, is what is meant to be alive and embodied for the matter destiny wherein all beings evolve simultaneously.


Spirit is always guiding us.  They want to be part of this process with us. The closer we come to the present moment, the more we can allow ourselves to observe the illusion.

When we do this we find new feelings of satisfaction in our day to day life, which is what Abraham Hicks, channeled by Esther Hicks, calls “being in the vortex.” This is the augmentation of positive feelings and a sense of devotion to our higher purpose. This is a feeling state of limitless being which is creating opportunities for effortless magnetism and natural abundance to flow to us. With practice we will be able to sustain these periods of flow and abundance for longer and longer periods.  The grace that is given to us will be given in greater amounts as we transmit these acts of grace to other people.

So the time is to raise our consciousness. The time now is to keep cleaning our bodies and our mental of our attitudes and beliefs. Clean the food that comes in our mouth, purify the water, clean the places we sleep and work, the people we let into our sacred space of intimacy and vulnerability. Go with your intuition. Pick your battles. Retreat when necessary, but never give up on being the sensitive being you are. The world needs this sensitivity. We are hear to uplift others and receive the divine blessings which are abundant now.

With Love,


Living In An Acupuncture Body

Acupuncture amazes me. As a patient and as a practitioner, I fell in love with this medicine because it gave me the means to explore my health condition in a way that addressed my concurrent need to explore underlying issues in my physical state within my deeper consciousness. I longed to know myself so I could know what to do next.
Acupuncture allows an all-natural access to the ‘Gates of Life’ (using Governor Vessel 4’s point name here for metaphor). These are portals to higher and higher understanding of our body’s wisdom and the trickle down effect of very subtle pattern imprinting over our lifetime (and from previous lifetimes in our ancestry).

Acupuncture breaks up old vibrations to create new ways of being to serve us in the Now. The healing results in not just new thoughts, new possibilities for us conceptually, but the literal embodiment of health and renewal: new movements in our eyes, new voices from our tongue, new gestures in our hands and a renewal of literally everything that our watery body can move through via the gates of this life-giving chi.


Today I treated a woman opening one of these ‘gates’ to her by calling her in that moment to the feeling sensation of her body – from the pins and where they were placed around her body. In guiding her through that feeling-state-sensation of the chi, she could begin to feel lightness, the movement of life and health that the acupuncture needles were beginning to augment. As I guided her she was able to become present to her state to create a real-time shift in herself.
Because her body was already undergoing a reassignment of the alpha and theta wave-states of her brain, deep in her subconscious in her parasympathetic state, she was able to have a very comfortable out-of-body experience coupled with a very powerful visualization quite meaningful to her. She recounted this to me afterwards with wonder and amazement.
For the fact that this energy cannot be bottled in a pill makes it a most valuable healing commodity in its own right. Everyone who lives in a body has access to this healing force which acupuncture makes real. It’s not a concept. It’s not a placebo – I believe those experiments have validity but are out-dated in today’s world, with so many of us sensitive Indigos, sensitive to energy.
These experiences can be directed through acupuncture. They are happening on ethereal layers in our aura, in the kinetic layers in our tissues and muscles, and down to the densest material in our bones.
For those suffering in pain in their body who have tried everything for their condition yet still find options limited, who feel caught and blinded by the onslaught of life in a body, acupuncture can help. A pattern is still stuck in the inertia, in the cycle of life and death all around us. A new gate needs to be open; the river needs to feed into the ocean.
When you buy a session of acupuncture, you’re buying a priceless human experience from the soul wisdom inside, the one that knows exactly what you are doing, and exactly everything as it is already happening.

Two Minutes About Ghosts (by Amy Tan)

“Ghosts are among us. I am one of the 42% of Americans who think so. Then again, even if 100% believe something, that doesn’t make it true, does it? Like people who think they’re superior to others. Or voters who believe their candidate is best. Or those who say an invisible prankster is pounding up the stairs and making the sound of chandeliers crashing onto their bedroom floor. One of my ghosts used to do that. I thought it was my husband, a member of the 58% who did not believe in ghosts. But then he heard the tune of Jeopardy whistled behind his back– off-key, twice, and once when he was naked in the shower. Naked with a ghost! My husband now believes, sort of.
“I bet many of the 58% have never heard a whistling ghost. They think ghosts are merely grief inflated by wishful thinking. Would they change their minds if the ghost named his murderer? One of mine did that, and the murderer was sentenced to life in prison. He also told me I would one day be a writer.

“Defying science and reason, my mother sailed into my bedroom the night after she died, looking like a statically charged hologram of light. I was punched breathless with the strongest emotions I have ever felt and now they are stored in my intuition as a writer. From time to time, she brings me gifts–uncanny coincidences in the form of particular books, photographs, music, paintings, and people–at precisely that moment when I’m flailing in my writing. She helps me observe that happenstance can have meaning, that grief is beautiful, and percentages are nonsense. There are things you feel because they are true. Like love, like loss, like ghosts.”

