Hi friends!

Thank you to everyone who has been coming and visiting this page to find out more about me, Lindsay MacDougall, licensed acupuncturist, about my practice, my services and acupuncture as a powerful wellness and healing modality.

This site will be undergoing an entire rebranding and is scheduled to go live again in early to mid-February (same website and domain name). I have hired a marketing coordinator and web designer to help build this new site for me. I saw a glimpse of it recently before the copy and was so inspired. It is going to look so good and help reach so many more people who need my healing services more easily and effectively. A site to show to your friends and family and whomever could benefit from my services.

Basically, it’s time to go Pro!! We all knew I would at some point or another… finally the ‘stars have aligned’ and it’s happening, guys.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this process in its ups and downs as I have been the sole proprietor of lindsaymacdougall.com, writing, editing, updating, and juggling web-everything from scratch in my own bootstrap way. It was never perfect, but it was something I enjoyed learning as a challenge to myself and for the sake of doing so. I  needed to put myself out there and communicate as well as and channel some of my creative energy out of the ‘aha’ moments in or out of the treatment room. I hoped this would be an ongoing resource for my patients (that it would serve in some way!).

Taking the angel posts, empath and intuition posts and all of the many phases of this site, since hiring my web marketer, I feel more in the flow of everyone’s needs in websites these days with the cutting edge technology of the internet so it’s all going to be succinct, clean, and much more efficient. Who couldn’t use more of that in 2018??

I have always believed you have to start something before it’s ready. Taking action every day to be in a forward propulsion, to be on that cutting edge of creativity, in motion with the latest new thought, is going to be what takes our business and our lives into a new and positive direction. There has to be some amount of vulnerability, fear of failure, and courage in doing the right thing.

This is a messy creative process, and we are always learning what needs to be learned at the right coordinates of time, I believe. I knew I wanted to rebrand but first wanted to find out what I really wanted inside.  I haven’t regretted anything thus far from this process or from showing my vulnerability –  being this one-woman-show these past 5 years, and doing whatever I could with my extra time.

It’s onward to bigger and better things. I look forward to hearing your feedback in a survey once the site is up, and just getting everyone on the same page together, what I offer with what you really need, so this acupuncture and healing practice can grow and heal and flourish in bigger and better ways. Less ‘hobbying,’ more business! Less neon, more calming and soothing colors 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed this run of lindsaymacdougall.com. Thanks again for visiting and leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you.


See you on the other side!

LindsayMacdougall.com Is Getting A Facelift!

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