Things Fall Apart

It’s fall time. Today was the first day I said “shit” under my breath when I saw the sun go down as early as it did. It is October 2nd. This is Ghandi’s birthday and the change of the sun, apparently.

It’s been happening all along but today I really noticed the feeling in the air. Fall is enchanting. I loved the way one astrologer Kaypacha described it: like a snake shedding its skin, there is a part of it dying, the sight is still striking with color like the leaves of fall time, shimmer and fade in complete brightness to the very end.

The drop of the sun. Dropping into fall. Letting go. This is about dropping into only what we need, in its bare essence,  what can withstand the truth and the illusion. Everything else must fall away so we can observe truth and make the judgement.

Gut health, allergies, digestion, IBS, IBD symptoms, skin and hair issues are all very common side effects transitioning into fall. Come see me for help in these areas with acupuncture or I have healing superfood supplements that are exclusively medical grade organic. I would love to work with you through one of these modalities to heal these treatable symptoms.

It’s time to heal, restore ourselves, and not push so hard. Still taking good care with our diet, sleep patterns, and getting into a movement routine are healthy rules of thumb for any time of the year, but the surge of ideas, creativity, the anger and the frenzy of growing something in a new way is much more of a Liver/Spring Wind activity. We can still adopt those attributes into our career or passion project, but more in a fall-way.

Now is more of the time of harvesting this year 2017, taking time to rest and savor these things more, letting any illusion we have built around ourselves in the past year or years fall away, opening in sacred transition to the real deal things that we acknowledge are happening in our lives, things we are undergoing and letting the natural progression of things take its course without worry or delay.  It’s a time of taking care of ourselves and our “house” – the house of the body, and of the home. Things are going inward. The growth is there for sure, but in an inward way. Different chi in the body. In and down. Many Qi Gong moves can rectify this movement.

There are also some astrological things like Uranus opposing Jupiter that are dominating the energy right now. This is about deeply opening our third eye to what we can create, and living into a completely new possibility that is given by the father’s father of time, Uranus. Saturn is Chronos, ruler of the Earth Plane and of time, structure, balance, and rhythm. Uranus, his father, lives in the higher dimensions of the planets and the Astral which do not need to negotiate with the structural aspects of the Earth plane.  One is predictable and formative, functional and physical, the other opposing/balancing is being able to see through our present situation, through clairvoyance and spiritual enlightenment in the realm of Spirit where there are no elements to deter our spiritual growth. We are also still integrating some Venus energies from the Solar Eclipse as well to help our finances and love life, having money, love, and partnership.  Thursday is the full moon in Aries and Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10th/11th which sounds like a big deal to me and is something I am going to research more on.

Enjoy the feels and savor the light!

Come and see me at The Spectrum Center of Natural Medicine in Silver Spring, MD on 16th Street, around from the metro. Get into fall mode with a seasonal acupuncture session, or a session of 5 or 10 sessions at discounted rates to work on a problem or issue you may be facing. I look forward to speaking with you!

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The Logical Next Step For the August 7 Lunar Eclipse

I remember my first private acupuncture session with my acupuncturist Susan. During the treatment, I had been laid out on the table, taking everything in. It was so perfect. It was like being under a blanket for stars, made to look at my life from an angle that was bigger than life itself. I felt I was floating. I felt I had found my ‘thing.’

Having suffered from debilitating migraines every other day, this was a peaceful and totally new experience that was welcoming to my body while also making me question everything I had done or felt up unto this point as I pondered how I could get into this career.

I got up from the treatment, paid and said goodbye and descended into the street. I was floating. It was a really hot day out.

I got in my car and started to drive home. I’ll never forget this either. I looked with my eyes at the other cars and other people and other things happening around me like I had just arrived from some far off place not knowing who I was. Cars in traffic crunching together and then breaking loose and flowing again and over and over, watching it all happen in slow motion.

I went in for a first treatment and left an acupuncturist as pieces of my life seemed to simultaneously crumble apart by stitching together, at the thought of this new career…

The radio was still turned off. The August heat that had been trapped in my car was enveloping and actually felt good on my skin. I began to think more than one thought in succession again except this time, per Susan’s advice, all were in reference to my body. I thought a thought. Then I moved my neck around and felt that residual spawn of energy at the nape of my neck where the pins had been inserted. I thought another thought of “Wow.” I thought about Susan’s life and her routine, running her own schedule, having her beautiful office space, doing meaningful work, being kinda a witch and kinda a doctor.

At the traffic light I sat there thinking, “Here I am – sitting here in this car. How lost I do feel, how much my life is in disarray and here I am knowing for myself that my life is forever changed. Remember this, Lindsay. Remember this and call the time.  This moment will be part of your story. You know how to change your life and you are starting this now.” What an incredibly ordinary moment to feel something so incredible amidst chaos and pain. Isn’t this how life goes? How career changes, divorce, baby-birthing and these kinds of waves? Death, new life, momentous change?

I had so far to go. I had so much to heal. Breathing in, I would go to my grave still contemplating this significance of the feeling I was experiencing – calling this time to enroll in acupuncture school. The wheels of my life had stopped spinning and were now spinning in a different way, pouring waves of conflicting and exhilarating feelings.

The value of this journey started with both the sorrow and the gratitude of this personal discovery, just going off the feeling itself and not saying what it should be like or how it should be. A deep wave of grace was caving into me. A present moment of gratitude and inspiration with my mind’s naming and shaming of why this hadn’t happened sooner or searching for where I got off track, who or what had gotten in the way.

