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I feel really amazing Lindsay! As the day is going I feel my neck loosening up and the pain is almost gone. You’re incredible! I love every minute of our time and your depth of interest in the body.   – J.

One thing I love is that I’m working to a better state of my overall health. I was so run down before that everything pushed me over the edge and my symptoms would quickly return. That isn’t happening now because I feel how incrementally I have been getting better overall.   – D.

I consider myself a very skeptical person, but the results I received after treatment were such a drastic difference from before that the best word I can use for it is Magic!   – J.

You stay in the room and are always present to my needs as they arise.    – K.

This is the best I’ve ever felt. I can do the things I used to! I feel normal again.    – J.

I listened to your story and I felt my heart understand what I needed to heal.    – J



My name is Lindsay MacDougall. I am an acupuncturist + wellness advocate. I have an NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) state board-approved acupuncture license in the state of Maryland and a Masters degree in Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health.

I am also Reiki trained in Level 1 with amazing results.

I assist in a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in process with yogini Neva Ingalls of Inner Domain Yoga at Serenity Yoga Studio in Cabin John, Maryland, set to complete end of September 2017.

I also have my own business selling organic non-GMO superfoods with a company that heals people medicinally using pure, premium organic food. (Email me at [email protected] if you want a $50 Gift Certificate Off a winning pack of superfood cleansing.)

I employ all kinds of healing arts in the form of coaching, spirituality, meditation, shamanic medicine, and astrology.

My favorite things to do are write, listen to music, play my ukulele, learn foreign languages, meditate, dance, and do yoga. I crave matcha lattes, kimchi, green drinks, jungle designs and tarot cards.

People say I have a healing presence, and a gift for healing.

I take my work very seriously and I believe this medicine reaches people in places where they need to be reached to better understand their body and themselves beyond the pain they are experiencing.

Acupuncture in the body forges a bridge of its own energy to RELAX and REPAIR cells, tissues, blood toxicities, brain chemical imbalances. And it does this naturally… optimally, pulling the body into parasympathetic rest, digest, repair and restore mode, restoring the body deep in the limbic system within a body-aware meditation.

Acupuncture healed my migraines, thyroid, and digestion and turned me into a healer in the process. I have everything attributed to it!

Acupuncture has become popular as “complimentary care” medicine over the term “alternative care.” Paired with allopathic (Western) medicine, it can answer questions, save years of pain, help avoid or delay surgeries, drugs, and difficult side effects within a system that seems more geared to growing and keeping us sick or dependent than offering us real solutions and freedom to choose. It offers a tradition of care that our Western world forgot.

With acupuncture there are no harmful side effects, no toxins, no added addictions. Acupuncture is feel-good medicine in real time that is blissfully all-natural.

Each treatment is specific, individualized, and serves to clear, detoxify, and wake up and harmonize the body’s physiology in nature.

Treatment involves various points on the meridians as well as other natural modalities for who are suffering from pain or who just want to feel a boost of health and vitality.

“Meridians” are acupuncture meridians, the energy pathways throughout the body which generate and move chi up and down the body. Chi is the Chinese term for ‘life force’ (‘prana‘ is a synonym, from Ayurveda).

It’s a medicine of personal empowerment, calling back your energy back from leaks and unconscious patterns, creating more ease, expanding comfort in the body, and giving a system of support to the body that is greater than the body itself.


Acupuncture can give you the answer you’re looking for. As our society gets more complicated and cluttered, more and more people are finding acupuncture to meet their far-ranging needs to return to whole.


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I love to post weird and funny stuff on social media and share my experiences as a healer with stuff that is cool. In fact I feel it is my duty to spread the L <3 VE!!! I hope I inspire you in your own creative process too along this journey as much healing and this return to becoming whole in ourselves, loving, creative, and dynamic pertains to our ability to know our own energy. This is what acupuncture does and why I love working with people who want to know themselves on a deeper level.

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