– from a Chipotle paper bag

How To Meditate

There are certainly a lot of people who can speak about meditation and how to meditate. But not all of them are acupuncturists, or classical Chinese medicine acupuncturists with a psychic bent. I wanted to write down and speak to my own experience with meditation and offer how I meditate because for those who know me and how committed I am to spiritual growth, there could be some new information that someone has not considered before to incorporate into their own practice or routine.

I get asked this question from patients and friends and it’s hard to start with just one thing, so I’m going to line up everything I know and my own experiences with meditation to help illuminate this subject more for people.

The first part about meditating is to do it often. It needs to be an integral part of a routine, set up every time, performed the same way. I’m someone who likes variety in my day and variety in activities over the week, but the morning routine and evening or nightly routine is always the same. I need it to be, because it serves as kind of a ‘control group’ in this entrepreneurial ‘experiment’ I am calling my life.

The environment: it works when you have a certain area of the house for meditations so that the things in and around this area are imbued with ‘the feels’ of a meditation and healing space (to use a popular colloquial term). The more you use it and bring this energy to it, the more you can feel it. It’s like the difference of walking into a spa versus walking into work – it just feels different because it’s used specifically.

Whatever section of your bedroom, living room, back room/study you meditate in, make it free of tech and wires which are very yang. This is a time for yin and receptive energy.

Sit on the same pillow or chair, and have some unique or meaningful garment like a special shawl that you wear. Special items from your childhood or ancestry, gems, flowers in a vase and a lighted candle give life to the space. Every time you sit there, every time you wrap the shawl over your shoulders, you are going to feel the good vibrations you left there before, and it’s only going to add to your brain’s ability to open more fully into each session. On a metaphysical level, the preparations you do beforehand, like draping the shawl, lighting the incense or the candle, are a sign for the astral energies in the body to get ready to enter into this state of consciousness.

Meditation is like brain gym at first. It’s learning how to have no thoughts. You’re not putting anything in there, it’s more you are stripping everything away. Each thought that you do have that arises is part of a larger portrait of your consciousness which via meditation, is zooming outward and further outward into a place of observing, observing, observing. It’s amazing what this state of awareness can offer.

There are many meditation techniques I recommend and there are different ways of adopting them and seeing which one works for you. I will be uploading some recorded meditations on here for you to experiment with in the near future so check back here soon, or join my newsletter to receive such updates.


The first kind of meditation I recommend is a general breathing and noticing meditation. It starts with scanning the body and noticing different areas of tension or holding and breathing slowly into those places. I do this anywhere and anytime I feel scattered, stressed, and ungrounded.

The best times to meditate I find are in the morning, mid- to late-afternoon and anywhere in between where I feel my energy leaking or drained. (Meditation can be used anywhere – however it is not recommended while driving!)

As I make a scan of my body to all the various places, I notice pain, darkness or contraction in my body, and also my thoughts about these pains. Ironically the more receptive I am to the state of my body the more the pains subside and dissipate. Many people do not know or appreciate meditation’s ability to manage and mitigate pain and the pain receptors in the brain in real time.

The second type of meditation I use is a clearing one, which clears the body of excess, dirty energy, and cuts energetic chords. This is done first by doing the first meditation described above for a few minutes for the mind and the breath to calm the nervous system. Then, visualize a grounding chord from your first chakra (a wheel of energy located between the anus and the bottom of the tailbone) into the earth. Imagine it so fully that you can pretty much feel it pulling you downward like your body weighs one thousand pounds. Your chord can be made of elevator cable, sturdy sailing rope, fine golden string… The point is to feel it anchoring you. Play around with this chord to visualize and feel it to be sturdy like no one or nothing could ever cut it or detach it from you. Send the chord down to what you imagine to be the center of the earth under layer of soil, silt, sand, rock, and molten lava (anyone else having ‘Animaniac’ cartoon flashbacks? – The episode when they travel to the center of the earth? Please comment below if you know!).

Connect the chord to the earth energy at the center of the earth and reinforce your chord with white light. Then one by one send all the stuff that’s heavy, shadowy or burdensome own the chord to be eliminated, perhaps using colors or shapes and ‘watching’ them, feeling them go down the chord, dropping into the lava and then that release and lighter feeling. Some things you try to release may be stubborn and get stuck halfway down, therefore it’s helpful to repeat, “I release this to the universe for the highest good of all” or some other blessing acknowledging what it served to teach you and allowing it to transform. I got this advice from psychic Debra Lynn Katz and I still use it for clearing. You imagine each thing moving out of you and then you can really start to feel grounded and what’s even more, like yourself again.

This is helpful especially when you feel you are still carrying some baggage from previous encounters, conversations, or some situational negativity that just won’t let up. If you find yourself walking away from something in more of a negative or bad mood, it’s a sign you have absorbed some of that energy. It’s natural. It’s part of being a human in the world and not necessarily your fault or another’s, but you do have the responsibility to clean it up.

