Hello! Welcome!  I’m Lindsay MacDougall licensed acupuncturist + wellness advocate. I specialize in digestive and nutritional disorders and will expand to include a pediatric acupuncture practice in 2018. Acupuncture is wonderful medicine to complement anything stress, lifestyle related or for complications undergoing Western medical prognoses.

I love working with and supporting people on their journey back to health. I also enjoy some of the more intuitive aspects of healing that a life with natural wellness promotes, especially for people seeking more spiritual guidance in their life.

I have a nationally approved acupuncture license and a Masters degree in Acupuncture from MUIH.

In 2008 I started acupuncture for migraines and hormone imbalance. I had immediate results from my first session. Not only that but I felt like I became a better person in the process, reduced my stress, and changed my attitude and approach to my life. With time as I awakened to my life, I was able to reverse a lot of the patterns that caused my pain and imbalances in the first place. My body woke up and I was able to start on a new journey in health- getting rid of my clutter, improving my friendships, and finally get my running shoes on again – the signs I knew I was getting better.  I was so inspired by how well I healed that I enrolled in Maryland University for Integrative Health and began a four year study of this medicine, and have managed my own acupuncture practice consistently in the DC/Maryland area since 2013.

Some testimonials :

I feel really amazing Lindsay! As the day is going I feel my neck loosening up and the pain is almost gone. You’re incredible! I love every minute of our time and your depth of interest in the body.   – A.

One thing I love is that I’m working to a better state of my overall health. I was so run down before that everything pushed me over the edge and my symptoms would quickly return. That isn’t happening now because I feel how incrementally I have been getting better overall.   – D.

I consider myself a very skeptical person, but the results I received after treatment were such a drastic difference from before that the best word I can use for it is Magic!   – J.

You stay in the room and are always present to my needs as they arise.    – K.

This is the best I’ve ever felt. I can do the things I used to! I feel normal again.    – S.

I listened to your story and I felt my heart understand what I needed to heal.    – J



I employ all kinds of healing modalities in addition to acupuncture.

I am completing the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in process with yogini Neva Ingalls of Inner Domain Yoga at Serenity Yoga Studio in Cabin John, Maryland. I will start teaching in November/December of 2017.

I also sell organic, pure, premium nutrient dense whole foods in the form of supplements and cleanses. The blend of these vegetables and fruits, using a high tech wind-powered device which dries them so they are vital and full of potent mineral strength straight to your door. I drink a green juice every day and have cured migraines, mood issues, insomnia, metabolism and digestion issues, food allergies and leaky gut with the help of these products. They provide a super easy way to add baseline nutrition to your routine, especially if you notice complications with your digestion, weight, food allergies and imbalances.  Their most famous product is the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse which is found in the Core 3 and can be part of their Athlete Performance Pack. All products are gluten free, vegan, kosher, and organic certified using third party testing. Ask me about it and I’ll plug you in so you can get a $50 gift card off your first order!

A little about me … I love meditation, playing my ukulele, soaking in foreign cultures, yoga and energy work. I love kimchi, my superfood green drinks I just mentioned and cooking, and collecting tarot decks.

About Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a healing art that is incredibly medicinal.

Acupuncture in the body forges a bridge of its own energy to RELAX and REPAIR cells, reversing cell malfunction and disease, toxicities, and chemical imbalances. And it does this naturally without harmful side effects from pharmaceuticals or surgeries.

Acupuncture healed my migraines, thyroid, and digestion and was the impetus to start my career in healing. I have everything attributed to it!

Acupuncture has become popularly termed “complimentary care” to allopathic (Western) medicine. It can answer questions, save years of pain, help avoid or delay surgeries, drugs, and difficult side effects, as well as reverse the affects of chemical, physical, and psychological stress on the body to restore it to balance.

Each treatment is specific and individualized. Treatments clear, detoxify, and wake up our natural physiology to heal again.

Treatment involves various points on the meridians as well as the use of other natural modalities as needed.

Acupuncture meridians are the energy pathways throughout the body which generate and move chi. Chi is the Chinese term for ‘life force’ (or ‘prana,‘ the term from Ayurveda).

Each point along the meridian is an epicenter of vascular, lymphatic, and neurological tissue that sends a specific message to the body. It moves energy from deep inside the internal organs to as far out as the electromagnetic subtle field outside the body.

It’s a medicine of personal healing, empowerment, and holistic integration. Receive more vitality, ease, freedom from unconscious patterns, expanding comfort in the body, and clinical support with me as your practitioner. Expect a high level of care and concern for your needs, whether part of your internal medicine or pain management.

Acupuncture uses the points and meridians from ancient China for medicinal healing.

Acupuncture has answers where other Western modalities falls short. As our society gets more complicated and cluttered, more and more people are finding acupuncture to meet their far-ranging needs with their desire to feel whole again.


Appointments made by email at The Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine (8555 16th St. Silver Spring, MD.)

 [email protected]
202 417 6164


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I love to share my experiences as a healer. Please join me and let’s work together!




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