I decided not to listen too much to that voice in my head. Instead, I went home. From then on, in a humble way, I went about cutting my losses so I could prepare with excitement and anticipation for my new path, enrolling in acupuncture school and getting more and more acupuncture for myself. Before yoga, it was acupuncture.

I bring this up because we are at a lunar eclipse today. This eclipse in this month of August is going to affect the trajectory of our life for the next six months to February, and the next level of our life’s journey. We need to let go of as much as possible that is not feeding our soul and our joy in order to usher in what greatness is in store.

This is also part of an eclipse season. So the changes we are making echo an astrological push, with revelation, and massive life change.

I bring up my first session in acupuncture because it is this level of change that we will be experiencing things. Remember this time. Call yourself by your first name.

On the one hand we have a devastating reality check of the old ways, old dreams of ourselves dashed against the rocks. Explosions and disruptions of whatever plans we sought and tried to make. Of who we thought we were (thinking we have this definition and plans are this finite thing).

On the other hand the gates of life are opening up to us the actual realization of our higher selves and our ultimate goals behind our intentions that we could never have planned for or guessed would come to the fore. This is an opportunity here. We are making a major connection point to our life purpose and the truth in our hearts of what we always “knew” all along.

This is a major completion and letting go (full moon themes) and a cornerstone or turning point for our career, our relationship, our health, the new community or support system that has been building over the past few months, and the deepening of our core values. Really, we are stepping into a whole new wisdom which is coming through at this time around who we are and where we are headed. We can’t go back to where we were because we are already being shown something bigger, better. We just have to accept the new ways we are being pushed forward despite all the work it took to get where we thought we needed to go or where we thought we were headed.

There are a lot of things that didn’t work out, or didn’t go to plan. This is a time to surrender to the lessons. We knew this all along. Nothing we have done, invested, or accomplished up to this point is a waste. All of our problems are understood, are natural, and have been placed here to be an integral part of our story. Live the story. Live it to tell it.

For now we are being given a gift. Accept whatever setbacks and reality checks as gifts and to move forward with the new plan that has been coming around with more and more signs since the spring, that’s telling you this is where you take you’re next step. Trust and take that next step.

This fall is a time for all of us to really go forward with the lessons and the personal disappointments. We have more available to succeed than we ever have before thanks to these experiences, and it’s time to integrate, transmute and take the stance that today is marking a major turning point of our new bright future.

Dust yourself off, and become one of the stars of your own life, in the story of the planets and moons. Happy Lunar Eclipse!!!

Money Healing: This Is A Post About Money

This is a post about $$$ – and the Shift to Wealth that is happening right now.

This past June I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Italy with my family. This trip, plus three and a half months I spent in Hawaii last fall have been the most life changing events in my life – each time I travel is a bookmark, a turning point in my story.

Traveling has always showed me what it is to live an alternative lifestyle. I graduated college and I could think of no better way to find who I am than to completely lose myself in another country, in the French public school system mainly, teaching English to elementary school kids. I loved feeling like a foreigner and speaking another language. My creativity that spring soared. I created notebooks of collages, I got into vinyl records, and attended film festivals month after month at the historic theater in downtown Nantes. It was a renaissance for me. I had so little and was creating so much and learning about what I wanted on a blank canvas. That trip sowed seeds for what I would do in my career with health without a doubt.

With travel we discover there is an unlimited way we humans can choose to live. A new place equals a new lifestyle. We get to reinvent. We expose ourselves purposely to adopt these ways of other cultures. Whether we stay a while or return home, we always bring a piece of that culture with us, adopting a new way of life.

I have always known myself to be a creative person capable of making a creative life. I started acupuncture school when I was twenty-four because I liked that I could be creative in how I healed people and I could run my own schedule. And I loved the Chinese characters and little boxes and little pins in my acupuncturist’s tidy little office. I want to be surrounded by beauty and foreign-ness like this.

I have also always believed health is the answer to wealth.
Having clarity about who you are and what your purpose is means you can make a difference in the world and therefore make money. Big money. Acupuncture opened all the doors for me like that. Old beliefs washed away. I kept picturing myself as the woman in one of my collages, looking out the window of her airplane, looking fly as hell.

I have plans to return to Hawaii for some time. Brazil too for some soul work with the shamans in the Amazonian rainforest. Maybe sooner than that: the Puzhao Buddhist Temple up on Mt. Qingcheng in Western China, where I can study Chinese Medicine, Chinese Classical Literature and Qi Gong with master practitioners.

My ultimate goal is to be able to work remotely wherever I want, and pay off all debt in my sleep. YES!!! However my dream to keep on traveling this year sank to a pang in my chest. When I came back from Italy, a trip that was most expenses paid, I hit the reality that I just couldn’t afford the time off work. I had bill after bill for two whole weeks after that leaving me $15 for groceries (and this is given the fact that I don’t even pay rent or car expenses right now). I was lucky my uncle was in town and handed me $70 after I gave him an acupuncture treatment on the living room couch. Very lucky.