Another level of this meditation is doing chakra chord-cutting. Taking a scan of the body in the first meditation, then establishing a grounding chord in the second meditation, as you clear different things and scan your energy wheels going up the spine (first, second, third, and up to seventh chakras above the crown of the head), you may feel certain people’s energy around those areas. I tend to feel this the most around the lower belly of the second chakra, in the heart, or around the neck) where you are subconsciously mingling energies with that other person’s chakra. This is more another layer to pay attention to as you are clearing. And in this fashion, imagining huge scissors slicing through these chords to break them and watching them fall to the ground.

The third kind of meditation that I use is a dynamic meditation using the Law of Attraction. This is like the second meditation, except instead of clearing, you are visually and/or emotionally playing with some images and feelings of what you deeply desire or want to manifest in your life in how you want to feel and be in what you see as your ‘future self.’

I love this kind of meditation because the dynamics really improve my mood and my outlook on life, as well as my wellbeing. This is where the power of meditation really makes its trademark because the things you can notice or feel psychically while under this altered state of consciousness you can also notice or perceive more and more in the gross levels of eyes open out in the real world. The life of our dreams and the life ‘out there’ start to blend. This is where you hear of concert pianists or sports athletes visualizing every minute of their performance and their success. It’s a powerful tool which can cure depression and hopelessness.

All three of these meditations can be all in one 45 minute-an hour sitting or done one-by-one with the intention desired.

Some side effects of meditation are increased happiness, self esteem, love, along with reduced stress, anxiety, depression as well as reduced pain as I mentioned. Some people feel a sense of euphoria while it is going on, and some even orgasm – this is not uncommon. In addition to these things, intuition, psychic acuity vastly increases as well as inner clarity and one’s sense of purpose and will.

Another rarely mentioned side affect of these meditations can be a sort of dizziness and ungrounded-ness like where the room, the floor, the body seems to have disappeared and your consciousness is going through a spacial void and there’s no sensation of physical reality. It’s not a bad thing, or wrong, although it feels very weird! This happens to me a lot, especially when using incenses with psychoactive properties in them such as frankincense, myrrh, and the stronger ones like nag champa (no wonder Jesus was so enlightened!). It is still a weird feeling, but I’ve gotten used to it and am better at controlling it. Keep observing the breath, maybe flicker your eyes open once or twice to remind yourself of your alter, and ask the energy to slow and dim itself a bit. Sometimes our spiritual guides get really excited that we are doing this healing work that when a strong light being comes into our field it can unbalance us for a minute. When this happens to me I give thanks for the new energy field and for the guide for bringing this healing to me, and then I ask it to be a little less so I can integrate.

Always remember in meditation working with negative and positive energies, you are always in command over them. Keep observing and zooming out of your experience like you are watching yourself from a corner of the room or from above. Use your words and your prayer to focus and direct the energy where you want it to go. Keep observing the experience. Keep a timer and a journal nearby to ground you.

A lot of people don’t like to start meditation because they “don’t have time” and they “can’t sit still.” But they do have time for being stressed out, scatter-brained, and feeling out of control! As with any new practice, it’s more about consistency than the amount of time as the brain gets used to new stimuli and makes new energy pathways (which arrive as discomfort in the beginning).

I encourage five to ten minutes once a day to start. First thing in the morning is a great time when the mind is calm, and it sets a good tone for the day. Then going to twice a day like before bed, or in the afternoon/evening when the day’s rhythm switches up. If you can sit for 10 minutes, then you can sit for 20, 30 and even up to an hour! Start with just five. Depending on my mood I sit up or lie down, or prop pillows behind my back or under my knees.

Yoga stretches beforehand can help the hips and spine relax more comfortably. Hand mudras, and breathing techniques such as holding for four counts, releasing for eight (and so forth – especially helpful in the beginning as breath is directly linked to the nervous system) all increase the sensations of the meditation and the ability to stay focused on the emptiness of mind as well as the conjuring of visualizations.

Have fun with these! Leave a message or comment below if you have any questions. Tell me about an experience you have, or what you notice shifting for your wellness. I promise you this will only bring very positive results!


The Human Aura

We are surrounded by a powerful flow of energy which contain different consciousnesses and thought forms from ourselves, the people around us, and the environment. The collection is like a work of art! Dance is a great therapy, as is art for the flow it provides from these auras, energies, and chakra centers. Other forms are exercise, showering, and move-going.
These flows protect and regulate with the feelings and emotions we emit from our heart center, which is pertinent to our particular growth and a powerful magnetic force.

Outside influences that are attracted/reflected there are part of the seeing, feeling, moving embodiment of this regulating cycling energy around us.



Here is a picture of people getting their aura taken by photograph. Though I have never had this done myself or necessary prescribe myself to this, I do think it portrays a nice flicker of what you might see sometime randomly on someone as I started to when I started healing myself and tending to myself. I must say, the accentuation of these things was a very positive side effect of all-natural medicine!

I love learning about people’s particular noticings. What are yours? How do you listen and pay attention to energy? How do you look and observe someone and know what they’re feeling?