Happy New Year!


Since Mercury was in retrograde over the actual New Year – THIS IS the time to be making big gorgeous plans for the new year! The Rooster is about meticulous, practical, informed decision-making for successful gains in every area of life. Similar fire energy as the monkey of this past year except grounded and realistic and in harmony with our communities, families, friends, and the intersections of our career with our social and personal lives. The rooster cares for every animal in the barnyard!!! Let yourself dream big and take this weekend to write up a list of your personal and business goals for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, 2 years!! It’s going to be so helpful. Get that job, that car, that vacation you always dreamed but never got around to planning. Make it a joyful reflection of your highest achievements thus far and where you will be taking it for this new zodiac cycle. Your spirit guides and the energies of the new moon and the Pagan rites of Imbolc are other concurrent energies supporting these seeds (branches?) of the growth you’re intending in the new frontier. And don’t forget, in the spirit of Aquarius, to reach out to others in your circle. It’s time we all recognize we are not alone. We are here to form stronger bonds in the community to affect the dialogue on the global scale- something that the protests and marches on our current events have already placed beautifully into our hands. I am wishing you peace, unity, and harmony to you and all your families, to the president for his success as a public servant to the voices of the people…I’m praying for the good work of the activists, leaders, sensitive empaths, healers, justice-makers, truth-tellers, artists, coaches, and dreamers who see the change, who see what others cannot, that they might be able to step into their purpose and their gifts courageously today and this year. Luck¬†ūüćÄLove‚̧ԳŹ¬†and Prosperityūüíį¬†for the New Year (which as far as I’m concerned starts officially now!!!)ūüŹģūüéäūüééūüéČūüĒģ

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Happy Year of the Rooster!

When Mercury Retrograde Is Over…


SO YAYYYY MERCURY IS OUT OF RETROGRADE NOW!!!! Freaking FINALLY. It has been a month of backlogged and delayed information from people, internet, technology, and communication. The planets Mars  Saturn and Pluto all continue to be retrograde (as an FYI for those into astrology like me).

Doreen Virtue says that anytime there is a retrograde in a planet, it’s all about the word “re” – everything you can ‘”re”-something’ to is a ‘do.’

Case in point: for me this retrograde was buying a plane ticket to Hawaii, and rescheduling it a week later. Confessing stuffed down feelings to people in my life. Squaring up some old forms, renewing my acupuncture license. Rewriting the stuff on my website, and rethinking my career as being more than acupuncture. Redesigning my outlook of my career.

What kind of retrograde things did you have happen to you? What did you rewrite or reinvent or renew or revise from April 28th-May 22nd?

Mercury retrograde was in Taurus which probably lent some practicality, foundational structure, to attain some of stable and structured places for your chart, as well as making room for abundance and beauty.

In Chinese medicine Earth has a lot to do with our own earth, our own bodies, so perhaps this was a big turn around shift for you in health, or you took charge or took advantage of your health in some way for the better.

It’s time to schedule sessions for spring/summer!

It’s nice to get acupuncture a few or more times if you are looking to restructure your wellness routine or get into a more-together groove.

Every time I feel loopy or out of my element, I look to acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, or a form of exercise first to get me back in my natural habitat again. Let acupuncture do the trick and be the light switch for healing !!!

It’s naturally safe and effective, and helps the whole body feel better and calmer, especially if done as a series with me.

Acupuncture is about nature and doing what feels most natural to you, and I will help you get there. Clinically we use nature to look at a patient,¬†comprehending the greater natural laws that go into play with healing, the times of day, the ebb and flow, the stagnation, collapse, sinking, rising, blazing, yang and yin¬†of blood, chi, and body fluids. It’s total balance within and without, and we will bring out the best healings as we go forward in our sessions together.

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Solar Eclipse In Pisces

Today we have a solar eclipse to bring on the new moon in the sign of Pisces. As with all eclipses, these events bring radical change, unexpected endings and beginnings. Eclipses help us energetically shed the past so we can begin anew.

This solar eclipse is a unique occurrence for this 2016 year, completing events that happened last year around March 20th and September 12th of 2015.

What this means is that we are in a time¬†of purification and letting go of our ego’s preoccupation with our past and dynamically healing the crisis of the present¬†personally and collectively.

Right now we may¬†be¬†feeling a¬†total¬†loss of control in one or more aspects of our life. Look at what’s happening in the U.S. elections and you can¬†easily feel this loss of control also on a collective level,¬†and an example of¬†ego energies unchecked¬†and running rampant.

You may also feel more acutely aware of these injustices happening around you because they are also part of you and your healing process.

The eclipse is in Pisces. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac calendar. It represents ongoing wisdom beyond time. It predominates the land of symbology, myth, archetype and nature of our ancestry.

This is is the human proclivity for spirituality and the occult, our capacity to have imagination, ESP, psychic revelations, and unexplainable healing events occur. Creation myths, storytelling, and ancient archetypes are are called into question with spirituality, religion, and healing.