I basically came to the realization that even with my love for acupuncture, something I will practice the rest of my life, that I pretty much have to practice it for the rest of my life. There’s no retirement plan or exit strategy. There’s a certain number of hours per week I must tend to the illness and pain in people and I must do this until I am an ambulatory 90-year-old woman. I only make money when I work. If I don’t work I don’t make money. My patients need more support and so do I.
I heard of this thing called residual income a long time ago when I was researching business opportunities. It was something the online coaches were doing. They told me I had to design my own website, write 4 or 5 books about the blogs I would be doing on the website I would have created. Then they told me writing and selling contracts to a long term program would be the fix to everyone’s problems, selling at premium prices, doing workshops and masterminds last. I didn’t see how this was at all possible for me to do. Having the time investment first, then having the cred to sell something at a higher price point in a fledgling launch. Plus getting a community interested, getting these products to sell once they were completed, and doing it all myself…??
Moreover, as part of this research I hired a business coach for $8,000 dollars – on credit. So I basically maxed out a credit card for her to help me with this strategy and she didn’t help me at all. I resented those $300+ monthly payments. I needed a return on my investment. I needed money YESTERDAY basically. I was working for it, but getting no results, and I just watched her take my money. I found out later that year she moved to Bali because she too, was burnt out.
To accomplish the residual income thing I’ve tried a schedule of barely working to working endlessly around the clock to produce my “website, program, and books” of my “passion project” and nothing got me closer to residual. Everything had an investment of some kind that I couldn’t afford. I did my best with what I had. As I said, I needed money yesterday. It’s hard to be creative when you’re drowning in student loans, credit card debt, and health insurance you literally don’t use. I was depressed. My wanderlust was squashed in these first years of my practice.
The silver lining is that a couple months ago I found a way to make residual income (think 64 paychecks a year). It’s doing something that’s actually changing people’s health a full 180. I can work remotely and get paid in my sleep and support massive social change around the health and wellness movement.
I’m looking for other thought leaders and entrepreneurs like me who are motivated to do something like this. The investment is very small to buy. I want to work with people who are passionate, excited about what they do, and excited to live their dreams. I want to work with people who are ready to make a massive impact and take things to the next level. I have my bags packed and the jet fuel to launch – are you in? Comment Yes in the comments below or send me an email: [email protected]
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Five Things I Have Learned From Community Acupuncture

1.  Acupuncture works.

Whether it’s sciatica, allergies, digestion, depression, menstrual troubles, IVF, joint pain, insomnia or just wanting to deal with that stress in your shoulders and neck which everyone seems to have – acupuncture just works. The trick is coming to a number of sessions in that first month or two. For more chronic issues that are complex and long standing (multiple surgeries, multiple addictions, multiple pharmaceuticals) it may take longer, even up to a year of regular acupuncture treatments. The point is to come and get the balance and go home and see what that balance serves when you’re put in your normal situation again. How does this feel now that I’ve had acupuncture? What is my body telling me about this symptom? What can I change about my situation or my environment that works better for me? My symptoms are teaching me something about my life – can I listen?

One woman had sciatica going down her left leg. She noticed it came around whenever she was doing what she called “museum walking”  or walking slowly in the grocery store, or in the museum, lost in thought or being overly thoughtful about something. So I treated her Spleen and Stomach, which governs thought and this kind of rumination. I also treated her Gall Bladder which is about the direction of thought, and making wise judgement (it also happened to lie over where she was experiencing the pain). She noticed a huge improvement and only came back one other time or two because she had had that realization while she was also getting the right treatment.

2. Believe in your ability to heal.

Placebo affect is a real thing in acupuncture and I now have a lot of respect for it. It’s why people seek out healers in the form of acupuncture and other modalities – because these healers believe they can heal and they give them unconditional love while they are doing it. The Western medicine system is meant to be broken so there is incentive for us to come back. It’s not based on healing. It helps, but does not fix. If we were fixed, we would not need the expensive surgeries or expensive drugs foretold of fixing. People come to acupuncture when there is nothing out there in the market that can work. Pills will just mask or complicate it. Surgeries just create more pain. Therapists and psychotherapists only know the part of the story and the trauma we are willing to reveal. Enter acupuncture.

I have a story of one woman who comes in two, sometimes three times a week every week. You wouldn’t presume she was suffering as much as she is. In her intake form, it is written into all of the margins all the things that are wrong – every last thing. When I pull up by her side for another treatment, she typically is in a rush, completely overwhelmed, and complaining about the same things, with no connection or progressive consciousness around them, over and over. She almost never stays for the recommended half an hour with the needles which we as a clinic recommend – like it’s on-purpose. She is one of the most difficult patients to see because she comes in so much yet never speaks about any marked change or improvement after each treatment. She doesn’t want to improve if you ask me. She never talks about what helps, she only talks about what is wrong and you can almost see a sort of obsessive search in her eyes for what is wrong and what else is wrong as she talking. She keeps coming back because she is getting something out of it, namely someone to listen to her talk about all this. I spoke to her about wanting to heal and believing she can heal as being part of the whole deal here and we walked through a couple things she can decide for herself that she will and won’t do so she can avoid some of her symptoms.

If you want to heal, you have to follow the rules. The first rule is wanting to heal. The second rule is being ready to make the change with what you see. What foods help, what routine helps, and more importantly what attitude helps. The attitude will get you results. No one will get anywhere if their mind is only searching for the bad. There is SO MUCH research on placebo, the subconscious mind, and our ability to heal our bodies when we believe we are already healed. Believe you are healed in this very moment and don’t pay attention to the circumstances that brought you here. You’ll get through it. The third rule is staying for the half an hour that is recommended. Taking such precautions, showing up for your ‘Why’, showing up for partnership with the practitioner working for you, as well as relaxing, and breathing into this knowing will be the magic elixir to garner that we are healed and healing. So much can come from this shift in our stance.

