Parasites in humans are incredibly common and in all ways ‘normal’ although it’s very rare for them to be diagnosed in primary care. There is a stigma around them, and many people are not educated to their prevalence and treatment. In my research with the CDC and Mayo Clinic as well as other health websites, 1 in 3 Americans has parasites. 75% of the world’s population have parasites of one kind or another. The most common in humans are roundworm (many variations) and tapeworm as well as other types of bacterial strands of them.

How do we get parasites?
🔹Dirty water, tap water
🔹Traveling to other countries
🔹Dirt from not washing fruit or vegetables
🔹Not washing hands after we go to the bathroom and especially before handling food
🔹Animals, pets as carriers
🔹Kissing and being intimate with partner can spread parasites.
🔹Pretty much all pork has parasites (why do you think holiday ham is chock full of cloves); sushi is a culprit as well (😩).
🔹Raw undercooked foods in general, dirty handling, dirty food, low quality protein.
🔹Eating food from unsanitary restaurants and street vendors.
Parasites feed off our blood and nutrients and water intake to survive. They attach to the linings of our intestines or into muscle tissue. They move around via our blood stream from leaky gut syndrome and affect our central nervous system. Tapeworms, if undiagnosed for too long (like 10 years) can actually cause tremor or paralysis of our limbs.
How do you know you have them?
🔸You are CONSTANTLY TIRED when you shouldn’t be.
🔸Digestive bloating, abdominal cramping and pains, nausea, and alternating diarrhea and constipation over one or two weeks.
🔸Disorientation where you’re sitting there and then suddenly you feel dizzy like the room is spinning even though you just ate and your blood glucose levels are supposed to be normal.
🔸CONSTANT CRAVINGS for food- for the wrong foods that are super sugary and rich, binging, eating more than is necessary, never feeling full.
🔸Sudden weight loss or weight gain. I’m one of those people who gains weight. All this time I was beating myself up about the stomach I could never ever get rid of no matter what I did, and constantly eating. The truth was there were toxins in my bloodstream and in my brain telling me what to eat and when to eat and how much to eat, making me feel sick, depressed, and in pain.
🔸They cause brain fog AS WELL AS depression and anxiety because they contaminate (poop in) our blood, disrupting the viability to that blood to feed our brain and other organs appropriately. This in turn affects the quality of our thoughts.
The food did its job long ago and it left behind PARASITES.
🌟I’m proposing a PARASITE CLEANSE.🌟 
Especially if you suspect these symptoms and/or have never done a digestive cleanse before- send me an email. This is a public service announcement.  This could RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
When I thought parasites I thought it was a prerequisite to go to India or South America or something to get them. The fact is, they are in America too. They occur everywhere in lakes, rivers, swimming pools, your bathroom, kitchen, from furry and human friends, etc. Everyone could use a reboot deep inside their digestive system multiple times per year. This is especially true given the amount of times we travel or eat out or eat the wrong thing. Everyone at some point or another has contracted parasites and they haven’t left. Antibiotics DO NOT get rid of them and this is a crazy idea. 
This supplement I propose you buy from me has homeopathic herbs of all the most popular and most effective and time tested (ancient, as in centuries old) methods for clearing these things out phytochemically and mechanically.
♥️Cascara sagrada
♥️Senna leaf
♥️Marshmallow root
♥️Walnut hull & walnut hull extract.
This supplement comes as part of the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse that I did. Most cleanses overlook parasites. The cleansers that do have parasite removal herbs use excess (and potentially harmful) doses of one or two of these. This blend is the best because it has a little of everything and they all balance each other and work effectively with each other so it gently cleanses without hurting us- just the parasites, for a deep energizing clean. I also took additional fiber supplement to detach those buggers and keep my digestive system moving (once or twice a day) and cut out sugars (including carbs), processed food, and caffeine. You want to cut off the parasite’s supply and balance the hormones which react more to sugar and caffeine.

The parasite cleanse was what completely transformed my digestion, elimination, body mass, hormones and mood. I had tried other natural ways to get to the root of these issues without as much success as this. Eliminating things in my diet wasn’t working and it was a very frustrating and confusing process until I realized it was something else that was thwarting my progress. Since I have become parasite-free from these products, my life has taken a drastic turn. My guilt and shame over my body and my eating habits I hid for a long time completely reversed after I realized the true cause.

During the cleanse you take four capsules of these herbs with their Powershake green alkaline drink (gluten free, dairy free, no fillers or bad preservatives). The alkaline green drinks contain all the most nutrient dense and vital foods from very rich organic soils in California. Just add water. Perfect for a busy or demanding schedule. The cleanse includes proper supplements as well as these herbs for parasite removal and detox.

This is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of parasites because it’s all the correct herbs and foods in the right doses using a simple and nourishing regimen.

I have a $50 coupon off of your first product order or product package for those of you who order through me. Email me for the coupon code.

Parasites 101

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