Since Mercury was in retrograde over the actual New Year – THIS IS the time to be making big gorgeous plans for the new year! The Rooster is about meticulous, practical, informed decision-making for successful gains in every area of life. Similar fire energy as the monkey of this past year except grounded and realistic and in harmony with our communities, families, friends, and the intersections of our career with our social and personal lives. The rooster cares for every animal in the barnyard!!! Let yourself dream big and take this weekend to write up a list of your personal and business goals for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, 2 years!! It’s going to be so helpful. Get that job, that car, that vacation you always dreamed but never got around to planning. Make it a joyful reflection of your highest achievements thus far and where you will be taking it for this new zodiac cycle. Your spirit guides and the energies of the new moon and the Pagan rites of Imbolc are other concurrent energies supporting these seeds (branches?) of the growth you’re intending in the new frontier. And don’t forget, in the spirit of Aquarius, to reach out to others in your circle. It’s time we all recognize we are not alone. We are here to form stronger bonds in the community to affect the dialogue on the global scale- something that the protests and marches on our current events have already placed beautifully into our hands. I am wishing you peace, unity, and harmony to you and all your families, to the president for his success as a public servant to the voices of the people…I’m praying for the good work of the activists, leaders, sensitive empaths, healers, justice-makers, truth-tellers, artists, coaches, and dreamers who see the change, who see what others cannot, that they might be able to step into their purpose and their gifts courageously today and this year. Luck 🍀Love❤️ and Prosperity💰 for the New Year (which as far as I’m concerned starts officially now!!!)🏮🎊🎎🎉🔮

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Happy Year of the Rooster!

Happy New Year!

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