3. Don’t take anything personally.

I learned that in a community setting, as well as in life, the less you take things personally the more you save yourself necessary pain and the easier it will be to get back to your work helping others. In place of taking something personally, hold a stance of compassion that you don’t know what people are going through, but you are sending them love from that tenderness in your heart that you have also been hurt too. They are that way for a reason and you will never know why but you have to be compassionate. There is a lot of pain and sickness in the world. Not just children starving in Africa but people who can’t relax or who punish others constantly for their own state which they can’t control. This is a time where people need love. They need lots and lots of love. Most people probably don’t know what unconditional love is let alone feels like. If someone treats you like shit from the get-go, do your best not to react. This is such a good lesson, as difficult as it is. If a moment could be stretched out for five minutes, wow. We could see all the things that goes on in people’s heads and their assumptions of everything which create the cage of the experience that we have. We are what we put out there. Have compassion.

4. It’s O.K. to relax.

Everyone in community acupuncture must relax as a very important component of treatment. After we consult with their issues it’s time to put in the pins and let the acupuncture settle into their body. When you receive acupuncture, it’s like being drugged up on the sensation of life coursing through you. It is feeling your blood and your bones and you spirit aura around you getting a cleansing, especially the longer you stay and the more often you come. The lull of sleep with the brightness of healing – this is how it feels to me. This is a potent time to feel like you are being healed, to make resolutions, intentions, and awaken to your own feelings in your body and the feelings and pains we suppress so they can move out. I was so surprised to find how little people sleep or rest. This is so important. If we got more rest, a majority of our symptoms wouldn’t be there – this is almost a guarantee and I’ve read this in sleep studies. In a community setting you get to rest and it’s O.K. because other people are resting too! And the world is not collapsing and we are creating a new reality that it’s okay to take care of yourself and to rest. There’s also this fear about resting that people are afraid to rest even if their body needs this and is garnering this response from the treatment. Please don’t be afraid of rest or of naps or of going to bed early. This is a healing response and we have to willing to go through the healing so we can be healed.

5. Don’t let anyone tell you to hold back your love. 

When I first started, the owner of the clinic told me that I needed to be “consistent” with people and he kept repeating this over and over to me. I understood the concept but at the same time it was very confusing to me. He meant that I shouldn’t do one thing one day to a patient and another thing another day with the same patient or other patients, whether it was pins placed in one part of the body versus another, or if having more of a conversation on one day than another day. I soon realized this had to do with his own fear in opening his heart than it had to do with a patient’s experience of the clinic or of the treatment they were getting from me (or of me as a practitioner). I learned that I can be loving and open to everyone in various ways, subtle and obtuse, without sacrificing the quality of the treatment and their experience. Patients will know immediately the difference. People can feel it. Some patients we naturally have the exchange of words, some others prefer to talk very little – and what matters every time, before I ever pick up a pin to insert, is my unconditional love that I feel for them before treating them. It comes with the intention of healing them, in the belief that they CAN be healed. Who else is going to hold that in possibility for them? It’s up to me to love and believe in them. People are desperate for a person to treat them with love, kindness, and care. This was a huge learning and I will always follow my own guidance in this regard and not hold anything about myself back when I am in a place of being in service to others. I have a lot of compassion for people who feel they have to hold back being who they are, or that who they are isn’t good enough to serve a person in the moment. I feel like this sums up all of the previous four things I have mentioned – that there is no holding back. If we give love to others without expectation or an agenda, then a majority of the healing has already been accomplished. We are not alone. We are here to grow together and we are all healed together.

Acupuncture With A Side of Fried Chicken

I don’t eat fried chicken but I work at a place for fried chicken. The food will always be “Good.” “Amazing.” I say “You’ll love it” to people. Because they will love it. I tried the fried chicken once and it was amazing, and then I had diarrhea and migraines for days. I had to get to acupuncture pronto to help my gut. That, ginger root, and exercise helped it get totally better. And I will still sell both of those things to people touting their goodness for the right reasons.

Granted bar food is so easy to sell. “You’re here for the delicious bar food, right? Do you like grease? Spice? Drinks and beer cheese fries? Doing something totally indulgent? Sweet. Welcome and let me help you get you set up.”

I want to make selling acupuncture this easy. People walking into my clinic knowing what they wanna get, looking forward to the final product, and money is already on the table.

~ ~ ~


Since March I took this job at Crisp Restaurant + Bar in Shaw neighborhood of DC, a fast-changing part of D.C., with a lot of cute neighborhood digs.

The restaurant, on 1st and Rhode Island, best known for their hot chicken, a fried specialty, and classic southern-cooked sides such as mac n cheese (super cheesy), collard greens, french fries, banana pudding, and the famous craft cocktail like an Old Fashioned…

Though this chicken joint is ‘not me’ – it IS me.

As an acupuncturist I have been thinking the thoughts of WHO AM I if I eat gluten, or love cheesy mac n cheese, drink soda when I eat out, or have a few bottomless mimosas too many like these other customers are doing.

Where others drop their money on a six pack or some fried chicken, I will drop any amount of money on the right dairy-free milk, the right sugar-free kimchi, or the right gluten-free granola. Definitely I am a bit of a holistic fanatic.  If it’s natural and botanical, spiritual or transformational, high vibrating, food, supplements, or access to higher knowledge, I will pay top dollar. For example I will spend the extra $4 on a juice with juiced parsley in it because I know parsley helps eliminate mercury and free radical levels from the system.

Of course being well versed in the realms of healing, using holistic methods of healing (acupuncture, nutrition, rest, water, breathing exercises, chakra meditations, natural herbs or supplements, journaling, yoga what have you) is my job and I should invest in these things. It’s good to have high health standards so I can teach my patients. I coach people to solve their health concerns sustainably and holistically, helping to move their chi based on how cultivated I am in the cultivation and movement of my own chi.

