It’s fall time. Today was the first day I said “shit” under my breath when I saw the sun go down as early as it did. It is October 2nd. This is Gandhi’s birthday and the change of the sun, apparently.

It’s been happening all along but today I really noticed the feeling in the air. Fall is enchanting. I loved the way one astrologer Kaypacha described it: like a snake shedding its skin, there is a part of it dying, the sight is still striking with color like the leaves of fall time, shimmer and fade in complete brightness to the very end.

The drop of the sun. Dropping into fall. Letting go. This is about dropping into only what we need, in its bare essence,  what can withstand the truth and the illusion. Everything else must fall away so we can observe truth and deeply feel the connection to our spiritual needs and spiritual truths. This is a time when the veil between matter and spirit is thinnest.

From an acupuncture standpoint, grief: which is current, ongoing, or unresolved, are issues we can deal best with in fall time. Also things in breathing or asthma, gut health, allergies, digestion, IBS, IBD symptoms, skin and hair issues are all very common side effects of fall and transitioning into fall.

Come see me for help in these areas with acupuncture. I also provide nutrient dense superfood cleansers and green drinks that are exclusively medical grade organic and perfect for the busy person who cares about what they put in their body. Everything symptom wise mentioned above (and more) get results through nutrition especially, and regular acupuncture.

It’s time to heal, restore ourselves, and not push so hard. Still taking good care with our diet, sleep patterns, and getting into a movement routine are healthy rules of thumb for any time of the year, but the surge of ideas, creativity, the anger and the frenzy of growing something in a new way is much more of a Liver/Spring Wind activity and therefore counter to the rhythms of this time in our lives in nature. When the body is tuned in with its own nature, it heals more rapidly. We can still adopt those attributes of the spring, but more in a fall-way, like how Yang has a little bit of Yin in it and vice versa.

Now is more of the time of harvesting this year 2017, taking time to rest and savor these things more, letting any illusion we have built around ourselves in the past year or years fall away, opening in sacred transition to the real deal things that we acknowledge are happening in our lives.

Things we are undergoing and letting the natural progression of things take its course without worry or delay.  It’s a time of taking care of ourselves and our “house” – the house of the body, and of the home. Things are going inward. The growth is there for sure, but in an inward way. Different chi in the body. In and down. Many Qi Gong moves can rectify this movement.

There are also some astrological things like Uranus opposing Jupiter that are dominating the energy right now. This is about deeply opening our third eye to what we can create, and living into a completely new possibility that is given by the father’s father of time, Uranus. Saturn is Chronos, ruler of the Earth Plane and of time, structure, balance, and rhythm. Uranus, his father, lives in the higher dimensions of the planets and the Astral which do not need to negotiate with the structural aspects of the Earth plane.  One is predictable and formative, functional and physical, the other opposing/balancing is being able to see through our present situation, through clairvoyance and spiritual enlightenment in the realm of Spirit no elementals can disturb our spiritual growth here. We are also still integrating some Venus energies from the Solar Eclipse as well to help our finances and love life, having money, love, and partnership.  Thursday is the full moon in Aries and Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10th/11th which sounds like a big deal to me and is something I am going to research more on.

Enjoy the feels and savor the light!

Come and see me at The Spectrum Center of Natural Medicine in Silver Spring, MD on 16th Street, around from the metro. Get into fall mode with a seasonal acupuncture session. Currently taking insurance. I look forward to speaking with you!

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Things ‘Fall’ Apart

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