The Moon is pulling in some strong energies for the supermoon on Monday- the most important moon of the year ! NASA predicts it to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than any other super moon, the likes of which we won’t see until 2034 (and haven’t seen since 1947). Rounding out an intense presidential election and a bigger phase of the fall time, this moon asks us to acknowledge the accomplishments of the past 2-3 months completing themselves. Pay attention also to the compliments you are receiving from the others and the talents and gifts you are becoming aware of about yourself in general. You aren’t who you were two-three months ago, there’s more to appreciate and love about yourself. The moon in Taurus highlights this blossoming so that we can see these things for how special they really and so they can then be integrated into our life as part of our life purpose (and even the answers to our financial woes). We are also in the sun sign of Scorpio, a very psychic water sign, with its ruling planet Pluto along with the wounded healer planet Chiron, teaching us the lessons of transformation of these gifts, making them available for manifestation on almost every level. Blessings on the new moon!

Super Moon November 14th – For Real This Time

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