I had a lot of fears going into a new service job (never mind that I had worked on a coffee bus on Hawaii). What would people think of me as a healer/health conscious person? Would I look less like an acupuncturist? Would I get ostracized or bullied by people at work for being ‘too holistic’? Would I fall back into some old habits (drinking, smoking, not sleeping enough, not exercising enough, whatever) that would negatively impact or compromise my health in some way? Would I pick up some bad friendships or bad vibes dealing with people or would I get along with everyone? And the bigger question for my career, how would I be in bigger and bigger environments around more and more people and still maintain healing presence and a sense of vitality to be able to heal? I ask these questions for myself and for many other practitioners of healing arts or who feel a calling to take holistic measures in their lives but also have to be out in the world interacting with many different businesses, working otherwise for yourself and paying all the bills.

I have been able to make this experience work for me despite my past experiences in bars, in the nightlife lifestyle, which is bringing up past times I was bullied (really!) for having food intolerances or wanting to go to bed early, dealing with bad vibes, and getting myself into trouble. I had shut myself off and distanced myself a lot from what represented to me these oppositional forces. I’ve adopted that I just need to be in the moment with my experience. (Isn’t that always the answer?)

I can now love and accept the irony here. Doing something I want to do that is the opposite of what people expect is part of a soul expansion I am doing- something my soul needs to explore and learn from and grow from for reasons that are mysterious. (This is in fact the hallmark sign of soul work).


And I’ll close with a story that I feel is related, learning not to take yourself too seriously making life out to be so linear or absolute…that healing is neither linear or absolute:

In the car on the way home from a retreat with my acupuncture class, I told a friend a bit too preemptively, and a bit too boldly (I was a little grumpy at the time) that she, a recovering alcoholic going to meeting Alcoholics Anonymous, would one day find herself  years from now able to have a drink without calling herself or labeling herself an alcoholic, or feeling the pain or guilt at any trajectory of relapse. I was being a bit of a devil’s advocate.

Of course she got really mad at me because AA was her life, her support, and her community at that point in her recovery. Duh, it was upsetting to her when so much of her life and her transition was tied to this 12-Step program (which is really an amazing resource for people struggling with addictions). I felt bad after I said it, it was not my place to say, and even in my grumpy state, it was coming from a good intention. At the time I had just finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ and he made this exact point about an alcoholic in recovery.

I know it sounds kinda mean and maybe crazy, especially to people who have struggled with addiction (which, if we lived in our 20s, we all probably have). Definitely we can all agree any addiction is a brain disease (an escape, seeking comfort from the outside, seeking to change your state to avoid old unidentified patterns of pain) that takes a lot of time to heal, undoing karma with people interpersonally and reworking the structure of your life.

I wanted to leave with this above idea anyway, that there will come a day when we don’t need to identify with what we’ve been handed and the wounds we were meant to bear, the labels we have had to carry – we need the story and we need to move beyond the story. Ultimately.

And that would be freeing. Imagine how liberating that would be, if we aren’t these realities, we have already overcome what we ‘thought’ we were without even trying.  We realize we didn’t need those things to be sane anyway, everything is wrote, and we can trust ourselves exactly for who we are for now anyway.

How often do we take for granted how much we have changed that would make an outcome totally different if we truly saw ourselves for who we are Today?

It’s important to continuously let go of the past, identifying with it, letting it define who we are. We can’t let just anything in our life DEFINE us. These things of ‘WHO AM I’ of where I eat, where I work, what I do, who I connect with are not ME – IDENTIFIED. Doing that will limit where our soul needs to experience everything.

I was moved that what I felt was called for was to be a server, and I smile to myself when I think of the term ‘server.’ It’s about being humble and getting your work done and being there for people.

I decided I would trust this idea that kept repeatedly entering my mind (even before my friend who owns the place offered that I come in). I realized I like the service industry a lot. I like the people I interact with. I like the community and the camaraderie and doing business with people. The people I work with at Crisp feel like family, and each of us has our important role which feels very grounding.

I want to sell acupuncture and create community and family. I want to make holistic healthcare as accessible and wonderful as rich greasy food is to the American diet. I am learning about creating the consistency and proper nourishment for everyday people and how to serve up exactly what they want every day. Like a cold beer that could actually be good for you. 🙂

Spiritual Curatives For Emotional Distress


[Editor’s note: I originally channeled this message the morning of my Vision Board Workshop on January 3rd. I didn’t share it with anyone, yet I feel very strongly to share it today. I happened to have found it today even though I didn’t open it on my computer…hmm.

In light of the recent events of protests and marches, the intense debates online and in the media, the nauseating news stories of the anger, hatred, fear, vitriol that is being introduced by the racist, sexist, money-driven white supremacists running the White House in America and all the people who find themselves caught and unable to look away, feeling helpless, I needed to teach about something I know on the subject.

This is the broadcast for all self-reflective, sensitive, caring and loving individuals, activists, artists, healers on this path who feel affected by what’s going on in the world in some way, who are caught up in the drama, the internet trolls out there, the general malaise of all their friends and family and want to become aware of their own energy field to be better able to cleanse, heal, and serve. Read on:]

Our purpose is to channel love.

Our body is a vessel for spirit to act out its destiny.

Each one of us is a vessel for our own heart’s spirit, the spirits of many other people around us in our lives, and the spirit of nature.

