Chi is moving element within us and around us that is life giving, nurturing, and pleasing to the senses. It involves everything that is within and without us going on at the same time in every moment, and makes up the “10,000 Things” in ancient Chinese literature. (Tao Te Ching)

It is yin and yang, the five phases, the five seasons, the seven demons and seven dragons, the humors, the senses, the colors, the animals, the sensory organs, the sounds, the smells, the mystery behind the fold, the holographs. Taken down to 9, seven, or five! Three, maybe 2 things. The 1 ONE . It is a yin-yang disc spinning in a circle that embodies every ONE of these things.

The ancient Chinese depict it as a rice pot with a lid, bubbling to the surface with very hot rice! Or not bubbling at all, lots of water – rice still at the bottom. Overflowing with bubbles, froth – then the smell of burnt rice grain! Or a hot kettle and warm rice, full of warmth and fluff.  Or a cold pot, stale and putrid rice. This is a symbol, a movement of the essential character of chi, the ups and downs, the warms and cools. Simple like rice. Simple like life. The chi is the steam.

What Is Chi (Qi?) Plz

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