Hopefully the docs are zippering up my dad’s chest from the heart surgery he had this morning by now (just another Friday the 13th tale) …

In the early 90s this procedure used to be risky and had a significant fatality rate. Now it’s generic protocol for many Americans. Western medicine is pretty unbelievable. I still feel nervous for him, because I remember learning about this surgery in grade school. And I got upset he had a beer last night with dinner before going in because why wouldn’t you want to hydrate, hydrate, promote iron levels for quality immune response, faster recovery, regular mood..? I think about the ‘little things’ all the time, probably too much.

Live and let live. Live and let the heart get hooked up to a machine, get hooked back up to the body, get hooked back to the brain, to be pumped without feeling, without emotion.

Before I go in to see him in intensive care, I am studying again today and again for this board exam with deep love in my heart for acupuncture, with deeply refreshed personal will. When I get that piece of paper this spring (by the will of God; God willing) saying I’m nationally certified as a Diplomat of Acupuncture I’m going to go full steam ahead. I’ll wear a stethoscope and a white coat (and a pair of fake glasses to look the fashion)(-athough nothing really about me will be fake)).

I’m going to tell people how to breath and offer exercises to help them regulate their heartbeat and their breath. I’ll say one or two sentences about their heart being the Emperor of the Kingdom. The heart must be a spacious, open spiritual vessel to the Five Emotions. The emissaries of the organs which arrive for counsel next to this seated Emperor, Her Highness the Spiritual vessel of the Soul, the One Soul (One Love).

Mostly I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to listen to their heartbeat so they can listen to their heartbeat too. Mostly I’m going to stick needles all over their body so they can feel them sticks too. Feel that body. The body is a vessel for this life too.

I hope they have zippered up my father’s dear precious body with his clean heart for this next segment of his life before the Return. I am thinking of how his body looks like my body. I am my father’s daughter, carrying his father’s doctorate degree in primary care, which skipped a generation and become Chinese. 🙂

Heart Surgery

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