There is a call to bring our Spirit to become alive again, to refresh our purpose and return to our calling to continue to reform and improve society.

I experience in my practice and in the healing of myself and others that there are certain things you can do to bring Spirit to Body. These things all elicit a palpable feeling state of flow for everyone, some having more of a palpable affect of the feeling state of spirituality in the body than others. As you look over this list, you can perhaps recall a time that you experienced something out of the ordinary yet possessing a certain type of miraculous feeling – a “life is a miracle” feeling where you had new eyes and senses from which to perceive the world, new life, new spirit.   These feeling state awareness come in the form of the following activities/items:

  • Taking a Shower
  • Writing a poem or making art
  • Exercising/Sweating
  • Yoga T’ai Ch’i or Qi Gong
  • Going to the movies or reading a powerful book
  • Doing a breathing technique
  • Praying, going to a temple or house of prayer
  • Using stones, crystals or gems
  • Taking a salt bath
  • Having a conversation with a friend or lover that’s really meaningful
  • Writing in your journal
  • Using sage, incense or a candle for cleansing
  • Meditating
  • Participating in a ritual with a tribe or shaman where there is chanting, singing and sacred music with or without the use of an entheogen
  • Sitar, gong, or singing bowl sound healing
  • Getting body work


Getting an acupuncture treatment is among the first and most effective naturally healthy and gentle ways to clear your energy field that I have found for my journey personally. The list above can cure the subtle and denser layers in the physical body, that which would normally disturb our ability to see and perceive life through the eyes of love and infinite possibility.

Our spirit continuously renews in the matter in these ways, and having an unending position of gratitude for it increases its potency even more.


In acupuncture I sense people’s energetic availability in the moment and I have a psychic knowing sense of the various things that are bothering them. I can hear their pain, and where there is a need to let go of certain thought form entities of stuck energy that need to be removed and worked out of the density and released.

We all have sticky auras, because we all need other people to help us grow and evolve, and this is part of our purpose to become aware of these things that were once betrayed to us in the matter. 

The negative entities get in to our bodies starting as some experience in our life that never got cleared and kept being added to our thoughts and memories so much so that it began replaying in our reality day to day. As it grew stronger over the months and years it began to become shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, lower back pain.

It would come into the body or manifest in the body during certain periods of emotional stress and discomfort reminiscent of this initial invasion. Interestingly it wouldn’t show up at other times when things were more calm like they had gotten out of the environment or away from the person which was caustic, or they became distracted and enlivened by something that made them happy (or by doing one of the above things on the list!) either for a small window of time or through an intentional lifestyle change. There was a disconnect to this thought form which made room for new life and new healing and the freedom of their spirit to exist in the world in a new way.

This is what happens from living out in the world and being subject to life as human beings between heaven and earth, light and dark, form and ether. In order to grow and advance and move into uncharted territory in our lives we have to mitigate our energetic body living in the present moment with the inertia of our past.

We have to be willing to do the present moment, mindful energy work that is necessary to take a quantum leap. We must locate spirit in our lives and see spirit in life and feel spirit in our bodies to be able to heal these things. Whether momentarily or for a lifetime  these spiritual beings incorporate in us so we can, as mediums, be able to augment or eliminate them at will to feel more at ease and control in our lives. All of us are masters of our own lives and healers of our own energy, learning quite a lot over our lifetime about ourselves.


I’m seeking to take something esoteric like spirit and spirituality and make it physically understood for people so they can have a sense understanding in their body what this feeling is and why it’s important to pay attention to it.

To talk about addictions briefly

This is a repetitive cycle that is compounded of many different influences, ancestral karma, and hurts over time. The longer something goes unexamined, the more it can grow into our bodies causing pain and causing layers of pain. As we release the layers we spiritually grow and are able to help others release these wounds on an exponential scale which helps the whole world.

Addiction is a disease in the mind that we must cure that has a psychological and bodily response in us, causing us to go on automatic to quell the outside stressor that is coming in. We don’t know what we don’t know until we are placed out of the habit or environment that was keeping us numb to our own wisdom our body constantly communicates to us.

Strong addiction is an endless cycle that keeps repeating as the body starts to get used to the highs and lows from the initial impact(s) considering it a normal bodily state. Scientifically speaking, our body adapts to the radical hormone fluctuations that are propagated through the stressor, along with the substance or emotion that comes as an automatic response.

If it’s not an alcohol or narcotic or some other addiction to things, it’s a love addiction or a drama addiction with social implications where the mind can creates upsets like “I’m not getting enough attention,” “I’m not being shown enough love,” “That person is treating me badly,” to act out old recordings of our past. This invokes a familiar pain which we on a subconscious level attract and need to experience over and over again until we receive the instructions for how to unplug from these drainages in our energy system. This pain is so we can grow and manifest under new paradigms the thoughts and beliefs which are in the alignment of self love and forgiveness, defined by us as the masters of our inner world.


We can easily react from the position of the innocent children as the victim, yet the call is to accept everything that happened to us and is happening to us not as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ notions but to realize that somewhere there’s a karmic ballpark where everything that everyone is doing to one another makes sense for the grander plane of the love unfolding in the world.

Practice one of these self care rituals for half an hour every day and listen to how your body feels before and after.

Receiving healing work from a self-cultivated practitioner such as an acupuncturist can help greatly to unravel these patterns so the body can begin to direct us in healthy ways where we have gone astray from listening intuitively within.