Furthermore imagination, dreams, higher consciousness, the idealistic and spiritual qualities of life from the part of Pisces planet ruler Neptune are part of this picture.

The¬†deep emotional empathy of our connection to each other is especially important in the sign of Pisces. Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ planet feels this empathy, taking on the¬†feelings of suffering from another’s experience. How can we become one our own suffering which is partly everyone else’s suffering?

Furthermore Mars in¬†the sign of watery Scorpio during this eclipse time is taking a warrior look at¬†the ego’s attachments trying to control. We see what we need to heal, and now with Mars in Scorpio¬†we¬†transcend it¬†with intensity, strength, and relentless self-discipline.

Mars has us becoming in a sense activists of our own life, learning when to take control and when to let go to universal energies, knowing our pain coupled with our imagination can really make something of ourselves and this world.

Perhaps you are re-experiencing an aspect of a wound, or some healing revelation of a wound during this time.

For example, just last night,¬†I had a VERY¬†disturbing dream where someone I love attempted to rape me. The imagery and symbology I received in the dream comes at the crosshairs of my fears of power: my own¬†power, the power/disempowerment I feel in my relationships, the power of my own womanhood as well as the collective¬†feminine power, displayed and debated in the media and news as we celebrate Women’s Day today and the movements for women’s liberation in the Middle East and all over the world.

My dream showed me my wound, and here it is that I share it to you now for healing and how Piscean: something inherited, something personal, and something collective – received in a dream!

Pisces is about separating our desires from our ego and coming into ONENESS where nothing about our process and our experience is separate from the collective in matters of spiritual growth as well as healing the corporeal body.

So as the eclipse stirs up some old pain or we find ourselves¬†caught yet again¬†in the midst of¬†our wound resurfacing — the crisis¬†is no longer found in the occurrence and the frequency of the¬†pain itself, ¬†but in how we can better bring COMPASSIONATE consideration of our needs with the¬†impersonal air it takes to uphold the ideal to the service of all.

And letting go of what we cannot control in the meantime. Feeling it, standing up for ourselves, and empowering the collective vision of the future.

As Kaypacha spoke during my research of this astral event: “We have to feel safe surrendering to the spiritual River of Life.”

Even though there’s a lot of volatile energy in the world and we can feel helpless, this eclipse is here to remind us of our own power, including that of our wounds.

Be well during this time~


A multiple exposure captures the 2012 solar eclipse in Queensland, Australia. Image may not be repoduced without written permission from the photographer.

Neptune Leaves Retrograde



Today Neptune goes out of retrograde. It has been moving backwards in its orbit since June 12th.

Neptune, God of the Sea, is a dreamy, cloudy, fantastical, imaginative planet. It’s power is imagination. The inner artist, the inner mystic….making magical events, healing, acts of creation and make some occurrences seem unbelievable, hypnotic, and/or spiritual.

In retrograde it casts illusions and misinterpretations, deception, fraud, sham.

What do you remember about early this summer then and what have you learned about these qualities of your life since then?

Have you been holding yourself back where you didn’t need to when it comes to your goals because of some inner belief?
Trusted your dreams, intuition, first hunches?
Were things not how they seemed, someone used deception or something fraudulent occurred?
New interests or power in the supernatural?
Creative genius?
Did any windfalls occur? Psychic experiences? Powerful lapses in consciousness? Wake-up calls?

I thought this meme was a great way to encapsulate Neptune coming out of retrograde. We are like the alien. There’s a lot of stuff that people won’t or can’t accept. Yes, we are a bit out there and weird but it’s actually okay! People like it! It’s what makes us powerful psychics and artists to begin with. We need to be in some state of belief, encourage some dream, feel life to be somewhat supernatural in order to transcend our suffering, to rise above and call beyond the limits of our understanding to grow in our vision quest.

Boa Neptune everyone!!!


Death in Scorpionic Times

Rebirth is a powerful word that’s become the red-headed step child of new age astrological dramatists constantly seeking the next emotional salvation. Let’s try to rarely use the word “rebirth” when talking about this sign, and let’s remember that many Scorpios are entirely suspicious of anything that would seek to destabilize, dramatize, or catalyze things unnecessarily. Being a fixed water sign, in fact, the Scorpion is prone toward a very deep level of stoic solidity, especially when it comes to the darker, deeper, and colder realities of biological life. Rather than wanting to catalyze some kind of holy roller altar call or born again spiritual experience, Scorpio is more like the perfectly clean and clear image of the green leaves of plants as seen through the first killing layer of frost in October or November. There is an emotional lucidity that comes by our intimacy with death…like the emptiness of the Buddha sitting under the Moon at nighttime, contemplating impermanence with perfect, frosty detachment. With this heightened instinctual awareness of death in nature there is also tremendous power, like the life force drawing back below the ground, into the seeds or roots. ¬†— Nightlight Astrology