We are made of 90% water, with the same organic compounds as other living beings, soil, and the stars in the sky. It is helpful to use substances from nature for healing such as the ocean or the moon can help to bring these emotions and disruptions out of our body. Salt baths, crystals, as I mention, are some of the things that vibrate at a naturally higher frequency. Nature is constantly trying to help us. The more we can align with the cycles and the gifts of the seasons for great health and ease in life.

The goal of all my mentioning this to you is to be in the present moment with total forgiveness, without judging the mystery of the unknown past and future as it presents itself to us.

As human beings forgiveness for the moment is essential for how we choose our perceptions of reality. We have a soul-need to play out the dark and the light forces in the physical time and space with denser and slower energy of the bodily tissues as we move about, interact, and transform our perception of the world. We are subject to the wills of spirit as matter bumping around with other matter.

When we have the power of forgiveness in our heart we are endlessly renewed to be present in the moment and we don’t get stuck in the illusion of the other thing/person outside of ourselves. We can act according to our higher self in the moment because we are not mindlessly acting from some past hurt or sadness, resentment, anger, fear, grief, or even joy or sympathy in our life (the five emotions in Chinese 5-element acupuncture). From a higher place, the moment contains all power to manifest the justice of our soul’s perception.

Consciousness will spread. The Truth can never be hidden. The messages Spirit needs to come through our channel, is what is meant to be alive and embodied for the matter destiny wherein all beings evolve simultaneously.


Spirit is always guiding us.  They want to be part of this process with us. The closer we come to the present moment, the more we can allow ourselves to observe the illusion.

When we do this we find new feelings of satisfaction in our day to day life, which is what Abraham Hicks, channeled by Esther Hicks, calls “being in the vortex.” This is the augmentation of positive feelings and a sense of devotion to our higher purpose. This is a feeling state of limitless being which is creating opportunities for effortless magnetism and natural abundance to flow to us. With practice we will be able to sustain these periods of flow and abundance for longer and longer periods.  The grace that is given to us will be given in greater amounts as we transmit these acts of grace to other people.

So the time is to raise our consciousness. The time now is to keep cleaning our bodies and our mental of our attitudes and beliefs. Clean the food that comes in our mouth, purify the water, clean the places we sleep and work, the people we let into our sacred space of intimacy and vulnerability. Go with your intuition. Pick your battles. Retreat when necessary, but never give up on being the sensitive being you are. The world needs this sensitivity. We are hear to uplift others and receive the divine blessings which are abundant now.

With Love,


Living In An Acupuncture Body

Acupuncture amazes me. As a patient and as a practitioner, I fell in love with this medicine because it gave me the means to explore my health condition in a way that addressed my concurrent need to explore underlying issues in my physical state within my deeper consciousness. I longed to know myself so I could know what to do next.
Acupuncture allows an all-natural access to the ‘Gates of Life’ (using Governor Vessel 4’s point name here for metaphor). These are portals to higher and higher understanding of our body’s wisdom and the trickle down effect of very subtle pattern imprinting over our lifetime (and from previous lifetimes in our ancestry).

Acupuncture breaks up old vibrations to create new ways of being to serve us in the Now. The healing results in not just new thoughts, new possibilities for us conceptually, but the literal embodiment of health and renewal: new movements in our eyes, new voices from our tongue, new gestures in our hands and a renewal of literally everything that our watery body can move through via the gates of this life-giving chi.


Today I treated a woman opening one of these ‘gates’ to her by calling her in that moment to the feeling sensation of her body – from the pins and where they were placed around her body. In guiding her through that feeling-state-sensation of the chi, she could begin to feel lightness, the movement of life and health that the acupuncture needles were beginning to augment. As I guided her she was able to become present to her state to create a real-time shift in herself.
Because her body was already undergoing a reassignment of the alpha and theta wave-states of her brain, deep in her subconscious in her parasympathetic state, she was able to have a very comfortable out-of-body experience coupled with a very powerful visualization quite meaningful to her. She recounted this to me afterwards with wonder and amazement.
For the fact that this energy cannot be bottled in a pill makes it a most valuable healing commodity in its own right. Everyone who lives in a body has access to this healing force which acupuncture makes real. It’s not a concept. It’s not a placebo – I believe those experiments have validity but are out-dated in today’s world, with so many of us sensitive Indigos, sensitive to energy.
These experiences can be directed through acupuncture. They are happening on ethereal layers in our aura, in the kinetic layers in our tissues and muscles, and down to the densest material in our bones.
For those suffering in pain in their body who have tried everything for their condition yet still find options limited, who feel caught and blinded by the onslaught of life in a body, acupuncture can help. A pattern is still stuck in the inertia, in the cycle of life and death all around us. A new gate needs to be open; the river needs to feed into the ocean.
When you buy a session of acupuncture, you’re buying a priceless human experience from the soul wisdom inside, the one that knows exactly what you are doing, and exactly everything as it is already happening.

When Mercury Retrograde Is Over…


SO YAYYYY MERCURY IS OUT OF RETROGRADE NOW!!!! Freaking FINALLY. It has been a month of backlogged and delayed information from people, internet, technology, and communication. The planets Mars  Saturn and Pluto all continue to be retrograde (as an FYI for those into astrology like me).

Doreen Virtue says that anytime there is a retrograde in a planet, it’s all about the word “re” – everything you can ‘”re”-something’ to is a ‘do.’

Case in point: for me this retrograde was buying a plane ticket to Hawaii, and rescheduling it a week later. Confessing stuffed down feelings to people in my life. Squaring up some old forms, renewing my acupuncture license. Rewriting the stuff on my website, and rethinking my career as being more than acupuncture. Redesigning my outlook of my career.

What kind of retrograde things did you have happen to you? What did you rewrite or reinvent or renew or revise from April 28th-May 22nd?

Mercury retrograde was in Taurus which probably lent some practicality, foundational structure, to attain some of stable and structured places for your chart, as well as making room for abundance and beauty.

In Chinese medicine Earth has a lot to do with our own earth, our own bodies, so perhaps this was a big turn around shift for you in health, or you took charge or took advantage of your health in some way for the better.

It’s time to schedule sessions for spring/summer!

It’s nice to get acupuncture a few or more times if you are looking to restructure your wellness routine or get into a more-together groove.

Every time I feel loopy or out of my element, I look to acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, or a form of exercise first to get me back in my natural habitat again. Let acupuncture do the trick and be the light switch for healing !!!

It’s naturally safe and effective, and helps the whole body feel better and calmer, especially if done as a series with me.

Acupuncture is about nature and doing what feels most natural to you, and I will help you get there. Clinically we use nature to look at a patient, comprehending the greater natural laws that go into play with healing, the times of day, the ebb and flow, the stagnation, collapse, sinking, rising, blazing, yang and yin of blood, chi, and body fluids. It’s total balance within and without, and we will bring out the best healings as we go forward in our sessions together.

Online scheduling

On Stress and Drama Addiction

I’ve been reading bits and pieces from Doreen Virtue’s book Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle and received some really interesting new information about stress.

For me this was especially as it pertains to drama and more of the emotional centers which persistently attract the same types of stress over and over.

There’s the obvious or acute stress, like having a stressful day at work, and then there’s low-grade chronic stress which is often less detectable and has more to do with emotional traps in our relationships that we set for ourselves.

It’s the form of a habit, like constantly being late for instance, saying ‘yes’ to too many commitments, or never feeling like we are enough for someone or doing enough for someone. The stress gives us a feedback that what we are doing is okay in the moment because we got the person to react or not react, but then we realize it then backfires on us if later down the line because we don’t realize it was out of our integrity.

The stress response involves two types of hormones, first the feel-good, calm, relaxing and happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine when we first get our need met – like getting together with someone for the first time. Or having a good water-cooler gossip session in the middle of a long work day, taking extra sugar, overeating, constantly doing social media, or dipping into our addictive habits.

The fix lasts anywhere from one minute to a couple hours or a day depending on how much we reach for it and how long it lasts – i.e. how bad we are experiencing the stress.

After the good-feeling wears off, we can feel oncoming stress. Cortisol is released to help us cope with the stress. Cortisol is released in the body when we’ve had little sleep, too much caffeine, severe trauma or stressful events, or very low blood sugar or all of the above (as is typical of most working Americans). It circulates through our blood so that our blood pressure goes up, our nervous systems are on high alert with the little things to set us off, immune functioning is low, inflammation is high. Moreover, our brain can be inflamed, firing off so many overwhelming thoughts that we don’t know what to think or do next – we just feel crazy.


The call is to pay attention to these ups and downs that seem never to resolve themselves. Why do you reach for these things without thinking? Why can’t we get off of autopilot? It takes at least half an hour to an hour of journaling, quiet, and self-study to look at each step precipitating the stressed getting honest about what does and does not cause our stress.

Whether it is taking care of our bodies, doing a budget, having a real conversation with someone. Usually the source of our stress is a bodily response to an underlying intuition, repetitive advice or calling to do something. It all starts from inside first and starting to listen to and understand our automatic patterns to construct new liberated ways of thinking.

Another thing is getting acupuncture. Acupuncture treatments naturally increase the hormones that are good for the body and reverse effects of too much cortisol, inflammation and stress. Not only that, but it calms the mind, calms the thoughts, and regulates the brain chemistry from getting too toxic. New thoughts and more healing in every session!

Acupuncture Magic Is You

A lot of people think I’m the one responsible for how they feel after an acupuncture treatment with me. This is only partially true: I like to think of myself as more of a facilitator, opening the door into what is possible for them.

From our first consultation, it’s the patient who tells me what they most desire and need for their wellness. I listen and feel carefully into what that is. I then perform the acupuncture treatment to open up their body as a vessel of healing so as the _qi_ starts moving things around, they start to feel well enough to know empowered and know how to take the first step.

After our hour session is done, they go home with their bodies and their new revitalized energy to put into practice what we talked about during our session or to take action on whatever whispered inspiration arrived there internally on the table as they integrated with the treatment.

In short, the patients are the true magic-makers. I don’t live in their body, they do. They know themselves best, know why they are coming week after week, or month after month. They know what needs change, what needs fresh energy and attention, forgiveness, letting go, self-acceptance, exercise, more rest, more water _what-ever_ (whether they tell me or not!) to move forward in their life and their health.

It’s giving the power back to the patient – which is a very *radical* approach to health given the history of our medical system. I can guide and offer my professional advice but when it comes to the changes and improvement in the body and all around in the hours and days following treatment, it’s them!!! I don’t have that magical power… Even with my prayers of healing which I send to them, it’s their free will (keyword: will!) which makes all the difference.

What I will last note on the ‘facilitation’ I do also speaks to intending a healing, sacred, and loving space with my presence, my listening, my compassion and understanding.

This space in-between us, in-between the momentary shifts in energy is the true magic, the special sauce. In this space the patient hears their own voice, senses their own state, becomes an observer to this experience.  Here a personal truth of who we really are is being hatched in the moment – this present moment! – which is a gift from an unknowable creative force for all of us.